Foster Traditional Academy, KY - PD 360 Case Study


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Foster Traditional Academy, KY - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. A School Improvement Network ProductHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTYARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO FOSTER TRADITIONALCOUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD ACADEMYHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTYARTESIA LaMesaseries featuring elementary schools in Jefferson ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO This case study is part of a ISD HENRICO COUNTYCOUNTYPublic Schools, Kentucky. Each individualbeing partHENRICO360 County ARTESIA LaMesa ISD is implementing PD COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD as a professional development solution without school of a district program.HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA LaMesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY practice classroom examples. Each segment includes School Profile content from respected educational experts such as Michael Fullan, Rick DuFour, Doug Reeves, Rick Stig- Foster Traditional Academy is located in Louisville, Ken- gins, and many others. PD 360 can be used to create a tucky, and is part of Jefferson County Public Schools. structured learning experience for an individual teacher, Serving 641 students, with an at-risk population of professional learning community, or entire school. It 78%, its mission is to educate all students to their bridges the gap between training and classroom imple- fullest potential in a safe environment. All learners will mentation with job-embedded follow-up, tracking, and be provided the opportunity to achieve at the highest reflection tools. PD 360 also gives educators access to level of academic expectations while fostering positive an online community of teaching professionals that al- social/emotional behaviors and attitudes. lows interaction and collaboration either within a district or across the United States and around the world. See a demonstration at School Needs Foster wanted a professional development solution that would help educators create a structured learning expe- Driving Usage and Implementation rience that would positively impact every student. To introduce Foster to PD 360, Principal Quinlan took all the teachers into the school computer lab. As each educator sat in front of a computer, she walked them Solution through the basic steps of the online and on-demand Foster has had PD 360 in their school for one year but professional development product. Now she is ready to Principal Susan Quinlan feels they have only scratched solidify usage in the school by: the surface of its potential. Foster has renewed PD 360 >>Customizing PD 360 with the district’s initiatives so in- for another year and Principal Quinlan is now planning structors can see how to implement the focused practices. how her school will utilize it in greater depth. >>Applying PD 360 in new teacher training to introduce them to PD 360, initiate important discussions, and About PD 360 show them how PD 360 will benefit them. PD 360 is the leading on-demand professional learning >>Aiding teachers who are struggling by assigning particu- resource for educators with over 600,000 subscribers. lar segments that pertain to their specific needs and Teachers, administrators, professional learning commu- questions. nities, coaches, etc., have access to over 1,400 indexed and searchable video segments that present real, best- |
  2. 2. >>Having teacher teams present a PD 360 segment at fac- >>Teacher Enthusiasm ulty meetings to pass on something they have learned Teacher response has been excellent and focused. They and to start discussions. have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content and pleased with the classroom examples. >>Making use of tracking features, to follow teachers’ professional learning activity and progress. Tracking “PD 360 has opened up many possibilities for teacher teacher responses to reflection questions allows admin- growth and has helped us as a professional community istrators to follow growth and application of users after with initiating the necessary conversations regarding each segment. instructional best practices.” >>Implementing inquiry-based instruction to better meet the Susan Quinlan needs of students. Principal Foster Traditional Academy, KY >>Sending the Strategy of the Week to all educators to give ideas and information to enhance their professional development. About School Improvement Network “Strategy of the Week” is a free weekly resource of- fered by School Improvement Network that provides Founded in 1991 by two school teachers, School Im- valuable professional development tips and informa- provement Network empowers educators with compre- tion for educators. hensive, research-based, professional learning tools that build teacher expertise to foster greater achievement among their students. As the home of The Video Journal Benefits of Education, PD 360, and The 360 Learning Frame- work, School Improvement Network offers content from Foster has already experienced many benefits from PD the largest group of educational experts, the broadest 360 and is looking forward to even more, including: range of topics, and the most classroom examples any- where. School Improvement Network boasts the world’s >>Availability largest educator-verified, on-demand professional PD 360 is available to educators anytime and anywhere development network with over 600,000 users. To learn the internet is accessible, making it easy for them to get more about School Improvement Network’s dynamic answers when they need them. resources, visit >>Respected Experts Well known education experts are readily on hand with candid answers to tough questions and everyday class- room circumstances. >>Embedded Professional Development (PD) As questions and situations arise in their own class- rooms, teachers can instantly find in PD 360 the answers and support they need to improve their own teaching. >>Best Practices Teachers can see how effective teaching actually looks with over 1,000 research based and classroom proven best practices shown in real classroom examples. >>Real Classroom Examples Teachers can access over 1,000 real classroom ex- amples from urban, suburban, and rural schools across North America that show what successful instruction looks like in actual school settings. >>Vast Library of Specific Content Educators can instantly find the help they need by searching hundreds of fully-indexed video learning seg- ments that address the most up-to-date topics. |