Fremont County SD #1, WY - PD 360 Case Study


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Discover how a small, rural school district in Wyoming has been able to provide high-quality professional development to each of its seven schools through PD 360. Fremont County has been able to provide training and preparation for the Common Core State Standards through Common Core 360.

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Fremont County SD #1, WY - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudySmall, Rural Wyoming DistrictSupports Student Readiness withOnline Teacher DevelopmentFREMONT COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT #1,WYOMING SOLUTIONS “PD 360 is a low-cost approach As the FCSD1 director of professional development, the to providing a large variety of principal of Pathfinder High School, and the principal of professional development resources Jeffrey City Elementary School, Dr. Kathy Hitt confidently such as outstanding experts, and competently balances many responsibilities. She is a focused go-getter who cares deeply about student current topics, real classroom success and identifies PD 360 as a good addition to an examples, LiveBooks, and webinars. already strong PD program by addressing focuses with It is an additional way to supply the following:development that builds the best teachers foreach classroom.” • ommon Core 360 is education’s most relevant learning C tool for new state standards. The ever-growing libraryDr. Kathy Hitt has almost 300 training videos, including 70 in-classDirector of Professional Development/Pathfinder examples of teachers actively using the CommonH.S. Principal/Jeffrey City E.S. Principal Core Standards.Fremont County School District #1, Wyoming “Districts around the country are scrambling to roll out Common Core Standards and PD 360 is a hugePROFILE support for managing the implementation. The examples of real classrooms are especially helpfulA small, rural district of 1,700 students in seven schools,Fremont County School District #1 (FCSD1) is located and show what good instruction looks like.”in west-central Wyoming along the eastern slope of thespectacular Wind River Mountains. Being a small district Dr. Kathy Hittdoes not prevent them from providing high-quality Director of Professional Development/Pathfindereducation that starts with comprehensive H.S. Principal/Jeffrey City E.S. Principalteacher professional development (PD). Fremont County School District #1, Wyoming • lassroom equity and achievement is addressed in PD CFOCUSES 360 programs such as Equity and Innovation or Practical Equity Walkthroughs.Like all school systems, FCSD1 is challenged to improveteacher effectiveness to better ready students for college • D 360 is bringing student engagement to the forefront Pand career. The district’s top PD focuses for meeting the of the classroom with programs such as Practicalgoal are as follows: Student-Centered Learning or Working on the Work.• Common Core Standards Implementation • D 360 programs like Working with Students from a P Culture of Poverty support teachers in understanding• Classroom Equity and Achievement and accepting the learning differences and needs of children coming from poverty.• Student Engagement • Teaching Children of Poverty• Teaching Children of Poverty
  2. 2. ABOUT PD 360 of each teacher are recommended, providing easy and effective follow-up.PD 360 is the multi-award winning, online, on-demandprofessional learning resource within School Improvement • Teachers Who StruggleNetwork’s Educator Effectiveness System. With 2,000+ Teachers who struggle are directed by their principals to videos on 125 topics from 120 experts, PD 360 has the specific PD 360 programs that show how best practiceslargest online community of nearly one million educators. look in needed areas such as classroom management,It is the most comprehensive web-based library of differentiated instruction, and many more. Each teacher’sprofessional development resources available. Teachers, usage is tracked to follow growth, as are answers toadministrators, professional learning communities, coaches, reflection and follow-up questions.mentors, instructional leaders, and paraprofessionalshave available at their fingertips hundreds of indexed and • Compliance Seriessearchable video segments that present real, best-practice At the start of each year, principals are required to show classroom examples and feature respected education the PD 360 Compliance Series to teachers. These includeexperts, such as Michael Fullan, Rick DuFour, Doug Reeves, segments on blood borne pathogens and harassment.Rick Stiggins, and many others. Educators can instantlyfind the help they need on nearly every topic, includingdifferentiation, assessment, English language learners, BENEFITSleadership, and more. It can be used to create a structuredlearning experience for an individual teacher, a PLC, or PD 360 has earned a respected place in FCSD1 as educatorseven an entire school. PD 360 and all the tools within benefit from its many advantages.School