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Schneider Electric Smart Cities


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Schneider Electric – the global specialist in energy management delivering expert solutions for Smart Cities in a collaborative model.

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Schneider Electric Smart Cities

  1. 1. Delivering expert solutions forSmart Cities in a collaborative modelAnnie XuSenior Vice President, Smart CitiesSchneider Electric - Smart Cities 1
  2. 2. Schneider Electric – the global specialistin energy management Balanced geographies – FY 2011salesbillion € sales Western North Europe(last twelve months) America 32% 23% Asia Pacific Rest of 27%of sales in new economies World 18%(last twelve months) Diversified end markets – FY 2011 salespeople in 100+ countries Utilities & Infrastructure 24% Industrial & machines 22% Data centres 16% Non-residential buildings 29% Residential 9%of sales devoted to R&DSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 2
  3. 3. More than 175 years of history Energy 2011 1999 Management Acquisition of Telvent 2010 Power & Groupe Schneider becomes Acquisition of Areva’s distribution Schneider Electric, activity Control focused on Power & Control 2008 Acquisition of 1996 Xantrex Modicon, historic leader in 2007 Automation, becomes a Acquisition of APC corp. and Pelco Schneider brand 2005 1991 Acquisition ofSteel Square D joins Groupe Schneider Power Measurement Inc. 2003-2008Industry 1988 Targeted acquisitions in wiring devices and home automation Telemecanique joins (Lexel, Clipsal, Merten, Ova, GET, etc.) Groupe Schneider 20031836 Acquisition of 1975 T.A.CCreation of Schneider Merlin Gerin joins 2000at Le Creusot, France Groupe Schneider Acquisition of MGE UPS Systems 19th century 20th century 21st century 3
  4. 4. The megatrends and the cities Digitalization Efficiency New economies enables grow through is mainstream intelligence urbanization everywhere smart cities will become a realitySchneider Electric - Smart Cities 4
  5. 5. The magnitude of the Cities challenge Cities today… …and by 2050 Earth’s surface World populationWorld population Years to Global energy double the consumption urban capacity developed over the past Global CO2 4000 years emissions Schneider Electric - Smart Cities 5
  6. 6. Smart cities demand long-term collaborationbetween all stakeholders Governments Private Investors Includes National, regional as Includes international well as local city officials development banks and private organizations People & Communities Planners & Developers Industry suppliers Includes real estate Includes ICT, energy, developers, urban planners, & transportation & infrastructure property managers vendors & service providers Utilities NGO’s & associations Includes city and private Includes all local electric, water, & organizations - citizens, gas utilities businesses & NGOs Schneider Electric - Smart Cities 6
  7. 7. We deliver expert solutions throughcollaboration 6 areas of expert solutions customized to cities’ unique needs integrated for performance delivered in a collaborative model, together with best-in-class partnersSchneider Electric - Smart Cities 7
  8. 8. 6 areas of expertise Smart Public Smart Buildings & Smart Energy Smart Mobility Smart Water Services Homes Smart Grid Automation EV Charging Distribution Public Safety High-performance & Flexible Distribution Infrastructure & Management & Leak •  Video Surveillance Buildings* Supervision Services Detection •  Emergency •  Energy Efficiency management & Security solutions • Energy Services Smart Metering Management Traffic Management Digital City Services & Demand Response Power, Control & •  eGovernment Security Systems •  Education Efficient Homes integration •  Healthcare Renewables Integration •  Home Energy •  Tourism & Micro Grid management Tolling & Congestion Charging Stormwater management and Street Lighting Real-Time Smart Grid Urban Flooding management Software Suite Connection to the Integrated Mobility Smart Grid •  Public Transit Gas Distribution •  Traveler Information Management •  Power, Security, Building, IT, & Process Management Systems •  Security Systems & Management integrated Architecture •  Energy & Environment Management Information System Smart Connections •  Integrated City Management Platform (under development) •  Weather Intelligence Schneider Electric - Smart Cities * Hospitals, industrial facilities, datacenters and commercial buildings 8
  9. 9. Integrated Management Platform - Mobility●  Data collected from infrastructure systems is turned into actionable intelligence ●  monitors system performance, ●  identifies potential issues before they occur Schneider Electric - Smart Cities 9
  10. 10. Environmental Footprint AssessmentHelping local governments manage, track, and reporttheir Sustainability performance Collecting and Validating Environmental Metrics Migrating from Disclosure to Performance Evolving Environemental and Sustainability Tracking EffortsSchneider Electric - Smart Cities 10
  11. 11. Real responses, today AES Sole Cellino San Marco, Italy Renewable Integration The design and build of a 43 MWp PV plant, providing power for 18,000 homes, saving 28,000 tonnes of CO2 compared to a fossil fuel plant with commercialEnergy production from day 1 delivering Réseau de Transport intelligence, d’Electricité (RTE), France Demand response Energy Pool makes 600 MW reliability & reserve capacity (equivalent to peak demand of 2 large cities) from industrial users available to efficiency the French electricity grid to help cope with Feb. 2012 cold wave. Enel Rome, Italy Distribution management Telvent DMS enables significant energy and cost savings & has also helped Enel reduce time for supply restoration & network reconfiguration, creating a fast and reliable system Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 11
