How to create a blog part 1


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This is the first of three posts on how to create a Blogger blog (18 September 2013)

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How to create a blog part 1

  1. 1. Outcomes for today We will • Show how to use your Google ID to create a blog • Go through the steps to creating a blog • Talk about your task before Webinar 2
  2. 2. Why blog? • Everything is going online • It is an easy way to communicate with others and pass on information • You become a better writer because you know the world can see what you are saying • It’s free • You’ll make new friends • You are keeping up with the times we live in • You don’t need special skills
  3. 3. What is a blog? A blog is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.
  4. 4. Different kinds of blogs
  5. 5. Photo a day blog
  6. 6. Personal diaries
  7. 7. Classroom blogs
  8. 8. Classes connect and do projects together
  9. 9. Teach from a blog
  10. 10. Technology blogs
  11. 11. Price list for the various types of books
  12. 12. The steps to creating a blog
  13. 13. Ask Google for 1 2
  14. 14. Sign in with your Google ID
  15. 15. You are ready to create your blog Choose ‘New blog’
  16. 16. Name your blog LLet’s learn to blog letslearnto blog. Give your blog a name (can be changed) Give your blog a URL (can’t be changed) Choose the Simple template 1 2 3 4
  17. 17. Now head for this arrow Don’t choose these words Done!
  18. 18. Here is the arrow again Choose ‘template’ Choose your template 1 1
  19. 19. Now let’s customize your template Click here. This means ‘change’
  20. 20. This takes you to the template designer section This is how your blog looks at the moment
  21. 21. Let’s select background
  22. 22. Then click on this little arrow
  23. 23. Now let’s choose a new background. Go through them all and choose something you like Choose Done when you are done
  24. 24. When you are done choose Apply to blog and then Back to Blogger 1 2
  25. 25. Let’s write our first post. Click on New post
  26. 26. Choose compose Write your post in this big square Give your post a title Click preview to check that it looks okay When everything looks fine then press Publish The structure of a post 1 2 3 5 4
  27. 27. Look for the word ‘comment’ and click on it
  28. 28. Write your comment and name Click on this arrow and decide how you will sign
  29. 29. So, now are ready to create your own blog!
  30. 30. Your task for next time
  31. 31. So... • Create a blog • All the steps to follow can be found at this blog address: • Write a post in your new blog and introduce yourself • Write your blog address in the comment box of the Welcome post of the Vodacom Webinars blog
  32. 32. See you next time...