MxVision WeatherSentry ® Transportation Edition


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Weather management tools designed for departments of transportation and year-round road maintenance

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MxVision WeatherSentry ® Transportation Edition

  1. 1. MxVision WeatherSentry® TransportationEdition Weather management tools designed for departments of transportation and year-round road maintenance Make the most of your energySM
  2. 2. MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition Weather impacts every area of your operations from storm preparation to crew scheduling, snow fighting to roadwork. MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition quickly and clearly provides accurate information for everyday operations and major weather event decisions, so you can mitigate the impact of weather, cut costs, and maximize your resources. Consult a meteorologist With MxVision WeatherSentry Online Transportation Edition, you can access our team of experienced meteorologists online from your computer or on your mobile device anywhere you go. Ask a question and receive an answer. Plus, you can see what’s on the mind of your industry peers by viewing other questions and answers. In addition, our meteorologists post twice-daily forecast briefings tailored to your region of the country. Greater forecast accuracy Scheduling crews and equipment is expensive — but you also can’t afford dangerous roads. With MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition you’ll know when to schedule crews and when to send people home — avoiding unnecessary labor costs while keeping roads safe. The system supplies accurate, detailed local forecasts based on our proprietary forecasting system, which is managed 24/7 by experienced meteorologists. Anticipate conditions up to 15 days out, with hourly outlooks for the first three days. Forecasts are updated every hour so you always have the best, most current look at what will happen. View forecasts in tables or graphs. Determine when storms will impact your area. Know when to pretreat for freezing rain, and when high winds will cause severe blowing and drifting. Click on a storm corridor to see the estimated times of arrival for cities and your assets in its path. In 2013, for the seventh consecutive year, Schneider Electric precipitation forecasts outperformed others in the industry in an independent study by Very accurate pavement forecasts Effective anti-icing programs require current and forecasted pavement and bridge deck temperatures — and MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition delivers with optional RoadCast® pavement forecasts. RoadCast forecasts provide reliable, hourly frost and ice forecasts and treatment recommendations for roadways and bridges in your service territory. Using these forecasts, you’ll know when frost could form and how to adjust chemical application rates for changing pavement temperatures. 02 | MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition Get 24/7 online forecasting consultations with our experienced meteorologists
  3. 3. State DOTs can optimize their RWIS investments. MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition easily integrates your station data and forecasts, providing a “one-stop shop” for your maintenance decision support system (MDSS). Current pavement temperatures provided by your RWIS sensors can also be delivered to your mobile device. We now help you better monitor the health of your RWIS system and dispatch crews with expanded quality control that incorporates sensor error codes. New! MDSS non-treatment scenarios Better assess the impact of your chemical treatments with new, side-by-side comparisons of recommended treatment and non-treatment scenarios so you improve planning and manage your expenses — without compromising safety. Plus, we’ve added new animated forecast layers to depict pavement conditions and snow depth. Gauge precipitation accurately Its patented PrecipTimer® lets you know when snow, ice, or rain will start and stop by identifying your location and monitoring radar data for you. Eliminate surprises and improve your productivity while cutting unnecessary costs. Business-class mobile weather apps iPhone® and Android™ users can get dynamic, location-based weather and lightning alerts for their current location. Our technology instantly delivers roaming weather information and customized notifications based on your phone’s GPS. This helps your crews stay on top of changing conditions for their current location. Pre-programmed locations are also supported, while layered, interactive maps enhance ease of use. MxVision WeatherSentry Mobile® is still available for other cell phones to provide on-the-go weather information. Dynamic roadway and weather integration Our Total View™ add-on can help you vastly improve weather-related strategies and response to significant events, as well as troubleshoot and maintain your RWIS network. It provides a single view of all applicable weather forecast, RWIS, and traffic data with your customized rules applied for faster, more efficient decisions. This provides a wider range of RWIS hardware and maintenance options to help save lives, reduce accidents, and ease traffic issues through better crew positioning and effectively targeting road treatments. Active weather alerting You can’t work 24/7, but the system’s Alert Manager® will. Receive critical weather information wherever you are. Custom alarms for temperature, wind, snow, or National Weather Service (NWS) watches and warnings can be set and displayed right on your desktop. With our newest customizable alerts, you can be notified of the percent chance of frost at your chosen location to help you better gauge the threat. In addition to wind speed, you can now also receive alerts for wind direction, helping you better determine the impact on roadways and local land features. You can even customize precipitation alerts based on probability and amount thresholds for alerts that are significant to your unique operations. MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition can even give a wireless “tap on the shoulder” to an unlimited number of users via cell phone. Know what time snow will start in your area and be alerted anytime you choose. New! Flood management tools Improve flood preparation and response with new customized alerts and colorized river stage and discharge observations. See real-time ocean water levels, river stage, and river discharge observations as map layers. Hourly ocean water levels and wave height forecasts and alerts help determine the impact on your critical assets. Plus, stay on top of developing threats with ocean tide predictions within our hourly and daily forecasts — up to 15 days out. Greater user flexibility To better support multilingual users, our English- based MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition provides full translation to Spanish, French, and German. MxVision WeatherSentry Transportation Edition | 03
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