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  1. 1. Borrowing Money• Dude, first off, I want you to know that I will have a receipt for everything I spend the money on, and I will show it to you.• I Can’t spend this on anything I will consume, no drugs, no alcohol, food, or water, okay maybe water.
  2. 2. First I will invest in Ragnarok• Here are some things you should know • -Ragnarok is based on money• -There are private servers which are hosted for players to play, and pay money to purchase money currency, and gear to improve character and game play.
  3. 3. Information on Ragnarok• -When players make a purchase, the money is delivered to the person VIA a Moneycard which one buys in like 7/11 that connects to the ATM, so it’s like 2,000 baht for a special item, so if I get 100 people and 30 of them buy stuff ranging from 500 – 2000 baht, I will make a good income• -I will need to pay at first 5,000 baht to someone to create the server, making it playable for players.• -A 10,000 baht investment for the server to have a dedicated host, so people stay in the game knowing it doesn’t disconnect.
  4. 4. Server manufactoring• This is how the servers work, when someone makes a new server, they post it on the main website, on #1 of the list. When the players make a comment on the website, it gets back to top, and if time goes it goes to bottom as others post, then you comment again and your servers #1 again, so you can say for every 200 comments you get this item, so people comment and more players come.
  5. 5. Ragnarok style of game• The Game is like playing against other players online• You get gear, and you play either against the computer to fight monsters and get gear, or fight other players to get points and buy gear, but this takes a lot of time.• Some people get tired of waiting and want the best items so they go and pay to the owner for some items, in which case the owner will be me.• People can buy special spells bought with gold, so they buy like 200 – 300 gold constantly like 10-30 players out of 100 a day.
  6. 6. Profit• The amount of profit I will make is around 10,000 baht regularly a week if I have a consistent of 100 – 150 players.• With two months of it being online (20,000 baht) I will have approximately 250-600 players, making around 15-20,000 a week.
  7. 7. WorldofWarcraft
  8. 8. Worldofwarcraft• This is the game I play for 4 years now.• I am Head-GM on a server, which my job is to hire and fire employees.• The system of making money here is simple and similar.
  9. 9. Investment• I need to spend money on a dedicated host for the server.• A dedicated host is a station where you put your server on so players can have fast internet connection, which makes realms popular fast. This is the most that costs, around 10,000 baht a month.
  10. 10. Making money• In worldofwarcraft players play against monsters and against players, the person with the best gear is the best player.• Players spend money on Vote tokens and Donation tokens to buy cool items, better weapons, and VIP access.
  11. 11. Advertisements• With advertisements we can make profit, but it takes investment.• Making investments in advertisement will attract more players, and this will bring more donation, which will be more money for me.• Paying for advertisements will get more people to come to the website, where I will be paid 0.025 cents per click on the website for banners, adding this up will give me profit.
  12. 12. Profit maker• The Dedicated host person, gets most of the donations as he’s paying for the server, this will be me.
  13. 13. Forex• With forex, I will be planning on paying someone to teach me forex with online classes• After this course I will spend 200 dollars for Forex and accumulate money with this.
  14. 14. Ebay• For Ebay, I can easily merchandise money.• There’s a new system for ebay which allows people to quick sell to people to lower the time of selling products.• When people use quick sell, the prices are normally cheaper, so this is where people go and buy them, cheap stuff but good quality.• Once the person buys it cheap, they sell it to a bid price, and earn money that way, sometimes double you bought it for.
  15. 15. Iphone Application• Iphone application is the easiest way to make money.• Well, first you need to have an idea for an application that can be used for iPhones, iPads, Macintosh computers, and iPods.• You take the idea and you go to a application programmer, then you tell him your idea for the application and he will program it for you and design it as well, this will cost money, and once he’s done he will send it to you.
  16. 16. Iphone application• When you get the iphone application, you go to a reseller which will post your application in the market.• Better the reviews one has the more it sells, so making the price at $1.25 and thousands people buy, I make thousand profit.• You can pay people online to write good reviews and adwords for you so it becomes more popular.
  17. 17. $5,000 Dollars• PA, I’m asking you to lend me this money because you’re the only person I can go to who I know trusts me. With this money I will not spend it stupid, I will investigate any investments I do before I make the purchase. I will show you the receipt for everything if you want to see it. I want to make money with this money, and you can help me. I’m staying in Thailand until February, 2013, So I will be here for a while, and work with you next year anyways, so you WILL get your money back.
  18. 18. $5,000 Dollars• What do you think bro?• Let me know.