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Blogging - E3lange


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فى الـPresentation ديه هتعرف ازاى تعمل Blog, و ايه فايده الـBlog أصلا.

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Blogging - E3lange

  1. 1. How to set up a fortunate Blog in 6 steps? By Muhammad Omar CO-Founder & Blogger at asst. Brand Manager at Sarmady – A Vodafone Company
  2. 2. Why to blog?
  3. 3. Encouraging Arabic content Sharing Knowledge Personal Branding Monetizing
  4. 4. What/ How to blog?
  5. 5. Building your Brand Identity Building your team Building your product Managing your Product Lifecycle Building your communication channels Analysis & Optimization
  6. 6. Building your Brand Identity
  7. 7. Positioning: Core Values Extended Values Original – Interesting Yourself: Your Real Story. Name Logo Tagline/ Slogan Blue-Ocean Strategy Vs. Red Ocean Strategy
  8. 8. Building your team
  9. 9. Recruitment: Head Hunting Contributors Operations Knowledge Center
  10. 10. Building your product
  11. 11. Building the Blog: - Domain/host. - Design Theme/ customizing it. - Plugins. - Socializing items Building the Content: - Material: articles/ videos/ info-graphics/ slides/ Aggregation. - Language. - Tone - Inventory. - Frequency.
  12. 12. Managing your Product Lifecycle
  13. 13. Development: test marketing. Introduction: official launch. Growth Maturity Dead
  14. 14. Building your communication channels
  15. 15. Social Media • Building Social Platforms: Gradual. • Managing Social Platforms: 1. Content Strategy: o Frequency. o Language. o Tone. o Types of posts: links/ statuses/ videos/ images. o Value of posts: educational/ entertainment/ stories. o Inventory o Don’t use Hootsuite. 2. Responding to fans. 3. Following what’s trending. Email Marketing • Database
  16. 16. Analysis & Optimization
  17. 17. Blog User Experience: small changes make big difference. Content Quality: finding your ideal readers – analyze your competitors Social Media Performance
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