Prince George County, MD - PD 360 Case Study


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Effective mentoring

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Prince George County, MD - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. Prince George’s County Public SchoolsChallenge District ProfilePrince George’s County Public Schools, a large district in Mary- Prince George’s County Publicland serving 137,000 students, faced the convergence of an aging Schools serve 137,000 students andworkforce and an inability to retain teachers. The district needed 9,500 teachers in Oxon Hill, institute an aggressive program to train, mentor, and supportthe large numbers of new teachers being hired as older and experi- Challengeenced teachers retired. Older and experienced teachers re- tiring in large numbers necessitatedSolution an aggressive training program forEffective Mentoring is an online course created to supplement and new one-on-one mentoring activities. Designed specifically foradult learners, Effective Mentoring features education’s top ex- Solutionperts plus real classroom examples that allow teachers to see how Effective Mentoring, an onlineto implement their learning with their students. The assessments course featuring experts and realand implementation-centered activities help teachers think deeply classroom examples.about the principles and strategies being taught. The rich track-ing and reporting features allow administrators to see exactly how Benefitsteachers are progressing in their course completion. • Supports and supplements existing mentoring programs.Benefits • Cost-effective, online structure Ultimately, Effective Mentoring aids in the retention of new teach- allows for easy accessibility from ers and mentors; and it also encourages connectivity. any location. • Easy maneuvering encourages • Supports and Supplements Existing Mentoring Programs use of program. The Effective Mentoring online course supports existing train- • Meets state accreditation ing efforts with new teachers. Plus, even experienced teachers requirements for advanced can learn from the content and classroom examples to become professional certification. more online proficient by using the course.• Online Structure is Easily Accessible and Cost Effective The program’s online structure makes it both cost effective and easily accessible. Neither trainers nor substitutes are necessary to implement Effective Mentoring, saving district funds in these areas.©School Improvement 800-572-1153
  2. 2. • Easy Maneuvering Encourages Use Sheila Perkins, Faculty Support Team Mentor Teacher notes, “Once the new teachers and mentors saw how easy it was to maneuver through the program itself and the questions they were being asked, they could really respond to it. It allowed them to look deep within themselves and come up with their own beliefs and perspectives. They could channel those beliefs and perspectives in the classroom, which would of course translate into more student achievement.”• Meets State Accreditation Requirements Effective Mentoring meets state accreditation requirements for advanced professional certification.About School Improvement NetworkFounded in 1991, School Improvement Network (SINET) has worked with thousands of schools and districts inevery state and around the world to provide comprehensive solutions that get results in student learning. As theproducer of The Video Journal of Education, TeachStream Online Courses, and PD 360, SINET is the nation’sleader in professional development. SINET provides onsite training to help schools make Adequate Yearly Prog-ress, improve student learning and engagement, and increase achievement. The School Improvement team hasdocumented best practices in more than 3,000 classrooms across North America and has worked with dozens ofthe most respected experts in education. Learn more at©School Improvement 800-572-1153