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Personalities in the Data Center


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A research project conducted by Schneider Electric on the different personalities within the data center space

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Personalities in the Data Center

  1. 1. A research project by Schneider Electric Personalities in the data center
  2. 2. Introduction We ventured beyond the machinery to dig into the personality traits that make a data center manager tick. Data centers are more than the sum of their electronic parts. As well as cooling, power and computing equipment it takes a whole host of personalities to keep everything running smoothly. See the results
  3. 3. Personality types Optimism reigns in the data center Most respondents identified as a Go-Getter, outranking any other personality type Self-sufficiency is important Just 10% of respondents were outright Collaborators while 80% rejected the need for direct supervision 33% 10%
  4. 4. 57% Personality types Heads rule hearts Data center managers tend to avoid experiments, rejecting technologies that are not tried, tested or proven Number crunchers by nature The majority base decisions on statistics and enjoy the process of collating evidence 68%
  5. 5. Personality types Steady and stable Few data center managers are worried about imminent failures, or known vulnerabilities Adept at juggling Only one in four feels overwhelmed by their workload. Most are comfortable juggling many challenges 62% 75%
  6. 6. Personality types Changing times Upgrade planning occupies the vast majority of data center managers’ time. Most are planning an overhaul in the near future Empathy as standard Most see it as part of their role to educate others across the business on complex technical challenges 57% 70%
  7. 7. What personality type are you? Take the test