Mind mapping on your iPad and other devices by Carolyn Bruton


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THis is the presentation that accompanied a SchoolNet webinar given by Carolyn Bruton of Cape Town. Plenty of mindmapping ideas

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Mind mapping on your iPad and other devices by Carolyn Bruton

  1. 1. Carolynn Bruton Carolynn@imaginet.co.za Mind mapping with iPads and other devices
  2. 2. Start with the toddlers
  3. 3. Don't forget about freehand http://www.creatingcreativeclasses.com/mind-map-gallery.html Excellent gallery here:
  4. 4. Nice start of the year activity
  5. 5. What is a mind map - slidesharehttp://www.slideshare.net/SulianaMdZain/mind-mapping-1103
  6. 6. Use of mind maps in businesses (chunking and storyboarding e.g. web sites http://www.slideshare.net/nellykamel5/chunk-story
  7. 7. How to make a mind map via slideshare.com http://goo.gl/tEi5Do
  8. 8. Pinterest – an online storyboard www.pinterest.com
  9. 9. Video: mind map basics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLWV0XN7K1g • Good idea to use this video if you are introducing drawn mind maps • From MacGrercy Consultants
  10. 10. Benefits Collaborating plans, ideas with others Developing new thoughts and ideas Pinpointing gaps, conflicts, time management Quick understanding/ summary or project requirements Quick analysis of a feature Determining if an idea is achievable or not.
  11. 11. Inspiration vs Kidspiration - my journey No Kidspiration available – since then one has become available – search iStore for Kidspiration Couldn't use previously made templates due to lack of compatibility free version (lite) didn't have all features.
  12. 12. Downloaded the Inspiration app - tried it out
  13. 13. Since I prepared this presentation in June, Kidspiration maps have been created so search the iStore
  14. 14. Kidspiration alternatives in iStore Searched for alternatives in iStore iMindmap HD- need extra templates Tony Buzan based Students have to log in and remember passwords
  15. 15. http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/top-10/ Great resource: mindmapinspiration
  16. 16. Another excellent resource http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/articles/
  17. 17. So many out there Relative mine field so investigated the blogs Mindmaple seemed useful http://www.mindmaple.com/Collaborative/
  18. 18. Mindmaple Not free, but no log in Like the sidebar info Can be opened on all devices PC, Mac, iPhone , iPad Can be exported to Dropbox, shared and synched in google drive, email and photos More suitable for Grade 7 upwards in my opinion
  19. 19. Simplemind free is only basic Of course all the extras are in the paid version, which I didn't buy Color Selection Icons in Topics Cross-linking Topics Hyperlink Mind Maps Link to web pages Send via E-mail Share via Web and Dropbox Search Titles and Topics Add Notes to topics Word Wrap topics Multiple Mind Maps per page Navigation History
  20. 20. Mind Meister Pro Mindjet MindManager 2012 XMind Pro 2012 Novamind 5 Platinum Mind Maple Pro 1.22 iMindMap 6 Ultimate http://fluentbrain.com/blog/the-best-mind- mapping-software/
  21. 21. Things to look for when searching for mind map apps Dropbox integration for backups and sharing with Windows mapping programs Sharing and exporting to other iPad apps Being able to export mind map as a text file Export as a graphic and / or PDF file.
  22. 22. Hans de Swart's blog He compared iMindmap HD I thoughts maptini mindNode Total recall Trout http://blog.hansdezwart.info/?s=Mind+maps
  23. 23. Trout Bought and played with Trout for R30 and found it user- unfriendly despite being top rated by Hans de Swart
  24. 24. Popplet R39.99 Recommended by Lifehacker blog Suitable for juniors Can link words and pics They have a web app as well Video demonstrating Poplet: http://goo.gl/SDLt4
  25. 25. Here is a list of free mind mind mapping software for PC’s www.mindjet.com www.Freemind.com http://www.xmind.net/ (open source so free forever)
  26. 26. • http://freemind.en.softonic.com/ (haven’t tried it) • http://www.mindmaple.com/Downloads/ (mentioned elsewhere) • http://coggle.it/ • http://blumind.org/ • http://freeplane.sourceforge.net/ • http://www.mindmup.com (works online, no download necessary) More free mind mapping software for PC’s
  27. 27. Carolynn Bruton Carolynn@imaginet.co.za @carbru on Twitter carbrucapetown on Pinterest carbru on Diigo www.itathome.co.za