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Britts shit

  1. 1. Internal and External customers By: Brittney Barth Date: Oct/12/2011
  3. 3. Internal Customers
  4. 4. Internal Customer ServiceCase StudyInternal Customer Service Seminar; By: Donna Earl (2004)A local supporter for a large manufacturing company was concerned about theorganizations profit decrease, their reputation was having excellent products, butterrible customer service.Many expensive lapses in the companies internal customer service came too light.The customer service were responsible for taking orders for highly technical, mostlycustomized parts.The issue stood where engineers viewed customer service reps as low priority,unimportant, and annoying.The calculation of the loss for one incorrect shipment was $125,000 in wasted labor,materials, and other expenses. In addition, the cost of frustration towards the externalcustomer had damaged the companies reputationAt the end of the Service Seminar, the engineers understood what the Customerservice managers where teaching; responding to customer service reps is a priority,and is good business.
  5. 5. Successful Companies!All the companies who are successful, have one thing in common,a good internal customer staff!Example 1) McDonalds, they are one of the best for having goodcustomer service. Their main priority, under maintaining goodquality of food is providing professional, satisfactory customerservice.Example 2) Honda, like many car companies, offers asubstantially good customer service, which provides greatsuccess to the company.
  6. 6. The importance of InternalCustomersDeliver what what external customer wants, regardless of what the internalcustomer wants!For example, if one rental company named Stinky Bug, offered a customer servicewhere the customer arrives, and has his reserved car ready to drive, with theengine in the ignition, and easily to maneuver onto the road. The customer wouldbe satisfied as his valuable time is shortened just by the small extra effort given bythe internal customers.If the second rental company named Black Beard, offered a customer servicewhere the external customer would have to interact with the internal customer priorto entering his car, then given the keys, and required to maneuver passed theobstacle of the other parked rental cars, would cause him/her to lose time, andhave impatience, especially for business men/women.
  7. 7. The importance of External Customers External customers aren’t only responsible for ordering what they want, but also commenting on internal customer service. Committing towards the suggestion box in an organization could be beneficial for that particular organization. A simple “thank you” to the internal customer service, could improve their efforts in providing you what you want.
  8. 8. Encouraging a good internal customerstaff Is the confidence of your company high? Are the staff happy about their situation, goals, and circumstance in which they are situated in? Happy employees are extremely productive, and external customers take notice to this minor difference, not only does this difference make the external customers more comfortable when pleading for something, but the internal customer is also a better team player. Will you go to an airline, where the internal customers are strikingly horrible with management? If the engineers of the airline are ignorant towards request for overviewing maintenance? It is important for corporate values that emphasize treating internal customers well, resulting in good customer service for the external customers.
  9. 9. Catering to customer service needsInternal customers should never complain within the distance where the externalcustomer could over hear. They take note that the organization is not we! run.Internal customers shouldn’t complain to external customers about the poor workquality of another internal customer in another department, who wants to take theirbusiness where the internal customers do not get along.A!ow “Employee of the Month” to give the employees the opportunity to workamongst each other to provide a better performance in customer service.Make it clear to the internal customers that the formula for a successful organization isinternal customer + external customer = Successful organization.Providing positive attention to the internal customers, complimenting on good workthat they have done, could maximize their customer service performance
  10. 10. What’s more important, Internalor External customers? External customers are those who pay, and provide the checks for the employees at an organization, if it weren’t for any external customers, the organization would not succeed. Internal customers are those who satisfy the external customers, providing good service, and products under their request. With out External customers, there wouldn’t be an organization, the internal customers wouldn’t get paid. With poor Internal customers, the organization would be extremely unorganized, and lack in business quality as the external customers would take their business elsewhere. In a nutshell, with out internal customers, there wouldn’t be external customers, so the importance lies between the both of customers.