Medway Public Schools, MA - PD 360 Case Study


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Medway Public Schools, MA - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study School Improvement NetworkHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY Small Suburban MassachusettsARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICOCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISDHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Assessment District Tackles Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALamesa ISDInstructional Strategies ISD HENRICO COUNTY and HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LamesaARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICOCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD MEDWAY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, MASSACHUSETTS “PD 360 has everything in one place, with a flexibility and availability that empowers teachers to explore. MPS Superintendent Dr. Judith A. Evans is a positive, The equitable access and tracking tools are cost- innovative administrator who cares deeply about effective professional development.” improving teacher skill and student achievement. Mindful of district goals, she searched for a high-quality, job- Judith Evans, Ed.D. embedded teacher professional development resource Superintendent and a comprehensive tracking system for administrator Medway Public Schools, Massachusetts observations. Desired features included: PROFILE • Leadership training • Wide professional development spectrum Medway Public Schools (MPS) is a small suburban district • New teacher monitoring in Massachusetts that serves 2,700 students in five • Professional Learning Community (PLC) support schools with 280 teachers. High-performing, it nurtures a • Professional development follow-up continuing desire to give teachers the most comprehensive • Classroom observation tool with follow-up professional development (PD) accessible, and in turn provide an excellent education for all students. SOLUTION FOCUSES Medway High School Principal Richard L. Pearson became interested in PD 360 and Observation 360 while attending Appreciating that students learn best when teachers an education conference. He brought the information back understand them as learners and when instruction engages to Dr. Evans, who agreed to a demonstration, then quickly and challenges, the 2011-2012 MPS District Improvement realized the products addressed all of her criteria and were Plan focuses on two key objectives. exactly what she had requested. Student Assessment ABOUT PD 360 MPS will track all data related to each student’s achievement and design a learning profile for each student. Teachers will use this profile for instructional grouping and PD 360 is the multi-award-winning, online, on-demand designing lessons that fit the needs of diverse learners. professional learning resource for schools and districts. With 1,800 videos on 117 topics from 120 experts, PD Instructional Strategies 360 has the largest online community of educators, with over 822,000 subscribers. It is the most comprehensive MPS teacher and paraprofessional training will center on web-based library of professional development resources the use of strategies designed to fully involve students with available. Teachers, administrators, professional learning personalized learning and engaged instruction. communities, coaches, mentors, instructional leaders, and paraprofessionals have available at their fingertips | | 800.572.1153
  2. 2. hundreds of indexed and searchable video segments that successful in areas such as parent communication, lessonpresent real, best-practice classroom examples and feature planning, assessment, special education, and instructionalrespected education experts, such as Michael Fullan, Rick technology. As an Academy instructor, Dr. Evans hasDuFour, Doug Reeves, Rick Stiggins, and many others. used video clips from PD 360 in her sessions, and hasEducators can instantly find the help they need on nearly encouraged students to check out School Improvementevery topic, including differentiation, assessment, English Network, even if their districts do not use it at this time.language learners, leadership, and more. It can be usedto create a structured learning experience for an individual Strategy of the Weekteacher, a PLC, or even an entire school. PD 360 bridgesthe gap between training and classroom implementation Dr. Evans sends the “Strategy of the Week” to MPSwith job-embedded follow-up, tracking, and reflection tools. principals to keep them up-to-date with the latest researchSee a demonstration at and trends in education. ABOUT OBSERVATION 360 The “Strategy of the Week” is a free weekly email service offered by School Improvement Network that provides valuable professional learning tips and resources forObservation 360 is the world’s only classroom observation educators along with links to PD 360 videos, articles by thetool with prescriptive technology that automatically leading experts, and exclusive webinars.recommends training content based on observation results.Observation 360 is fully integrated with PD 360, one ofthe world’s largest on-demand professional development BENEFITSplatforms. This observation tool helps instructional leadersshare information and follow up with educators by sendingthe report directly to a PD 360 account. Teachers can then “I am very pleased with PD 360 and its resources.log on and access the observation statistics, comments, Observation 360 is a great advantage for painlessand recommended training while leaders receive reporting walkthroughs. Common Core 360 programs areinformation on the teacher’s progress. preparing us as we move toward Common Core State Standards. And the tracking tools provide a IMPLEMENTATION AND DRIVING USAGE record of teacher usage. It is a superior package of professional development.”Dr. Evans first introduced PD 360 to principals andinstructional coaches, and has since incorporated it into Judith Evans, Ed.D. Superintendentseveral areas with many plans for the future. Medway Public Schools, Massachusetts Professional Learning Communities Outstanding Customer ServicePD 360 is a perfect tool for strengthening PLCs. MPSgroups watch a video segment and discuss how to apply thepractice in their classrooms. The digitized supplementary Dr. Evans has been delighted with PD 360’s responsiveFacilitator Guides provide group activities, discussion technical support. She states that “dependable customerquestions, lesson plans, and graphic organizers. Many service has built product trust with teachers andinclude handouts that can be printed. administrators.” Common Language and Practice/Focus Objectives ObservationsDistrict administrators have been challenged to complete PD 360 use encourages consistency with common100 classroom walkthroughs this year. Observation 360 is language and practice, creating a more efficient cohesion.significantly impacting MPS by allowing administrators to Customizing Focus Objectives with district goals createsperform effective classroom observations using an iPad, a more efficient, centered commonality and an ongoingiPhone, or iPod touch. Administrator feedback is immediate collective vision. Dr. Evans believes this improves theand prescriptive, recommending PD 360 videos specific to focus on teacher objectives which in turn improves studenteach teacher’s needs. achievement. Administrator Enthusiasm New Teacher AcademyWith approximately 60 first and second year teachers from As indicated by their high usage numbers, MPSlocal districts, the New Teacher Academy is supporting administrators, principals, and instructional coaches haveand ensuring that they have the skills necessary to be embraced PD 360 and Observation 360 as excellent resources for their | | 800.572.1153
  3. 3. ABOUT OBSERVATION 360 Medway Public Schools, Massachusetts PD 360 Usage Founded in 1991 by teachers, the School Improvement October 2011 – March 2012 Network provides comprehensive, research-based Average % Collective Collective Collective professional development anytime, anywhere. As the home Registered Programs Segments Segments of The Video Journal of Education, PD 360, Observation Users Viewing Viewed Viewed Viewed 360, the Learning 360 Framework, Equity 360, and 77% 668 1059 5452 Common Core 360, School Improvement Network resources focus on the most relevant topics, feature the top experts, and show educators how to put theory into practice. School Improvement Network has worked with thousands of CONCLUSION schools and districts in every state and around the world, and visited over 3,500 classrooms to document bestDr. Evans is very happy with PD 360 and Observation 360. practices in action. Learn more atShe is excited to challenge teachers by implementing the more fully into their personal PD, and she is veryconfident about the future of PD 360 in MPS as it continuesto meet teacher needs. “This is targeted teacher PD and I would like to see it used as a flexible, always-available source of professional learning for our teachers, administrators, and support staff. I look forward to teachers taking advantage of the collaborative viewing option to support discussion of central topics and sharing of best practices.” Judith Evans, Ed.D. Superintendent Medway Public Schools, Massachusetts To read more case studies, scan this QR code with a smartphone or visit www. | | 800.572.1153