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Nettle Creek, IN - PD 360 Case Study


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Read how the elements of the Educator Effectiveness System--PD 360, Common Core 360, and Observation 360--helped this small-town school district improve teacher effectiveness by focusing on three areas: Common Core State Standards, teacher compliance training, and classroom technology.

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Nettle Creek, IN - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. PD 360 Case Study Small Indiana District Embraces Meaningful 24/7 Teacher Education “Our teachers really enjoy PD 360 as a valuable source of solutions and best practices to support their responsibilities. It is a powerful aid for the ever- expanding demands placed on teachers and schools.” Mark Childs Principal, Hagerstown Junior - Senior High School, Indiana Profile A charming, picture-postcard town, Hagerstown is home to Nettle Creek School Corporation (NCSC), a rural district of roughly 1,200 students within two schools, Hagerstown Elementary and Hagerstown Junior - Senior High. The res- idents are rightfully proud of their small town and dedicat- ed to maintaining a high-quality lifestyle and an outstand- ing education system. Focuses In pursuit of greater teacher effectiveness, NCSC has iden- tified the following three focuses to concentrate on in the coming year: • Common Core State Standards • Teacher Compliance Training • Classroom Technology Solutions Hagerstown Junior - Senior High School Principal Mark Childs is an optimistic, proactive leader who has dedicated 28 years to teacher efficiency and student achievement. Searching the Internet in 2009, he came across School Im- provement Network’s PD 360 and was intrigued with the possibilities of online, on-demand training. Aware of how well it fit the district’s needs, Principal Childs was instrumental in the purchase of EES with its components PD 360, Observation 360, and Common Core 360. Current focuses are met by the following: • Common Core 360 has all the tools and resources needed to get every teacher ready for new state standards in time for assessments. The ever-growing library has 300+ training videos, including 70 in-class examples of teachers actively using the Common Core Standards. • Beginning this year, NCSC personnel are required to have annual compliant training by watching the PD 360 compliance series. These programs explain steps to identify and protect against issues such as bullying, blood borne pathogens, Internet safety, emergency preparedness, identifying potential hazards, and more. • In a world that requires technical proficiency, a technology-infused classroom is critical for students. PD 360 programs such as Technology Pedagogy and Technology in the Classroom prepare teachers to implement diverse technologies into classrooms to develop relevancy and student engagement.
  2. 2. Usage NCSC is incorporating PD 360 and Observation 360 in a variety of ways: Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Successful PLCs require planning and structure and NCSC is pleased to have PD 360 as a guideline resource. Groups determine a focus, watch a video segment either individually before the meeting or together during the meeting and then discuss how to implement the practices in their classrooms. Certification Renewal Because PD 360 is simple and convenient, NCSC teachers are excited that its usage is applicable to the required state and district recertification hours. Professional Growth Plans As part of the evaluation process, NCSC teachers have individual Professional Growth Plans that include identified areas for growth, action plans, and progress-reporting procedures. Principals often suggest PD 360 programs for specific needs to which teachers respond and reflect on their personal progress. Observations Classroom observations are vital to teacher evaluations and Observation 360 is making them more efficient for NCSC administrators and more valuable for teachers. Using a mobile device, administrators give teachers immediate feedback, recommend pertinent PD 360 courses, online PLCs, Common Core training, and file attachments. “Observation 360 has been a great help for our teacher evaluations. It tightens up the whole observation process by immediately providing the teacher with relevant data and links to PD 360 programs.” Mark Childs Principal, Hagerstown Junior - Senior High School, Indiana Benefits NCSC has successfully integrated progressive teacher training with advantages: Differentiated Teacher Learning Teacher education, like student instruction, should meet a variety of abilities and be adaptive to evolving needs. With 3,000+ video segments on 130 topics from 120 experts, PD 360 ensures that NCSC teachers of all experience levels will find individual support to improve classroom strategies. Capacity/Accessibility NCSC administrators feel it is a bonus that teachers are able to access PD 360 anytime and anywhere. Able to log on at home as well as at work, teachers are encouraged to take charge of their own learning and view segments and programs as many times as needed. Cost Efficient PD 360 is proving to be economical for the district. The expense is much less than traditional conferences and because educators have unlimited access to view programs as many times as they wish and as often as they need, it is never just a one-shot training. Educator Enthusiasm NCSC is dedicated to high-quality training for its teachers and as evidenced by their high usage numbers, they are finding applicable answers in the PD 360 programs and increasing their usage. Nettle Creek Schools Corporation, Indiana PD 360 Usage March 2012 – August 2013 Registered Users 94 Programs Viewed 558 Segments Viewed 1,158 Minutes Viewed 7,546 Average Minutes Per User 80 “Our teachers are using PD 360 for a variety of reasons such as assigned viewing, personal choice learning, and earning highly effective teacher points. They love to choose their own usage times, often in the evenings after home and family time.” Mark Childs Principal, Hagerstown Junior - Senior High School, Indiana | 801-572-1153
  3. 3. High usage has been found to make a difference in school performance. A 2011 independent study of PD 360 usage showed that higher numbers of video minutes viewed per user in schools resulted in more than twelve times the gains in math proficiency and twice the gains in reading proficiency than district averages. Comparative Change for High Min/User Schools Vs. Districts 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Math Change Reading Change High Min/User Schools Districts Average Rising ISTEP Scores NCSC students are experiencing greater success since teachers began using PD 360. Nettle Creek Schools Corporation, Indiana ISTEP Passing 2009-10 2010-2011 2011-2012 Reading 75.8% 80.2% 83% Math 74.3% 80.8% 81.8% Conclusion Nettle Creek School Corporation knows the importance of good teachers and a learning environment that motivates all students to their highest potential. Principal Childs and the other administrators are happy to have the Educator Effectiveness System beside them on their way to student achievement. “The School Improvement Network employees provide us with ongoing support and the EES products enhance our teaching program. PD 360 adds meaningful 24/7 teacher development, Observation 360 fine-tunes our observa- tions, and Common Core 360 is bringing us up to speed with state standards.” Mark Childs Principal, Hagerstown Junior - Senior High School, Indiana | 801-572-1153
  4. 4. | 801-572-1153 About School Improvement Founded in 1991 by teachers, School Improvement Network has spent decades researching and documenting the best practices in education. From this research, School Improvement Network has developed the Educator Effectiveness System. This system delivers a process to improve teacher practice, and gives educators a set of powerful tools to drive the process. Research shows that districts and schools that use the tools in the Educator Effectiveness System produce better teachers and, as a result, experience dramatic increases in student achievement, driving up student test scores by as much as 30 percent in a single year. School Improvement Network works with thousands of schools and districts in every state and around the world and has visited over 3,500 classrooms to document best practices in action. Learn more at