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Essential Preschool Furniture You Need For Your Classroom


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When it comes to education, it's important for children to be placed in an environment that is friendly, welcoming, comfortable, and promotes learning. Preschool is no exception. A preschool classroom should be filled with age-appropriate furniture, toys that encourage creativity and learning, reading materials and resources, storage equipment, and more. Check out this slideshare presentation featuring everything you need for the best preschool classroom. Then, visit for the best deals on preschool furniture.

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Essential Preschool Furniture You Need For Your Classroom

  2. 2. Tables and Chairs • Every preschool classroom needs an ample supply of tables and chairs. Opt for bright colors to create a friendly atmosphere. You should also consider getting folding tables and stackable chairs for easy storage.
  3. 3. Chairs ECR4KIDS 12" Stack Chair - Chrome Legs -6pc Angeles BaseLine Chair 7" Child
  4. 4. Tables Rectangle Preschool Activity Table Jonti-Craft 1 1/8" Kidney Rainbow Accents Activity Table
  5. 5. Storage • As a preschool teacher or educator, you will have many supplies and materials to store in your classroom. All of the classroom supplies as well as the belongings of your preschoolers can easily become cluttered if not properly organized. Luckily, there are many forms of storage equipment that can help you keep your classroom organized at all times.
  6. 6. Cubbies ECR4KIDS 20-Tray Cubby Unit Without Trays ECR4KIDS 20-Tray Cubby Unit w/ Assorted Colored Trays
  7. 7. Storage ECR4KIDS Colorful Essentials 5- Section Coat Locker with Bench ECR4KIDS See-N-Stor 3-Tier Rack with 12 Bins (Primary)
  8. 8. Teacher’s Resources Shain Mobile Tote Tray Storage Cabinet w/ Doors Jonti-Craft Teacher's Desk with Double Pedestal
  9. 9. Reading Center • It’s important to introduce children to reading from a young age. Every preschool should have a designated reading area for children. It should be comfortable and encouraging in order to promote classroom reading. Make your reading center comfortable and fun with colorful rugs, mats, and of course tons of books.
  10. 10. Reading Room Furniture Jonti-Craft Rainbow Accents Stand - Single-Sided Children's Factory Parlor Reading Seating - 5 pc Group
  11. 11. Reading Room Furniture FlagShip Modular Tiled Carpet Bright Neon Colored Carpets
  12. 12. Toys • Preschool classrooms should be equipped with toys for children that promote creativity and learning, while allowing children to have fun. Make sure your classroom has art supplies, blocks, and other play equipment.
  13. 13. Toys CarePlay Play Easel ECR4KIDS Puppet Theater Flannel Includes Stage Curtains
  14. 14. Toys ECR4KIDS Junior 4-To-Score Replacement Rings - 20 Pack Jonti-Craft See-Thru Sensory Table
  15. 15. Nap Time • Preschool children are still very young and require a lot of rest. It is important for preschool teachers to include naptime in their daily lessons. Preschools should provide students with rest mats, cots, and other equipment that will allow them to comfortably nap for a designated period of time each day.
  16. 16. Nap Time Equipment Angeles Rest Toddler Cot-1 Cot Premier ECR4KIDS 3-Fold Rest Mat - 1" Thick
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