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Irving Independent School District, TX-Case Study


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The Irving Independent School District works hard to provide the best education for its students, but they needed a new professional development program to better educate its teachers. Each teacher wasn't able to attend all of the PD events in order to gain credit, so they sought a solution that would make it easier for their teachers to get the training they needed. Read how PD 360 provided the customizable and on-demand resources that helped them promote the growth of their entire staff.

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Irving Independent School District, TX-Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA School Improvement NetworkLamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTYARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO Large, Urban TexasCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISDHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA District IncreasesLamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY Teacher AccountabilityARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICOCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD IRVING INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, TX “PD360 has added another dimension to our profession- al development system allowing for Just in Time Teach- ing for new and/or struggling teachers with research- based best practices.” FOCUS Dianna Hopper Director for Staff Development Irving ISD, TX The IISD professional development (PD) department is com- mitted to helping every staff member develop the skills and DISTRICT PROFILE knowledge they need to ensure success for all students and close the achievement gap by delivering quality services, resources, and programs which support and promote the The Irving Independent School District (IISD) is located professional growth of its staff. in the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and for 100 years, has been offering students the best resources IISD provides a great deal of PD for its teachers but with available to achieve a quality education. Carefully planned 4,000 employees, not all are able to come to every PD academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs prepare event to accrue the credits that are needed to meet con- students to succeed in a world that will demand their best. tract requirements. The district wanted a resource that would allow flexibility for teachers to do some of their own • IISD serves 33,800 students. PD. • This school district was rated “academically accept- The district also has a large, growing ELL population and able” by the Texas Education Agency in 2009. wants to provide a comprehensive program for students while training teachers in differentiated instruction. • All IISD high school students are issued a laptop computer. IISD Division Director of Staff Development, Dianna Hopper was looking for an online, on-demand, source that was user • As part of a grant program, all students at DeZavala friendly and job embedded, to add to IISD’s PD program. It Middle School also get laptops. needed to be a versatile resource that would add to staff effectiveness to ensure high achievement for every student. • Sixty-seven languages are spoken by IISD students who represent 99 different countries. SOLUTION • There are 73% of students qualifying for free and reduced lunches. • IISD is a minority-majority district and 67% of the Ms. Hopper met School Improvement Network PD 360 students are Hispanic. Trainer Gregg Morrow at a conference four years ago. He told her about PD 360, an all-inclusive online PD resource, • English Language Learners (ELL) make up 39% of and he offered to put IISD on a pilot program. Ms. Hopper the student population. has been glad she accepted the offer. | | 800.572.1153
  2. 2. ABOUT PD 360 liaisons provide support to first and second year teach- ers and feel it is important to train these new teachers to use PD 360. Therefore, new teachers are immediately PD 360 is an on-demand library of professional teacher introduced to it as a teaching resource. development resources that leverages technology to make professional learning more effective, convenient, > Teacher Liaisons and sustainable. With over 200 hours of research-based Teacher liaisons give ongoing first and second year video content, plus tools for follow-up, tracking, reflec- teacher support. They are often retired teachers hired by tion, and group training, PD 360 is the most comprehen- IISD. They meet with first and second year teachers on a sive solution to your professional teacher development regular basis to answer questions and listen to concerns. needs. When there is an issue in a classroom, a teacher liaison can direct the teacher to PD 360 segments included in More than 600,000 educators across North America programs such as Classroom Management, Differentiated already use PD 360 to access individualized support on Instruction, and many more. the most relevant topics, like differentiation, minority stu- > Teachers Who Struggle dent achievement, English language learners, classroom The instructional support staff helps teachers who instruction that works, leadership, assessment, and struggle. They are able to easily suggest specific PD 360 many more. PD 360’s content is divided into hundreds segments in classroom management and diversity that of indexed and searchable segments that make it easy show what best classroom practices look like in needed for teachers, administrators, aspiring leaders, coaches, areas. Each teacher’s usage as well as their answers to mentors, paraprofessionals, and professional learning Reflection and Follow-Up Questions can be tracked by the communities to find the answers they need. New content administration to follow growth. is continually added to keep you up-to-date. See a dem- onstration at > Walkthroughs Getting principals into the classrooms has a huge impact DRIVING USAGE AND IMPLEMENTATION on teacher training. When principals do classroom walk- throughs, they can suggest specific PD 360 segment links that are relevant to the instructional needs of the teach- ers while providing easy and effective, job-embedded > Excellent Training follow-up. Being able to quickly email instant remediation IISD has formed a Staff Development Council made up on many issues has been beneficial to both IISD princi- of one representative from each school. The council and pals and teachers alike. administrators received beneficial instruction on PD 360 by School Improvement Network trainers. Those who were > Staff Development Training trained then went back to their schools and shared the PD 360 makes it easy for IISD to personalize staff de- information with their colleagues. velopment training. Video segments in differentiation, assessments, compliance, and paraprofessional needs “The training we received from School Improvement are shared to help teachers implement new strategies. Network for PD 360 was of good quality. In fact, we have The digitized Facilitator Guides that accompany video pro- scheduled more training for the Focus Objectives. And grams provide assistance as district facilitators prepare when we have called for any technical help, the School training sessions. Improvement Network people have been friendly and very willing to help us.” > Teacher Certification IISD teachers are allowed up to six credits of PD 360 Dianna Hopper for Distributed Learning Credits and it may be used by Director for Staff Development Irving ISD, TX Instructional Paraprofessionals for District Exchange Cred- its. The first set of reflection questions must be answered after viewing each segment and the programs selected > Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) must align with Core Curriculum objectives. PD 360 supports Professional Learning Communities in IISD and gives them a solid resource to study. PLC’s > English Language Learners (ELL’s) watch a PD 360 video segment and discuss how to apply IISD is a school district that welcomes diverse heritages the practices in their classrooms. The accompanying and excels at meeting these students’ thirst for learning. digitized Facilitator Guides provide group activities, dis- PD 360 ELL and differentiated instruction programs are cussion questions, lesson plans, and graphic organizers. helping teachers in these areas. Many include handouts that can be printed. > Large Library of Content > New Teachers Educators in IISD can immediately find the help they IISD instructional coaches, administrators, and teacher need in the 1400 fully indexed, video learning segments that address the most pertinent topics and have | | 800.572.1153
  3. 3. search ability. In addition, PD 360 continues to add more ideas, participate in discussion forums, upload lesson programs that are up-to-date and applicable. plans, and share web links to helpful resources. Teachers and administrators can share best practices, learn > Job Embedded/Accessible Professional Growth from one another, and eliminate classroom isolation Professional development should not be identical for regardless of location. Learning Communities can be each IISD teacher but should be job embedded to be created as public or private domains. responsive to a teacher’s day-to-day practices in school and student needs. As questions and situations arise in CONCLUSION classrooms, teachers can instantly find answers in PD 360 to improve teaching and give support when needed By bringing PD 360 to its professional development for instead of waiting for workshops. The wide variety of con- teachers, IISD has added a school improvement support tent in PD 360 ensures that teachers of every experience that is versatile, all inclusive, and gives teachers personal level can find individualized help when they need it. accountability. The district is easily able to focus on con- tent, classroom management, assessment, and English Because PD 360 is an online and on-demand solution, Language Learners. teachers in IISD can access it anytime and anywhere they have the Internet. They can log on at home as well as at ABOUT SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT NETWORK work, encouraging teacher education on their own time schedule. The School Improvement Network is the leading provider of teacher education and teacher training, specializing in “We love that teachers are able to use PD 360 on their on-demand, research-based professional development own as a professional growth tool. When they are in need anytime, anywhere. As the home of The Video Journal and looking for help, they can find it.” of Education, PD 360, and the Leadership and Learning Framework, School Improvement Network’s education Dianna Hopper training resources focus on the most relevant topics, Director for Staff Development such as classroom management. The resources also Irving ISD, TX feature top experts such as Michael Fullan and Doug- > Focus Objectives las Reeves, and show how to put theory into practice. Ms. Hopper is planning to customize PD 360 Focus Ob- With its focus on long-term improvement, sustainability, jectives to align with state, district, and school goals and and greater internal capacity, the School Improvement initiatives in the coming year. As teachers and adminis- Network helps its clients close achievement gaps, meet trators use these aligned segments, they can actually high standards and increase student learning for both see what the standards and best classroom practices elementary education and secondary education. To learn look like when implemented in real classrooms. Focus more about School Improvement Network’s dynamic Objectives allow administrators to efficiently drive com- resources, visit mon language and practice with all educators. > Relevant Topics IISD is very happy that new, quality content is continually being added to the up-to-date PD 360 library providing a resource that helps teachers continue to grow profes- sionally. PD 360 has programs dealing with nearly every educational initiative of the past two decades. > Real Classroom Examples Teachers in IISD have been pleased with the wide variety of real classrooms from across the country that are shown in every PD 360 program because they can actu- To read more case studies, scan this QR ally see how to implement best practices in their own code with a smartphone or visit www. classroom management. > Real Experts Over 120 respected education experts are available at each IISD teacher’s fingertips whenever they need them. Now educators do not have to wait to attend workshops and conferences yet can learn from the best authorities. > Interactive Communities PD 360 Learning Communities allow teachers to communicate and collaborate with each other. Through it, teachers present each other with | | 800.572.1153