Improvement Network’s Educator EffectivenessSystem bridge the gap between training and classroom • Capacity/Accessibilityimplementation with job-embedded follow-up, tracking, and Dr. Hitt is pleased that educators are able to view PD 360 reflection tools. See a demonstration at programs as many times as they wish and as often as they need. Teachers are conveniently taking charge of their own professional learning by logging on at home as wellIMPLEMENTATION AND DRIVING USAGE as at work.FCSD1 encourages PD 360 usage with a variety • Affordable Prominent Experts of methods:. PD 360 is providing FCSD1 teachers with easy access to over 120 well-known, quality experts who impart • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) information without talking down. Rather than paying PLCs are incorporating PD 360 as a study resource and the high costs associated with conferences, the resource conversation starter. The groups determine a topic, watch is proving to be money-wise. a video segment, either separately before the meeting or together during the meeting, and discuss as a group how • Differentiated Professional Development to apply the practices in their classrooms. Dr. Hitt wanted an online source that would meet a wide range of needs and abilities. PD 360 is not a one-time • Professional Development Plans event, such as a conference or workshop, but an ongoing As part of the evaluation process and with the principal’s growth process for teachers. input, every teacher develops a yearly Professional Development Plan. It includes areas of strength and • Large Library of Content and Relevant Topics weakness, progress of objectives set forth in the previous CSD1 teachers immediately find what they need in PD F plan, pupil assessments, and growth toward program 360’s 2,000+ fully indexed video programs that address objectives. The use of PD 360 videos in needed areas are education’s most pertinent topics with easy search part of each action plan. ability. Current programs with up-to-date information are continually being added.• Observations/Evaluations F CSD1 teachers are evaluated yearly and classroom • Rising Proficiency Scores observations are key to identifying areas of need. All F CSD1 successfully introduced PD 360 as an integral part teachers receive five observations with verbal and/ of its PD program and teachers are responding positively, or written feedback from the administrator after each students are winning, and district proficiency scores have observation. PD 360 segment links relevant to the needs | | 800-572-1153 2
  3. 3. been rising. The 2012 PAWS reading and math proficiency CONCLUSIONscores for many grades in the district were the highestyet recorded. As a highly motivated educator in a highly motivated district, Dr. Hitt is pleased to have PD 360 creating positive teacher growth to improve student readiness for college Fremont County School District #1, Wyoming and career. 11th Grade PAWS Proficient and Advanced 2008-09 2010-11 2011-12 “For staff to find value in a professional development resource, the source must first be valued by district District State District State District State and school leaders. Our administrators are finding MATH 55.47% 62.39% 74.19% 64.19% 70.09% 66.19% relevance in PD 360 and passing that on to READING 65.22% 65.19% 78.23% 72.84% 85.47% 76.53% our teachers.” Dr. Kathy Hitt Director of Professional Development/Pathfinder High School Principal/Jeffrey City Elementary School• Educator Enthusiasm Principal Fremont County School District #1, Wyoming A s shown by their high-usage numbers, FCSD1 administrators and teachers have found worth in the PD 360 programs and have consistently increased their ABOUT SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT individual use. Founded in 1991 by teachers, School Improvement Network has spent decades researching and documenting the Fremont County SD #1, Wyoming best practices in education. From this research, School May 2011 - Nov 2012 PD 360 Usage Improvement Network has developed the Educator Registered Users 233 Effectiveness System. The Educator Effectiveness System outlines a step-by-step process to improve teacher Collective Programs Viewed 940 practice, and arms educators with a set of powerful tools that can be used to complete each step. Research Collective Segments Viewed 3,198 shows that districts and schools that use the tools in the Collective Minutes Viewed 17,792 Educator Effectiveness System produce better teachers, and as a result experience dramatic increases in student achievement, driving up student test scores by as much as 30% in a single year. School Improvement Network works with thousands of schools and districts in every state andA 2011 independent study of PD 360 usage showed that around the world and has visited over 3,500 classroomshigher minutes per user in schools like those in FCSD1 to document best practices in action. Learn more at www.resulted in more than twelve times the gains in math rates and twice the gains in reading proficiencyrates than district averages. | | 800-572-1153 3