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Upstream Oil and Gas Solutions


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Upstream Oil and Gas Solutions as seen at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibit in Houston, TX. The offer consists of Remote SCADA solutions, Custody Transfer, Net Oil Solutions, NGL and Crude Terminal Solutions and Integrated Power and Process Solutions.
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Upstream Oil and Gas Solutions

  1. 1. Schneider Electric | September 2015 1 SPE ATCE 2015 Upstream Oil & Gas Solutions September 28-30, 2015 Houston, TX
  2. 2. Schneider Electric | September 2015 2 Offer Representation > Remote SCADA Solutions > Realift Rod Pump Controller > Accutech Wireless Instrumentation > Trio Data Radios > SCADAPack RTU > ClearSCADA Host Software > Custody Transfer > Realflo Liquids and Gas Measurement ˃ Net Oil Solutions > NOCT60 Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter > Net Oil & Gas Solution > NGL and Crude Terminal Solutions > TerminalBOSS > Integrated Power and Process Solutions > Main Automation & Electrical Contracting (MAEC)
  3. 3. Schneider Electric | September 2015 3 Realift™ Rod Pump Controller (RPC) Our Solution > An automated variable frequency drive solution with integrated controller that manages the real- time operation of a sucker rod pump by monitoring fill percentage in the pump barrel > Torque-only Version > Downhole Control Version Benefits + Maximizing productivity + Maintenance and downtime costs caused by equipment wear + Access to remote equipment + Reducing energy costs More information/Related Solutions > Realift Rod Pump Controller Optimization of Artificial Lift Pumping Assets for Oil & Gas Production
  4. 4. Schneider Electric | September 2015 4 Wireless Wellhead Automation Our Solution > Accutech Wireless Instruments & SCADAPack Controllers / Gas Flow Computers provide an integrated well optimization solution > Tubing and casing monitored by GP10 gauge pressure units. > SI10 switch inputs monitor plunger position > FL10 level meters monitor tank conditions, help protect against spills. > Class I Div 1 environment maintained Benefits + Extends the production life-cycle of the well + Up to 50% reduction in cost of deployment + Improves safety and environmental compliance More information/Related Solutions > Wellhead Automation and Accutech Wireless Instrumentation Gas wells need constant monitoring and control to maximise yield and maintain the natural environment.
  5. 5. Schneider Electric | September 2015 5 Integrated SCADA Solution Our Solution > An integrated SCADA solution designed for harsh environments with limited power and unreliable communications deployed over a wide area > Accutech Wireless Instrumentation > SCADAPack RTU Controllers > Trio Data Radios > ClearSCADA Software Benefits + Asset Optimization – Industry specific solutions that extends the production life cycles of wells + Safety & Compliance – Wireless access to hard-to-reach measuring points improves safety and compliance + Reliable Operations – End to end diagnostics & maintenance to ensure uninterrupted operations More information/Related Solutions > SCADA Solutions Maximize field production and reduce implementation costs by turning real-time data into business information
  6. 6. Schneider Electric | September 2015 6 SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Our Solution > SCADA Expert ClearSCADA is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure. It’s scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems alike. Benefits + Object oriented development environment with on-line configuration changes + Built-in SCADA functions with integration to Schneider Electric’s telemetry offer + Secure protocols offering no loss of data and reliable communication over WAN networks More information/Related Solutions > ClearSCADA Webpage and Unlock the Value Microsite Integrated scalable SCADA Software optimized for managing remote assets spread across geographically dispersed infrastructure.
  7. 7. Schneider Electric | September 2015 7 Realflo Liquids and Gas Measurement Our Solution > Combined oil, gas and water flow calculation in one controller > Multiple liquid meter types supported (Turbine Flow, Positive Displacement (P.D.), Coriolis, Online Water Cut) > Measurement Platform for Net Oil Computation (NOC), Inferred Water Cut, Batch/Well Test, LACT, Truck Unloading > Forecast of monthly well production is enabled with end-of-batch QTRs. Benefits + Easy configuration wizard is extended to liquid flow runs + Decrease deployment time and operator error detection with configuration templates + Convenient monitoring of Coriolis meter diagnostics More information/Related Solutions > Realflo Liquids and Gas Upstream Liquids and Gas Flow Measurement
  8. 8. Schneider Electric | September 2015 8 Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter Our Solution > Foxboro Coriolis Transmitter with SCADAPack Smart RTU and Realflo flow computer integrated solution > Integrated single box solution for simplified Net Oil measurement > Coriolis meter measures the Density of the bulk fluid > Density of the oil and water portion of the fluid is user configured > Realflo flow computer calculates net oil based on API 11.1 standard Benefits + Cost effective one-box Net Oil measurement solution + Alarm status of any 2-phase gas flow conditions + User configurable liquids measurement to adjust for any 2-phase gas flow conditions More information/Related Solutions > Foxboro Field Devices Oil volume measurement is typically utilized by oilfield operations to account for allocation of oil produced from an individual oil well or total oil produced from multiple oil wells.
  9. 9. Schneider Electric | September 2015 9 Net Oil & Gas Solution Our Solution > Foxboro Coriolis Meter, Water-Cut, Pressure & Temperature Instruments and Multiphase Measurement Computer integrated solution > Brownfield oil well production allocation without separation of the oil, water and gas streams > Real-Time well testing > Replaces Test Separators Benefits + Measurable Real-Time Results + Actionable Information + Optimized Well Production + Optimized Reservoir Management More information/Related Solutions > Foxboro Field Devices Integrated multiphase metering skid solution for measuring onshore oil field well production allocation without the need for separating the oil, water and gas streams.
  10. 10. Schneider Electric | September 2015 10 TerminalBOSS Terminal Automation Solutions Our Solution > Terminal automation and measurement solutions > Hydrocarbon liquids expertise including NGL and crude > Automated delivery of ticket data to corporate applications Benefits + Promote safe work practices + Enable real-time inventory and allocation management + Mitigate legal and regulatory risk More information/Related Solutions > automation-and-measurement-solutions/? Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs, Improve Compliance at Upstream Terminals
  11. 11. Schneider Electric | September 2015 11 Main Automation & Electrical Contracting Our Solution > Risk reduction > Schedule control > High quality > Best value > Simplification Benefits + Full life cycle support through planning, design, and operations + Reduced number of suppliers and contractors + Products and solutions that are designed to work together seamlessly More information/Related Solutions > and-gas/address-your-challenge/ A single vendor to define, design, implement, test, install, commission, hand-over and maintain the automation system for a site
  12. 12. Schneider Electric | September 2015 12 Thank you! See you at SPE ATCE 2015 Booth #1609