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SCC 2012 Working with journals: rolling publication and media relations (Joe Winters)


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SCC 2012 Working with journals: rolling publication and media relations (Joe Winters)

  1. 1. Working with journals 14/05/12 – Science Communication ConferenceJoe Winters,Senior Press Officer,Institute of Physics, (0)20 7470 4815
  2. 2. IOP and IOP PublishingIOP, the charity (London) – approx. 70staffIOP Publishing, the commercialbusiness (Bristol) -approx. 180 staffCommercial relationship between thetwo – all profits go back to the charityA community publisherMy mission is to promote physics (viapolicy, events, journals etc.) to themedia
  3. 3. IOP Publishing60 + journals – New Journal of Physics,Environmental Research Letters,Nanotechnology, Physics in Medicine andBiology, Journal of Neural Engineeringetc.Some partner journals (e.g. AAS’sAstrophysical Journal)Range of titles, some not strictly physics –inter-disciplinary? All, however, for thegood of physics as profit is reinvested inthe charity.Size/frequency of journal dictates no. ofeditorial staff
  4. 4. Examples of coverage
  5. 5. Generating content Honing publishers’ sense of what’s newsworthy (research excellence/topicality/quirky/video content etc.) Sometimes from author/editorial board; rarely other press offices Approx. one in five submitted are press released This can be up to two months before publication
  6. 6. Drafting press releasesOne full release for one journal paper. It’s not a digest.First draft is in-house and often part of the decision process –until we know enough to write the release, we can’t tell hownewsworthy a story isFirst draft sent to authors and, often, press offices for approvalAwait receipt of draft and agree publication date with*publishers*Invariably within two weeks, often much quicker – depends onauthor response
  7. 7. Issuing press releases• With publication date agreed, release is issued 2 or 3 days before publication with embargo in place until paper is published• Direct relationships and news wires, AlphaGalileo and EurekAlert• Invariably, most media interest comes the day before publication• Gatekeeping, but only to a point…. If author requests help or if media demand is high, we help the author prioritise
  8. 8. Thoughts on working with us We’re happy to share the process We need to know that you want to be involved – know what’s being submitted to a journal and get in contact with us Only issue we’ve had working with others is embargo breaks – we all need to stick to one set of rules (even if there’s offer of a front page splash) We’re good at what we do so trust us and don’t worry about losing some of the glory
  9. 9. Issues I’m interested in discussing with you…….EmbargosAdditional material like videosPre-publication/ Arxiv and open accessExcellence vs. news worth?