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SEO Technical Metrics. Tools, Tips, and Guides.


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This is the presentation that I gave on Technical SEO Metrics that matter at SMX West 2013. The focus was on 6 areas of low hanging fruit to address when starting any SEO project. Additionally, I shared some results from a survey we did analyzing SEO impact with real users.

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  • Miss our monkey's talk at today's @smx #SEO conference? Check out his full presentation here via #Slideshare:
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SEO Technical Metrics. Tools, Tips, and Guides.

  1. 1. Eli Schwartz Online Marketing Manager SurveyMonkeyThe Technical SEO Metrics You Should Care About SMX West 2013
  2. 2. Poll: Have you woken up to or inherited this? EMD, DMCA, Top Heavy, Venice, Freshness
  3. 3. Overview• Significant impacts from basic technical SEO changes: URL Issues Robots.txt Javascript and CSS links 404 pages Redirects Canonicals• User benefit to technical changes
  4. 4. Look for URL Issues• Check for http:// vs https://• www vs non-www• Index page does not redirect to the root• Subdomain duplication
  5. 5. Check Robots.txt Could this be important?
  6. 6. Browse without Javascript and CSS Disable Javascript Afterwards Disable CSS Links being hidden by CSS might suddenly appear Plugin:
  7. 7. Crawl entire domain with Screaming Frog A Screaming Frog crawl can help you discover 404 pages Optimum settings
  8. 8. Download landing pages from GA Change to 25 URL will now show: Change to 2500
  9. 9. Discover new 404 pagesUpload the CSV that you downloaded from GA toScreaming Frog with the list option Discover pages that had received traffic but now 404
  10. 10. Redirect Path Plugin – Header responses Visually shows server header response as well as redirect path
  11. 11. Screaming Frog shows all redirects Sort Screaming Frog crawl by status code to find 302’s and 301’sUpdate 302 redirects to 301’s; use direct links when possible for internal links that 301
  12. 12. Tamper for Firefox finds redirect path
  13. 13. Discover canonicals with Screaming Frog Canonical column will contain a URL if a canonical exists
  14. 14. Find incorrect canonicals in Excel Export Screaming Frog crawl into ExcelExcel Formula: IF(A1=B1,TRUE,FALSE)
  15. 15. See results in Google Webmaster Tools Are impressions trending higher?
  16. 16. Google’s Webmaster Technical Guidelines
  17. 17. User impact from technical changes • Random selection from general US population • Random assignment into 1 of 2 surveys with 16 questions • Survey sent to 3,000 people • Survey was open for 5 days • 615 people participated • Comparison of means over a variety of indicators
  18. 18. What happens when a search user does not find what they expected on the page? 60% of users bounce
  19. 19. Other interesting survey results Why would users block aUser trust of guest posts site from Google results? Top 22% Heavy decrease in trust for Panda a guest post t(237,345)=-9.47,p < .001
  20. 20. Takeaways and homework• Always focus on the user, but look out for: • Missing pages • Redirects • Broken canonicals• Download: Screaming Frog, Tamper for Firefox, Ayima Redirect plugin, any developer plugin that controls CSS and Javascript• Be a hero
  21. 21. Thank you!Eli Schwartz, @5le @surveymonkeyDownload slides: