Clarendon School District One, South Carolina - PD 360 Case Study


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Read how this small, rural school district in South Carolina serving mostly minority students has been able to provide differentiated professional development for its teachers and help increase student achievement through PD 360.

The video programs accessible through PD 360 also support the South Carolina Writing Improvement Network (WIN).

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Clarendon School District One, South Carolina - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. | 801-572-1153Case StudyClarendon School District One,South Carolina“PD 360 is a central componentin Clarendon One’s professionalimprovement program. Becauseit meets expectations andanswers real issues, feedbackfrom a recent teacher survey was very positive.It is individualized, convenient, and targeted. Isuggest that other districts look into it.”Robert Petrulis, PhDPrincipal Consultant/EPRE Consulting LLCColumbia, South CarolinaProfileClarendon County, South Carolina is often described as aparadise, with small-town atmosphere, near the SanteeWildlife Refuge, as well as breath-taking beaches andmountains close enough for weekend trips.Clarendon School District One is a small, rural districtof four schools and approximately 950 studentswith a 97 percent minority enrollment. This diversitybrings both opportunities and challenges; therefore,concentrated efforts by teachers and administratorsare made to “channel” the challenges into positivegrowth for all students.Recent district highlights have included the following:• The district received a one million dollar grant for mathand science.• An Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering, andMath is planned for the elementary school.• Districtreportcardshavereflectedacademicimprovements.FocusesThe Clarendon One professional learning department iscurrently focused on the following needs:• Differentiated Professional Learning• Continuous Student Improvement• Implementation of the Writing to Win process acrossall grades and support for the South Carolina WritingImprovement Network (WIN).SolutionsClarendon One Assistant Superintendent BarbaraRagin and Dr. Robert Petrulis, an evaluation and researchconsultant working with the high school’s SchoolImprovement Grant project and the district’s MathScience Partnership, have years of experience and areextremely knowledgeable about raising student success.Since 2010, the district has been using PD 360 to meetteacher needs. Ms. Ragin and Dr. Petrulis areSmall Rural South Carolina DistrictAddresses Concerns with Flexible,On-demand Professional Learning
  2. 2. | 801-572-1153pleased that School Improvement Network’s EducatorEffectiveness System components PD 360, Observation360, and Common Core 360 are addressing andimpacting Clarendon One issues.• Differentiated Professional LearningTeacher education, like student instruction, shouldmeet a variety of abilities and be adaptive to evolvingneeds. With 3,000+ video segments on 125 topicsfrom 120 experts, PD 360 ensures that Clarendon Oneteachers of all experience levels will find individualsupport to improve classroom strategies.• Continuous Student ImprovementClarendon One administrators want studentimprovement to be a continuous process by whichstudents are regularly monitored, assessed, andresponsible for their own learning. Relevant PD 360programs include Student Involvement in Assessment,Assessment for Learning, Accountability for GreaterStudent Learning, and Practical Student-CenteredLearning—Instilling Ownership and Responsibility.• WIN SupportThe South Carolina Writing Improvement Networkserves as a professional learning resource for schooladministrators and teachers. PD 360 programssuch as Curriculum Integration, Writing Across theCurriculum, and Reading, Writing, Speaking, andListening wholly support WIN.Implementation and Driving Usage• Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)PD 360 is a great study resource and conversationstarter for Clarendon One’s PLCs. Groups determinea topic, watch a relevant video segment individuallybefore the meeting or together during the meeting,then discuss as a group how to apply the practices intheir classrooms.• ObservationsClassroom observations are significant to ClarendonOne teacher evaluations and Observation 360 makesthem even more effective. Administrators are able to giveimmediate feedback to teachers and recommend PD 360segment links applicable to the individual’s needs.• Meaningful Reflective PracticesAfter watching a PD 360 segment, Clarendon Oneteachers answer reflection questions designed tostimulate thinking about classroom ap¬plication. Theanswers are helpful to teacher and administrator totrack growth, application, and knowledge.“Reflection is a critical part ofeffective learning. Respondingto PD 360 reflection questionsthrough the use of a journalencourages teachers to becomemore reflective learners and practitioners.”Barbara RaginAssistant SuperintendentClarendon School District One, South Carolina• Common Core StandardsClarendon One is using Common Core 360 to exposeeducators to Common Core Standards, and next yearthey will use the tool to sustain full implementationand prepare educators to ready 100% of students forcollege and career.• Goals-Based Evaluation Action PlansContinuing contract teachers must be evaluated atleast once every three years as part of the progressprocess. Teachers develop individual Goals-BasedEvaluation Action Plans consisting of goals, strategies,and activities to attain goals plus completion results.PD 360 programs are commonly included.
  3. 3. | 801-572-1153“Clarendon One teachers are required todocument their professional growth, and PD360’s convenience makes it a popular choice fordoing so. It is also useful in their Goals-BasedEvaluation Action Plan strategies.”Robert Petrulis, PhDPrincipal Consultant/EPRE Consulting LLCColumbia, South CarolinaBenefitsDr. Petrulis has found that administrators as wellas teachers love PD 360 because it targets specificneeds in classroom management, teaching strategies,and assessments.• Actual Classroom ExamplesPD 360 programs feature a variety of real classroomexamples to illustrate strategy implementation. This isfundamental for teachers learning how to incorporatethe practices into their own classrooms.“All teachers like to see how strategies areput into practice, and the ability to view realclassroom implementation is significant inteacher education.”Robert Petrulis, PhDPrincipal Consultant/EPRE Consulting LLCColumbia, South Carolina• Interactive Learning CommunitiesClarendon One teachers participate in PD 360’sinteractive learning communities that allowconversations with other educators around the world.These communities focus on a shared instructionaltopic, goal, or committee research thus reducing theclassroom isolation teachers often experience.• Capacity/AccessibilityClarendon One teachers are happy to have the flexibilityto access PD 360 at home or work as well as thecapability to take charge of personal growth withunlimited access.“Campus administrators and teachers find thatthe online learning approach through PD 360lends itself to individualization and customizationof learning and professional growth.”Barbara RaginAssistant SuperintendentClarendon School District One, South CarolinaA 2011 independent study of PD 360 usage showedhigher minutes per user in schools like those inClarendon One resulted in more than twelve times thegains in math proficiency and twice the gains in readingproficiency than district averages.ConclusionMs. Ragin is happy that PD 360 addresses ClarendonOne’s focuses. Its straightforward flexibility anddifferentiated professional learning promote teacherimprovement, which in turn increase student achievement.Clarendon One, South CarolinaPD 360 UsageJanuary 2012 – March 2013Segment ViewedRegistered UsersPrograms ViewedMinutes Viewed575149855,960Clarendon One, South CarolinaPalmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS)Met and Above58.7%48.8%61.3%57.3%64.7%67.2%69.1%64.2%2009 2010 2011 2012English/Language ArtsMathematics
  4. 4. | 801-572-1153“When considering the more appropriate andcost-effective methods for addressing thediverse needs of certified personnel and campusadministrators, I certainly would advocatefor the purchase and use of PD 360. In fact, Istrongly recommend it as the initial purchase orreplacement of other approaches to systematicprofessional development. This is an investmentthat pays great dividends relative to enhancedcontent knowledge of teachers, improvedclassroom practices, and ultimately increasedstudent success!”Barbara RaginAssistant SuperintendentClarendon School District One, South CarolinaAbout School Improvement NetworkFounded in 1991 by teachers, School ImprovementNetwork has spent decades researching anddocumenting the best practices in education. From thisresearch, School Improvement Network has developedthe Educator Effectiveness System. This systemdelivers a process to improve teacher practice, andarms educators with a set of powerful tools to drive theprocess. Research shows that districts and schoolsthat use the tools in the Educator Effectiveness Systemproduce better teachers, and as a result experiencedramatic increases in student achievement, drivingup student test scores by as much as 30 percent ina single year. School Improvement Network workswith thousands of schools and districts in every stateand around the world and has visited over 3,500classrooms to document best practices in action.Learn more at PD 360PD 360 is the multi-award winning, online, on-demand professional learning resource within SchoolImprovement Network’s Educator EffectivenessSystem. With 2,000+ videos on 125 topics from 120experts, PD 360 has the largest online communityof nearly one million educators. It is the mostcomprehensive web-based library of professionaldevelopment resources available. Educators caninstantly find the help they need on nearly everytopic, including differentiation, assessment, Englishlanguage learners, leadership, and more. It can createa structured learning experience for an individualteacher, a PLC, or even an entire school. PD 360 andall the tools within School improvement Network’sEducator Effectiveness System bridge the gap betweentraining and classroom implementation with job-embedded follow-up, tracking, and reflection tools. Seea demonstration at Observation 360Observation 360 is a vital piece of School ImprovementNetwork’s Educator Effectiveness System. With fullcompliance to even the strictest of state observationrequirements, it is the only tool that integrateson-demand training resources and a wide array ofreporting capabilities into the observation process. Theall-new, fully redesigned Observation 360 provides theresources, data, and personalized training to prepareteachers to ready 100% of students for college andcareer. Learn more at Common Core 360Common Core 360 is education’s most relevantlearning tool for the new Common Core Standardsand can lead an educator from the most basicunderstanding to mastery-level implementation.With an ever-growing library that extends to almost300 training videos, this resource includes 70 real in-class examples that place the viewer in the middle ofclassrooms with teachers who are actively navigatingthe day-to-day realization of the state standards. Learnmore at