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What hurts hospitals energy efficiency


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Get the facts on the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for what hurts hospitals' energy efficiency. Be more powerful with less energy.

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What hurts hospitals energy efficiency

  1. 1. What hurts hospitals’ energy efficiency? Symptoms One hospital bed uses 29,000 kilowatt — hours heat and 6,000 kwh electricity per - year, as much as two new family homes. Hospitals account 25% of a hospital's for 4% of energy operating cost use in USA is energy related Diagnosis 0 Metering reduces energy Frequent data collection 1 0 A use up to 10%, by tracking M and metering =14.6% users’ consumption habits. lower cost intensity Treatment An efficient infrastructure $1 energy saved improves your A d - _ h sh- : $20 in new revenues financial health bui:1s; gt)r; t': era: ::’: i:taT: ;a“'eF: by 25% Prevention 50/ Boost in earnings Reduce 7 8 O O O by redesign of energy I _ d energy systems 30% with Ljggggfggfgg Ecostruxure" , ,d, si9,, ,d systegns Sources: r~t‘. p:. ".«‘. vwr. r-ohaim. org-‘suede-'iss. ies. "ctn*a: e."n*pact. zbp i~t'. p:: '.". vtwa. t;loar~rv~otl U! g"2[I39."tlU-‘"1lL)at‘l3."UOSlOlS/ L'V0rg'y962U‘7.0tlx: l0'1%2Cir‘%20lb$JllD57'la20 %20Bl3J+lDl_: ;di Nip: :‘: ‘managerlnealtncateexecutrve tnrxletrvwarltcne onm. "mrat'Fxclt. srvest'Healtncaie-‘act-7ies»acco. tn'-tr: —9~o‘-ererg-poms. " Atticlasia-ma'tlt"Ai1icle: ‘deiaIISGQG1 9. Accessed iv3i. embet' 2?, 2010] Schnodor toctnc teary-, . yrictorcy Sol. tl. -on ‘dude Natural P. esot. rces Canada iDacembe: , ?0(“. r"i 'Comnanr~g Fr-ergy Management r Cararltao -—eath Cara Faeries‘ l‘l‘. p‘. .". ‘VM/ VI. U9g'; ’Sl3I. gfi.7v‘i"3."Z. lL. Sl"lB$$. "C‘33Y: )Ba'l88lF‘ more-'Haalh. :a'e. pt. " Schrorlet I come. ‘How ‘o Improve your noel)-'. als Manclal hearrt" ht‘. p1/. «‘. vxw4.climatecbar-gebusir~essforu'n. oomt"er*-t. .s. 'hong kcng act-on busness ht‘. p:u'. «vtw; .orwlrurv'tootatloacio' <>utn: ?S10-‘D5»"14./ hospitas can cut ororgy use 68 try vodosgni-lg their energy sys1orv's. " www. schneider-e| ectric. com/ heaIthcare Iltiidevddertle-mt: Ullfahevwtiouflwbewkudkfidoeifiuvufiueufifihuucfleakbmtuldl-hflblouwulu fldlflllwfi 5°'. ?;'E‘? :l‘lfi'§