  12. 12. Real responses, today Department of Transportation Maryland, USA Traveller information Telvent’s 511 system provides real- time traffic, transit, and flight information to residents, enabling better travel decision-makingMobility reducing traffic and City municipality Madrid, Spain Traffic Management solution improving network An integrated operations center manages all traffic and critical infrastructure, solving mobility management problems with a holistic approach Calgary Transit Calgary, Canada Fare system A smart fare collection system eases and encourages mass transit usage for Calgary residents, providing service to over 94 million passengers per year. Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 12
  13. 13. Real responses, today Water & Sewage Administration Ankara, Turkey Water & Wastewater mgnt An intelligent water management system enables Ankara to more efficiently manage water distribution and wastewater handling in the city, improving performance and reducing costs.Water improving water Catalan Water Authority Barcelona, Spain Water resource management management & An improved and more reliable, control system for flood control, supply drought management and ground water quality & levels, covering a network of 24 primary and 10 secondary stations and 15 wells Veolia Abu Dhabi, UAE Wastewater treatment plant A fully integrated system for new facilities with a capacity of 300,000m3/d will deliver treated water at a sufficient standard so as to allow it to be reused for irrigation purposes Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 13
  14. 14. Real responses, today Local GovernmentPublic Services Mexico City, Mexico Video surveillance Pelco provides leading mission- critical information systems company with video security systems to help reduce crime in historic areas of Mexico City as part of its revitalisation improving public Local government safety, Cuenca, Spain E-Administration An online geography-based portal healthcare & enables the city government to keep residents updated on city planning, construction, and events administration Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton, UK Efficient hospitals A full energy mgt solution that will save £17m over the next 20 yrs, reducing energy consumption by more than 40%, cutting carbon emissions by 43% and improving patient environment & safety Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 14
  15. 15. Buildings & Homes Real responses, today McGraw-Hill Building New York, USA Demand response Full demand response enables the propertys consumption to be reduced by 60,000kWh per month and to receive annual rebate payments of $100 000 or more from the utility company increasing University of North Texas Denton, USA Buildings intelligence The creation of smart, sustainable buildings on campus has led UNT to save over $14.6 million and and efficiency reduced energy consumption by 14% with its first Schneider Electric performance contract Mangrove West Coast Shenzhen, China Home automation 5-star service residence creating a digitized community providing, enhanced comfort, home entertainment, security connectivity and out of home control Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 15
  16. 16. Real responses, today Area Rapid Transit Dallas, Texas Integrated Corridor Mgnt (ICM)Connections Telvent’s ICM platform integrates multi-modal transportation systems in a key city corridor, sharing information between agencies and supporting decision-making in the management of the corridor optimising Multiple clients resources and Worldwide Sustainability management Schneider Electric reports on over improving user 10 million metric tons of CO2-e per year on behalf of sustainability clients all over the world via its experience dashboarDView™ system Massachusetts DOT Boston, USA Weather intelligence Telvent DTN’s accurate weather information allows MassDOT to proactively treat streets, saving costs for the state and keeping roads safer for their citizens Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 16
  17. 17. Towards an integrated platform to optimize city operation and efficiency City Government City Residents More efficient city management Services & information Environmental Footprint Assessment Integrated City Management Platform Information Sharing Business Intelligence Decision Support Incident Management Smart Public Smart Buildings Smart Energy Smart Mobility Smart Water Services & Homes Systems Systems Systems Systems Systems Communications Network(s) InfrastructureSchneider Electric - Smart Cities 17
  18. 18. Building a Smart City together● Understand a city’s drivers and its unique opportunities to get “smart” > involve the private sector upfront● Focus on the pressing issues with available solutions > start now and create a sustainable roadmap for the future● Estimate economical, social and environmental impact > engagement of and benefits for all stakeholders● Co-create financing & operating model > collaborate with long-term partners● Deliver! Schneider Electric -  Smart Cities 18
  19. 19. We want to help Cities become sustainable: smarter, more efficient and more liveable. We know what it takes. We help make it happen.Schneider Electric -  Smart Cities 19
  20. 20. Make the most ofyour energy™Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 20
  21. 21. Stay Connected to Schneider Electric SETV.schneider-electric.comSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 21