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Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network-Naomi Harm


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Collaborative social networks allow educators to create online communities that support their personal and professional learning. Whether your personal learning network is overflowing or just starting to grow, this session will help you to refine your network to best suit your learning needs. Naomi will lead you to interesting people who advocate for the effective use of technology to improve teaching and learning, while supporting a 21st century skills teaching and learning environment. We will discuss tips and tricks to leverage the potential of these networks and provide resources to help attendees set up their own networks. Participants will gain hands-on experience using social communication and collaboration media tools such as Adobe Connect, Twitter, Intel® Engage, Educators PLN Ning, back channel chats, and social bookmarking tools to build professional learning and social networks to lead effectively in your school district or educational organization.

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Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network-Naomi Harm

  1. 1. Building and Growing Your OwnProfessional Learning NetworkSchool Net South Africa ICT Conference
  2. 2. Thanks to my PLN’s!* Twitter* Facebook* Intel Engage* Educator’s PLN Ning
  3. 3. How do social networks make up personal/professional learning networks?
  4. 4. PLN’s can be........ *Families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances *Reference books and textbooks we refer to in the past or present *The television and radio stations we tune into on a regular basis
  5. 5. PLN’s can also be.... *Professional and personal periodicals we subscribe to *Connecting with people and information through the digital realm
  6. 6. Collective Intelligence*Shared voice of know-ledge & collaborativeexpertise*Interests & themes*Common goal toassist & empower thecommunity
  7. 7. Continuous Share Session *Tried & true best practices *Lesson plan/thematic Text unit development *Current events and technology trends *New opportunities with new expertise *Finding answers and solutions
  8. 8. Three types of Known PLN’s *Personally maintained synchronous connections. *Personally and socially maintained semi-synchronous connections. *Dynamically maintained asynchronous
  9. 9. Personally maintained synchronous connections*Traditional method ofnetworking: go tofor answers, questions,solve problems, andaccomplish goals.*PLN of tools to enhanceabove method: chat,instant messaging andtext messaging,teleconferencing (Skypeor Livestream), or Twitter
  10. 10. Adobe Connect
  11. 11. SKYPE
  12. 12. TWITTER
  13. 13. TWITTER Challenge *Twitter For Teachers *Twitter Tools *Twitter Challenge *Tweet Deck or Twirl
  14. 14. Replicated PLN StudyResults: 4 Delicious, 3 Google Forms/Docs, 3 Google Reader, 3 Ning, 2 Diigo, 2 Facebook
  15. 15. Times are a changing. *Information communication technologies (ICT) *Repositories of open source applications *Freed content from print to an electronic means
  16. 16. Times are a changing.*Giving voice toideas to thepeople*Reshaping ofinformationexperiences tomeet our needs
  17. 17. Blogs, Wikis, and Nings - Oh My*A place to create your ownsocial network & join andparticipate in other networks.*Upload and share digitalcontent made public and orprivate to your communitymembers.*Threaded discussion forums,applications, and blogsHost online events, webinarsand trainings.
  18. 18. Importance of PLN’s *Harnessing new technologies to create and grow your own PLN’s. *Imperative for educators to stay connected. *Introducing a changing world to our students.
  19. 19. Personally & socially maintainedsemi-synchronous connections
  20. 20. Personally & socially maintainedsemi-synchronous connections*Semi-synchronous refers to the idea thatcollaboration doesn’t have to happen in real time.*Conversations that are not exactly conversations.*Questions directed toward a single friend, or acommunity of people, based on interests andexpertise, are in a position to help you do your job.
  21. 21. Personally & socially maintainedsemi-synchronous connections
  22. 22. Twitter PLN Community Twitter: nharm
  23. 23. ESSENTIAL Tool ~ RSS
  25. 25. RSS Readers
  26. 26. Social Bookmarking
  27. 27. Big Picture Overview
  28. 28. Cultivate Your PLN! To flourish & sustain: *Communication *Collaboration *Global Literacy *Authentic & Self - Directed Learning *And to....Cultivate Professional & Personal Life Long Learning.
  29. 29. What is your favorite PLN tool now?
  30. 30. Contact Information Naomi Harm Innovative Educator Consulting National Intel Senior Trainer Keynote Presenter Email: Blog: Skype: InnovativeEducator Twitter: nharm BoxNet: Trunkly: