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When it comes to designing, building, and operating mission-critical data centers, simple is better. Data centers are faster and cheaper to build, and more reliable with lower total cost of ownership (TCO), when they start with a dramatically simplified design and build process that incorporates these elements: reference designs, pre-fabricated/modular architecture, partners that bring comprehensive capabilities into play, and coordinated planning around software, operations, and service. What you will learn: The top 5 weaknesses of today’s design/bid/build approach A simplified approach using reference designs and pre-fab products can preserve Day 1 capital and improve speed to market An integrated solution provider (Design, Build, Hardware and Operations) can optimize CapEx, OpEx and TCO.

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  • Traditional data center approaches involve what we call the “craft” built process.
    Engineers and contractors assembling best of breed components that are put together in a one-of-a-kind custom design.
    We look at the issue as an opportunity to Solve the whole problem – look at the data center as a complete system not just components. Sure we also make the best components, but standardizing and simplifying the design, plan build and operate process has exponential benefits in reliability, compatibility, efficiency and TCO.
    1908 – mass production of the automobile (model T) killed to craft built automobile industry. This is the path of the data center.
    Our goal is to make building a data center more like buying a car and less like building a custom house.
  • Your business relies on the data center if you are an enterprise or your business is operating data centers as a colocation company or a managed hoster or even a large public cloud.
    And you are going to have challenges around minimizing cost, maximizing performance as well as going faster on deployments and managing change.
    To perform well the design must be correct and then to the data center must be monitored, managed and maintained to achieve that uptime. Most data centers need to be modular in order to scale fast – especially cloud data centers. Plus use of energy saving technologies like economizers and free or fresh air ccoling can be deployed. As always maintaining a safe work environment is critical – especially in the electrical and mechanical rooms.
  • 2020 there will be 50 Billlion of things interconnected to operate smart building, smart cities smart grid, smart planet.
    4 G is for Human to Human connectivity, the new wave will come from Internet of everything. Like person to computer and cognitive exchange. For example having your phone learn your personal dining habits and automatically plan your route to work everyday, and make reservations for you at your favorite restaurant, plan your vacations. Even have your car pick you up and drive you there by itself. The applications are really going to be limitless – but there is going to be a need for staggering amounts of data and edge devices. Plus its not limited to smart devices of today like cars and phones – think refrigerators, lawn mowers, pharmacies, etc. Industrial things like cranes at loading docks are already uunmanned.
  • There are change in IT that do not effect the Data center physical infrastructure but Today
    Many of the changes have a direct effect on the physical infrastructure. For example
    Asrae raising the acceptable temperature and humidity in data centers has cause a massive shift in design from using free cooling and economizers part time to using them full tim and using the mechanical cooling as a backup. Cloud computing with on demand promise means that the physical infrastructure needs to be modular and scalable in order to meet the cloud requirement. It has even reached the point that much of the physical infrastructure is available prefabricated. Higher Tier level were in the past the only way to raise availability and redundancy – all in the powere and cooling layer, now there can be redendancy in the software layer reducung theneed for highly redundant physical infrastructure.
  • Cloud computing is causing significant changes on the way computing architecture is deployed and utilized. It is common for companies to outsource some applications (called services) in the cloud world to public cloud companies that have the computing hardware off-premise. Some popular cloud services are email, payroll, CRM (customer relationship management) as SAAS software as a service offerings. Then there are private clouds that are smaller versions of clouds that can be located on-premise or off but have the same cloud advantages. In order to lower costs many resources are shared and overbuilding is minimized. However, instant capacity expansion is required and the best way to achieve this is with scalable and modular architecture.
  • So why is the data center industry going through a transformation? Its because there are weaknesses in the process. The top 5 weaknesses… Long design time leading up to construction documents Multiple design and/or equipment changes driving up cost and construction time
    Multiple vendor management Multiple markups driving higher overall cost
    Coordination and integration challenges increasing both cost and construction time
    These weaknesses are deterents to meeting the requirements to raise performance, Lower costs asnd increases speed to market and speed of change
  • Components Examples:
    • 100,000+ catalog of data center components
    • Individual software modules
    Subsystems Examples:
    • UPS with distribution and maintenance bypass
    • Busway distribution with metering
    • DCIM – Expert or Operations management
    Solutions examples:
    • Complete data center solutions
    • Complete facility power (UPS, switchgear, transformer)
    • Complete DCIM implementation
  • One or Schneider Electric’s key differentiators is the vide variety and competencies of customer engagement. We can work with you in many ways to solve your business challenges. If you have systems, process and designs and just need the best hardware or software component there are many channels to purchase from. If you are in need of a a certain a la carte service - maybe in planning or design of part of your electrical power train we can do that. If you want us to maintain or monitor part or all of your physical infrastructure we can do that. We can manage all or part of your project and even supply complete “turnkey” data centers if you want us to do the whole project. Plus we are available to operate that data center if you need that as well.
  • Schneider Electric has decades of experience designing, building, and operating mission-critical data centers over 45 years. This field expertise has led us to a powerful conclusion: data centers are faster and less expensive to build (and more reliable and less expensive to operate throughout their lifetime), when they start with a dramatically simplified design/build process and critical decisions are made early in that process.
    We believe the critical components to this simplified design/build process are:
    Services for the life cycle
    > Broad offer
    > DCIM Software
    > Prefabrication – modular standardization
    > Tools and Reference designs
  • Data center service providers are very fragmented – some only work on power systems, some cooling, some just the IT equipment, software, etc. Then you have areas of specialty – designers, maintainers, consultants, monitoring specialists, etc Only Schneider Electric can support all projects with mature and automated Toolsets and record keeping performed bt service personnel that are certified and considered industry and subject matter experts.
  • Your customers may already be familiar with some of our class leading service offers like MGE UPS maintenance, APC IT room remote management, Lee Technology facility operations or Square D arc flash assessments. These services are not changing, but how we talk about them is. We are consolidating all of these data center services under our Schneider Electric life cycle services umbrella that has 6 phases.
    Segmenting services this way makes it easier for our customers to understand where they are in the cycle and makes it much easier for us to explain services available to enable them. We can work with the customer on any single stage of the lifecycle, multiple phases or be their partner from beginning through optimization. We support all projects small or large, new or retrofit. Basic services or advanced.
    We are simplifying Design and Build process with modular Data Centers
    We are streamlining Plan and Design phases with Reference Designs
    We are investing in Facility Operations and Energy Assessment services
  • Operate - Schneider Electric provides more services in this category than any other company. Variable offerings and progression are available enabling you to start advanced or start simple and progress. These services are done concurrently – that’s why they are in the same phase, but lets look at each one individually
    Maintain - A comprehensive services portfolio is available to ensure critical applications receive the proper care and maintenance they need to operate at optimal level — at all times. Schneider’s maintenance toolsets include record keeping that include history, data access and entitlements. These processes are documented and mature with clear escalation paths. Schneider’s global standards insure consistency, Recognizing that all customers have different risk profiles and budgets, Schneider offer 3 levels – maintain Schenider equipment only, maintain Schneider as well as 3rd party equipment, as well as manage all maintenance contracts. The 3rd level is Operating your facility We can take full accountability.. Schneider provides an experienced data center expert with automationtools to tune or “dial-in” a data center for the highest performance and safety. You can see Sechenider Electric is “one-stop-shop” for managing all physical infrastructure maintenance needs
  • Schneider Electric has a global team of over 7000 trained service specialists that cover every phase and system in the data center. We use standardized, documented, and validated methodology that leverages our own software automation tools. These repeatable processes were developed and refined over the last 45 years – starting when data centers were invented. Our Schneider Electric life cycle services can help in 3 ways - solves your customers’ technical or business challenges, simplifies their life, and reduces costs.
  • Schneider Electric is an electrical, mechanical and software industry giant. Making a wide variety of components that are used to construct a large data center. Schneider makes more components in this space than any other company. We are Coordinating of product and solution development across historically disconnected businesses to optimize data center solutions
    Building management
    Power – from switchgear, busway to racks
    Cooling – from cooling plant to racks
    Physical security – access control, surveillance, water, smoke
    Power management
  • Our DCIM software is the most comprehensive available. We have
    IT Infrastructure and Device Monitoring for Advanced cooling, monitoring, and automation in the IT room
    Facility Cooling Monitoring to Monitor and control data center power, cooling, and security
    Facility Power Monitoring for Advanced power monitoring analysis and power quality
    Data Center Operations Management to Manage data center assets, operational and capital costs
    And Energy and sustainability to Track and manage enterprise energy and carbon costs
    capital costs
    Energy and sustainability: Track and manage enterprise energy and carbon costs
    IT Infrastructure and Device Monitoring: Advanced cooling, monitoring, and automation
    Schneider Electric has a history of building effective, powerful software tools.
    But, our offering has been a complex network of various applications that have little in common.
    This far reaching offer can be difficult for customers to understand and select the right applications for their situation.
    So, we selected some of our best, most robust software applications and organized them into a framework across 3 levels and 7 functions.
    Different users at different levels have different needs.
    The machine operator needs millisecond data delivered by a SCADA that allows him to make split second decisions on the plant floor or within a building.
    The plant manager needs analytics that allow him to analyze trends and optimize assets.
    The CFO or CEO needs aggregated, monthly or weekly reports that give her a trendline for energy use, cost, carbon, etc.
    Schneider Electric now has software that perfectly fits each level and business function.
    Sustainability Planning: To view energy and sustainability issues strategically ensuring all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of your entire enterprise.
    Energy Management: Flexible and scalable energy management information system that aggregates energy data into a single view to support your energy efficiency initiatives.
    Business Operations: To maximize business performance and enhance operational efficiency throughout all facilities and processes.
    Asset Management: To validate that each asset is performing at optimal level and ensure the asset lifecycle is fully optimized.
    Power Availability: To protect your business from damage and disruptions caused by power outages and power quality issues.
    Process Control: To control facility processes completely to drive maximum production performance and ensure operational safety.
    Security: To verify occupants are both protected and able to perform their jobs securely.
  • Data Center Expert provides an efficient way for organizations to monitor their company-wide multi-vendor physical infrastructure: power, cooling, security, and IT environment. Real-time monitoring, user-defined reports and graphs, and instant fault notification and escalation enable quick assessment and resolution of critical infrastructure events that can adversely affect IT system availability.
  • StruxureWare Operations software manages assets, operational and capital costs
    Data Center Operation enables vendor-agnostic inventory management with real-time data shown within your data center physical layout. A location-based drill-down view provides a structured overview of data center locations, from a global to local view down to single assets. Our modular approach combines all the benefits of real-time monitoring and inventory management through to detailed planning and predictive simulation tools. Energy usage of their data centers and supporting facilities
    Metering plus intelligent modeling of the electrical and mechanical topology
    Energy efficiency analysis—Simulating, modeling risks, cost and business impact
    View of overall energy asset utilization to better plan for growth and dynamic change
  • We now deliver solutions of prefabricated functional building blocks
    We have segmented into different domains of Cooling, IT, and and Power.
    Data center components are engineered and prefabricated in a factory in
    Order to work together to deliver the best speed, scalable and predictable performance.
  • Reliable devices and subsystems are now available from many vendors, making component reliability a given. The next step is to actually shift the focus to the integrated reliability of a subsystem. Typically, high component efficiency has been operating expense (OPEX) friendly, but not capital expenditure (CAPEX) friendly. The subsystem approach creates preengineered and prefabricated designs, which are combined to construct and entire data center which provide advantages in performance, speed , and cost. Schneider manufactures a full portfolio of these prefabricated building blocks that make it easy to plan and design data centers of any size, cost and performance
  • Prefabricated Data Centers deliver advantages around
    Performance, cost, and speed vs. traditional Data Centers
    They are predictable because they deliver the density, availability, and efficiency you expected
    The cost you were promised and Project timing as you planned
    They have faster deployment due to Less decisions necessary for planning and design with
    Up to 60% less time for deployment and Delivery in 12 weeks or less from PO to ship.
    Prefabricated modules offer the best Flexibility and Scalability Defer to reduce capital expenses and maximize cash flow,
    Adjust for changing requirements, plus you can deploy in various configurations of density and availability even within a singel data center
  • Again bringing IT and facilities together
  • It was not possible to effectively and efficiently deploy physical infrastructure that closely matched your IT workload initially and scale appropriately until the availability of a full portfolio of prefabricated modules. Since the future is unknown, its beneficial to know you can scale in small more granular increments or very large increments as needed by the business requirements.
    In addition to the initial capital savings, there are operational savings associated with higher efficiency from not overbuilding as well as reduction in real estate, maintenance and service costs.
  • Data center infrastructure is complicated -power and cooling systems can present a daunting tangle of variables, dependencies, and interactions
    Decisions will have long-term impact on the performance and Total Cost of Ownership of the data center lifecycle
    The “right” decisions need to be made early in the planning and design phases to insure the desired availability and cost
    Thats why we make a complete portfolio of tools and collateral for education and decisions making early in the planning process
    Decisions can now be made quickly – minutes using these tools rather than the weeks and months it takes using the legacy process where you are paying to have a proposal made and then any questions requests or changes require a new proposal.
    Quickly remove expensive planning roadblocks
    Align data center costs with budgeting goals
    Align availability targets with business goals
    Develop ROI for Green Initiatives including Carbon Committments
  • One of the trends in the data center world is the sharing of information regarding designing and operating of large data centers. Up until a few years ago, these were closely guarded secrets and companies perceived their data centers as competitive advantages. Industry groups have sprung up that encourage the sharing of best practices and communicating these throughout the community. So the learning can occur at exponential rates. Not only that but Schneider Electric is leading efforts as Chaiman of the Green Grid – and open industry consortium to create a common set of metrics, and develop technical resources and educational tools for data centers and the Open Compute Project (OCP) a group of experts that challenge convention by custom designing servers and data centers from the ground up – and then share these technologies as they evolve. where we hold the Data Center Design Project Chair
  • Schneider Electric has put its broad engineering Design Expertise to use by developing a full portfolio of data center reference designs. Those are here to facilitate comparison and setting starting points to make informed decision before investing.
    So now you can quickly visualize layouts, determine costs, efficiency, physical weight as well as …
    With a one-line schematic and full bill of materials
  • If you look at the different way to design and build a data center it makes sense to talk about these in 3 categories – Stick Built, Semi-prefabricated and Fully Prefabricated Data Centers.
  • The traditional stick built data centers offer the greatest opportunity for customization since they are all built from a clean sheet of paper - This also makes them the most expensive and the most unpredictable from performance, cost and schedule because of the very large number of decisions and components. However Schneider has built a library of designs that we have repeated and refined as very sound starting points for custom data centers.
  • With fully prefabricated reference designs its much easier to mix and match the dirrernt power, cooling and IT modules to achieve Tier levels and density levels. It is now even possible to think out of the box and easily conceive, architect and construct multiple tier levels and density levels within a single data center
  • There are no shortage of experts available to help you at any stage of the data center life cycle.
    Planning and design experts can help make the hard decisions early in the process utilizing the many tools and years of experience.
    Data center solution architects will put together the exact solution that meets your specific needs.
    Our project managers can assist with managing a small part of the overall project or even serve as prime to bring the project on time and on busget. We can leverage our extensive reach and bring in partners that may have a special area of expertise or knowledge to make the overall experience the best possible. And we have solutions centers WW so the you can have local support for you data center project.
  • Simplifying Data Center Design/ Build

    1. 1. 1 Simplifying Data Center Design/Build A new approach to deliver speed, cost, and performance (availability, efficiency, scalability)
    2. 2. 2 Your ability to compete relies on the design, build, and operation of your data center Whether you are an Enterprise or in the data center business
    3. 3. 3 Trends
    4. 4. 4 The Internet of Everything is driving the need for large amounts of computing power, bandwidth and storage Source: Cisco IBSG, April 2011 Number of connections Number of meaningful interactions It would take you 5 years to view the video crossing IP networks each second
    5. 5. 5 IT Trends Social technologies Servers Cloud without UPS computing Energy consciousness Lower tiers Mobile devices Converged IT Prefabricated modular data centers New cooling techniques Relaxed operating standards Colocation Rising security concerns
    6. 6. 6 The move to Cloud Computing is reinforcing the need for speed, cost, and performance Promises made by cloud providers >lower costs >more modularity and portability >instant scalability and capacity >greater application flexibility and portability
    7. 7. 7 Room for improvement in performance, cost, and speed In today’s traditional Design/Bid/Build processes Top 5 Weaknesses 1. Long design time leading up to construction documents 2.Multiple design and/or equipment changes drive up cost and construction time 3.Multiple vendor management 4.Multiple markups driving higher overall cost 5.Coordination and integration challenges increasing both cost and construction time Lower Performance Higher Cost Slower Speed
    8. 8. 8 How Schneider Electric Can Work With You
    9. 9. 9 We provide the supply model you prefer Subsystems Complex Data Center systems that are key pieces of Data Center domains – IT Room, Facility Power, Facility Cooling, Security, DCIM Solutions Innovative combination of technology, products, and services providing an integrated, high value response to Data Center customer needs Components 100,000+ catalog of Data Center components and individual software modules
    10. 10. 10 We can work with you in many ways To solve your business challenges HHaarrddwwaarree & & S Sooffttwwaarree SSeerrvviciceess Turnkey Provider Trusted Advisor Facility Operator DCIM Integrator UPS Supplier Power Quality Software Supplier Building Operations Software Supplier Switchgear Supplier IT Rack Supplier IT Room Management Supplier Remote Monitoring Provider UPS Maintenance Provider Software Installer Arc-flash Assessor Project Manager Design Assistant Solutions
    11. 11. 1111 Schneider Electric Approach
    12. 12. 12 The Schneider Electric approach is to dramatically SIMPLIFY the process in order to improve performance, cost, and speed > Services for the life cycle > Broad offer > DCIM Software > Prefabrication – modular standardization > Tools and Reference designs
    13. 13. 1133 Services for the life cycle
    14. 14. 14 Schneider Electric as a Data Center service provider  Can support all projects > Small and large > New and retrofit  Offer complete range of life cycle services  On-site and off-site support > Depth and bench strength  Minimize risks, expenses, and timeframe  Toolsets with standardized record keeping > History > Data access > Entitlements  Processes are documented and mature  Clear escalation paths  Globally consistent standards, offer, coverage, and support  Simplified experience means a “one-stop-shop” for managing all physical infrastructure service needs  Service personnel are trained and certified  Considered to be industry and subject matter experts  Leverage experience to implement and improve best practices  Can attain “Trusted Advisor” status
    15. 15. 15 Holistic service… One company to assess, plan, design, manufacture/build and operate your data improve performance, cost, and speed
    16. 16. 16 Schneider’s design/build capabilities NAM... Focused exclusively on data centers Perform site evaluations, assessments and capacity planning – IT Room, Power, Cooling, DCIM, Security, Safety Fully licensed engineering and construction Able to plan, design, estimate, construct and manage turn-key data center projects Fixed price, Owner’s agent, CM (contract manufacturer) – flexible delivery methods Competitive advantage: best in industry $$/kW and fastest delivery
    17. 17. 17 Schneider is now a Design/Build firm specializing in simplifying the delivery of data center solutions Relationship & Accountability Long-term partner for performance Global Supply Chain Single point of accountability Turn-key solution provider Competitive delivery $$/kW Improved Speed-to-Market
    18. 18. 18 Maintenance coverage includes simple maintenance to full operations and optimization services Managed Services Multi-Vendor Maintenance ONE Data Center Contract Maintenance Services On-Site Data Center Operations Scheduling, Resources on-site All vendor UPS, Cooling, ED, Security SE UPS, Cooling, ED, Security SE UPS & Cooling Highly Consultative Attached Operations
    19. 19. 19 Facility Operation…simple designs and improved controls reduce operational risk and complexity Emergency Preparation Maintenance Management Facility Optimization Reporting & Analysis Crisis Planning Crisis Management Incident Management Safety Program Vendor Management Maintenance Programs Energy Management Reliability Engineering Space Planning Regulatory Compliance Audit Compliance Capacity Planning
    20. 20. 20 With the largest team of experts Schneider Electric is here for you With over 7,000 service experts including >Technicians >Program managers >Support staff >Solution Architects And a dedicated service supply chain
    21. 21. 2211 Broad Offer
    22. 22. 22 Schneider Electric Data Center Solutions RACK to ROW to ROOM to BUILDING LV Panelboards & Switchboards Modular UPS Security and Environmental Busway Modular PDU Rack PDU Rack Systems Room/Rack/Row Cooling Cable Management Flexible Air Containment Row Modular UPS MV Switchgear LV Switchgear MV Transformers Cooling - VSD Resource Advisor Lighting Control Meters Data Center Operation Building Operation Power and Data Center Expert
    23. 23. 2233 DCIM Software
    24. 24. 24 Data Center Expert Resource Advisor Cooling Monitoring Expert Monitor and control data center cooling Power Monitoring Expert Advanced power monitoring and power quality analysis Data Center Operation Manage Data Center assets, operational and capital costs Advanced monitoring and automation Track and manage enterprise energy and carbon costs Comprehensive DCIM
    25. 25. 25 StruxureWare Expert software monitors and manages power, cooling and security Data Center Expert •PDU’s, RPP’s •RM PDU’s, Environmental •Busway, Security •Panelboards •UPS • Security Power Monitoring Expert •Switchgear MV & LV •Metered Breakers & Panelboards, PDU’s, RPP’s •Busway, Transformers, UPS •Generators and ATS
    26. 26. 26 We make it easy to manage all of your data center assets and operational costs Data Center Operation ● Improved electrical and operational efficiency ● View of overall energy asset utilization to better plan for growth and dynamic change
    27. 27. 2277 Prefabrication Modular Standardization
    28. 28. 28 Data Center components that Schneider Electric offers as prefabricated functional building blocks Cooling IT Power
    29. 29. 29 We have introduced a broad offer of prefabricated data center modules IT Room Modules Cooling Modules Power Modules > 90kW All-in-One > 110kW Single Module > 205kW Single Module > 240kW Dual Module > 250-1.2MW Hydronics Modules > 250kW – 1.2 MW Packaged Chillers > Ecobreeze Air Economizer > 250kW – 500 KW Enclosures > 1.2 MW Skid Mounted
    30. 30. 30 Prefabricated Data Centers Performance, cost, and speed advantages vs. traditional Data Centers Predictable Performance > The density, availability, and efficiency you expected > The cost you were promised > Project timing as you planned Faster Deployment > Less decisions necessary for planning and design > Up to 60% less time for deployment > Delivery in 12 weeks or less: PO to ship Flexibility and Scalability > Defer capital expenses and maximize cash flow > Adjust for changing requirements > Deploy in various configurations of density and availability
    31. 31. 31 StruxureWare DCIM Fully instrumented and programmed in each Building Block
    32. 32. 32 StruxureWare DCIM dashboard compatibility
    33. 33. 33 Modular scalable deployments improve the use of your capital Power & Cooling IT Pods Cooling Power Cooling IT
    34. 34. 3344 Tools and Reference Designs
    35. 35. 35 Our tools and designs are the best around Customer Access to White Papers, TradeOff Tools, and Education White Papers Education Library of Complete Data Center Reference Designs from 200 kW to 20MW Reference Designs
    36. 36. 36 Industry collaboration and “open source” is gaining momentum With the goal of standardizing components, architectures, and processes Open industry consortium to create a common set of metrics, and develop technical resources and educational tools Schneider Electric is a founding member and President of The Green Grid Challenge convention by custom designing servers and data centers from the ground up – and then share these technologies as they evolve Schneider Electric is the Project Chair for Data Center Design HP, AMD, VMWare, IBM, Seagate, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Schneider Electric and many more
    37. 37. 37 Data Center Reference Designs > Library of engineered reference designs > 1, 2, 3.3 and 20 MW deployment sizes > Uptime Tier II and III designs > Design Methodology and Explanation > System level technical specifications > Available load, PUE, Density, Layout > Complete schematics and BOMs
    38. 38. 38 Reference Design Options Semi-Prefabricated Data Center A Data Center comprised of building blocks and traditional “stick built” Fully Prefabricated Data Center A Data Center comprised completely of prefabricated IT, Power, and Cooling modules Could be outside or in a building/warehouse Traditional “Stick Built” Data Center
    39. 39. 39 Schneider Electric traditional “stick built” Reference Design #9 > Fully Engineered Design > 1 MW Tier III > 140 racks at 6.5 kW/rack > 2N 1200 kW UPS > 2N 1200 kW Chillers > 1000 kW Hydronics Modules – Calculated PUE = 1.40 – 10-12 Month Greenfield Delivery – Competitive cost
    40. 40. 40 Schneider Electric traditional “fully prefabricated” Reference Design #36 > Fully Engineered Design with prefabricated Power, Cooling and IT > 2 MW Tier III – 176 racks at 10 kW/rack – 2N 1200kW Power Skids – 2N 3X500 kW Chillers > 2X1000 kW Hydronics Modules – Calculated PUE = 1.39 – 12-16 Week Greenfield Delivery – Competitive cost
    41. 41. 41 Customer focused experts Worldwide teams of experts… >Planning and Design experts >Data Center Solution Architects >Project Managers >Strategic Partners >Solution Centers Leveraging teamwork to support you
    42. 42. 42 Schneider Electric has simplified design and build to improve speed, cost and performance (availability, efficiency, scalability) We are simplifying Design and Build process with prefabricated Data Centers We are streamlining Plan and Design phases with Reference Designs We employ a worldwide team of Design and Build experts