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Using Advanced Weather Intelligence to Restore Power Faster


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Oncor is the largest utility in Texas, serving more than three million customers. In this presentation, Kyle Stuckly from Oncor will explain the advanced weather intelligence used in order to restore power faster, as well as keep crews safe.

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Using Advanced Weather Intelligence to Restore Power Faster

  1. 1. Using Weather Information forOutage ManagementJune 2013Kyle Stuckly, Business Continuity Consultant@Oncor
  2. 2. Today’s Outline Who is Oncor Why is lightning a significant threat How we use Schneider Electric Weather Tools in OutageManagement Benefits realized
  3. 3. Who is OncorOncor is a regulated electric transmission anddistribution service provider that serves 10million customers across Texas. Using cuttingedge technology, more than 3,000 employeeswork to safely maintain reliable electric deliveryservice with the largest distribution andtransmission system in Texas; made up ofapproximately 119,000 miles of lines and morethan 3 million meters across the state.
  4. 4. Oncor’s Territory
  5. 5. Why is Lightning a Significant Threat? Safety of Workers Significant cause of outages Predictor of storm intensity, High number of lightningstrikes is associated with more intense storms
  6. 6. 97-’11 C-G flash density (NLDN)
  7. 7. Average flash density (NLDN)May July
  8. 8. Tools used in Outage Management
  9. 9. Real-time Lightning Display/DetectionUsed extensively in our threeoperating centersReal-time detection & displayof each lightning strikeUpdated every minuteAlerts & displays on a cellphones and computers inOperating CentersSee exactly where lightning isoccurring and know when toresume safely
  10. 10. Future LightingPrediction of where lightning may occur in the next hour
  11. 11. Storm Location and CorridorsShows the location and path of a storm over the next 30 minutes and theconditions associated with each as it moves toward populated areas (Alerts)Ability to drill down for a detailed explanation of intensity, conditions, speed,etc.
  12. 12. AlertsLocations of interest (high population areas, corporate buildings, etc.)Provides early warning and all clear when lightning/storm has passed.
  13. 13. Mobile phoneThis feature brings the weather toparticulars users. Various Distributionand Transmission managers across Oncorcarry the weather with them on theirphone.
  14. 14. Smart phone alertingIn addition to alerts being shown on the PC. Some Oncor users receive the alerts on their smart phone. Recentexample is weather alerts for Mutual Assistance leaders in Oklahoma.
  15. 15. Online Consulting ForumThis feature helps with particularweather impacts. Recently, I askedabout our severe weather threat on June1st.Response:DALLAS-FORT WORTH/WACO, TX:Good afternoon! Not expecting severeweather in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplexthis evening. Front is going through withcooler, more stable northerly winds. But afew passing showers and isolatedthunderstorms could occur through theevening.
  16. 16. Oncor Outage Information
  17. 17. Benefits Safety of workers Know when it’s safe for crews to resume work outdoors Reduce length of outages Improve customer relations Better able to accurately project estimated time of restoration Provide timely storm and location information More accurately determining outage causes
  18. 18. Thank youKyle Stuckly, Business Continuity