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Oil and gas upstream solutions


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Review Schneider Electric’s innovative and efficient upstream oil and gas offer and how to optimize remote assets. Benefit from industry expertise and live demonstrations that highlight reducing total cost of ownership and turning data into reliable information to drive business.

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Oil and gas upstream solutions

  1. 1. Schneider Electric 1- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Oil and Gas Upstream SolutionsRussell HallRegional Sales Manager, Telemetry and Remote SCADA SolutionsTweet Live!#SchneiderXE
  2. 2. Schneider Electric 2- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Xperience Efficiency 2013Dallas Texas June 18-20, 2013Oil and Gas Upstream Solutions● Discussing ways to save money, increase efficiency and improvecompetitiveness
  3. 3. Schneider Electric 3- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Wireless Instruments – Well Head
  4. 4. Schneider Electric 4- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013• Self-contained, battery-powered, Class 1 Div 1 Accutechwireless sensors eliminate the need for wiring andtrenching• Operates in 900 MHz unlicensed band• Pushbutton LCD interface on the sensor• -40 to +85 C (-40 to +185 F)• Base radio supports up to 100 field sensors• 1500 ft (450 meters) typical with standard antenna• Optional high gain antenna for extended range• Long battery lifeBase Radio, Class 1 Div 2Accutech WirelessWireless Instruments
  5. 5. Schneider Electric 5- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Efficiency and Serious Cost Savings• Zero Trenching to Well Head• Labor Time Required Until Operational• Engineering and Materials• Less Damaged During Workover• Add Up to Improving Cost ofOwnership
  6. 6. Schneider Electric 6- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Wireless Real World EconomicsWhen ALL true installed costs are included in a cost evaluation:TRUE Wireless is the lowest cost option.
  7. 7. Schneider Electric 7- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Accutech Field UnitsTypical ApplicationsTubing pressureCasing pressureCasing ventArrival sensorTank LevelTank interface levelFrac pond levelSeparator levelSeparator pressureSeparator temperatureTurbine metersIntrusion detectionPressure relief valveOn / Off control valvePushbutton ESD
  8. 8. Schneider Electric 8- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013SCADAPackSmart RTUModbus CentricSmart RTUSCADAPack 300Series, SCADAPack 32& 4203DNP3/IEC60870CentricSmart RTUsSCADAPack 300ESeries, SCADAPack ES• Core database is Modbus with DNP3 level 2 wrapperlayer. Also supports A-B DF1• Programmed and configured using TelepaceStudio, as well as IEC61131 and C/C++• O&G focused apps including Realflo Gas FlowComputer and PadPro Well Optimisation (NA only)• Core database is DNP3 Level 4 with Modbus wrapperlayer. Also supports IEC 60870-101/103/104 and A-BDF1• Configured using E-Series Configurator tool andprogrammed using IEC61131 ONLY.• Supports DNP3 Secure Authentication & IEEE 1711(AGA12)SCADAPack – Smart RTUs
  9. 9. Schneider Electric 9- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013SCADAPack DNP3 Centric – ValuePropositionWide range of connectivityEthernet IP/Series, integration withlong range radios, public networks andsatellite systemsVersatile and Flexible controllers Cost-efficient maintenanceSecure and Reliable OperationsEnhanced security suiteIEEE1711 encryption & IEC62351 authenticationSupport of DNP3 level 4Event logging of critical dataUp 20,000 events (40,000 in case ofSP ES) can be logged in thecontroller’s memory and backfilledonce communications is re-establishedUn-solicited alarmsReport by exceptionAll saving bandwidthRemote configurationRemote programming, configurationand diagnostics
  10. 10. Schneider Electric 10- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Lower I/O BoardProviding easy accessfor wiring on both sidesof the controllerMetal enclosure forincreased ruggednessConformal coated 32 bitCPU board providingI/O scan rate of 150msec; up to 4 gas flowrunsEthernet & 3 Serialcommunication ports,independentlyconfigured, supportingModbus RTU/ASCI,Modbus TCP, DNP3Level 2 & DNP3 over IPprotocolsUSB local programmingportExternal I/O modulescan be added to thecontroller for easyexpansionRouting capabilities between allcommunication portsExtensive data logging with timestamps for all data points in thecontroller’s memoryMilitary grade electroniccomponents supporting widetemperature rangeExtended data loggingusing Flash drive (2Gb)SCADAPack 300 range – Key Features
  11. 11. Schneider Electric 11- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013• 4203 combines Gas Flow Computer and integrated Modbus Multivariable Transmitter in onedevice• Built-in high performance SCADAPack 32-bit controller• Integrated DP/P/T measurement with 0.05% accuracy, 15 bit A/D resolution• Orifice, V-cone, wafer-cone and linear type meters• Up to 2 flow runs• API21.1 custody transfer compliant audit trail• Two Modbus RS-232/RS-485 up to 115Kbps• DR model: One 0-20mA AO, one turbine meter and one Counter Input/DI/DO (shared)• DS model: Two 0-5V AI, one turbine meter/DO (shared) and one Counter Input/DI/DO (shared)• Ultra low power consumption for solar applications (300mW)• Hazardous locations: cCSAus Class 1 Div 1 (similar ATEX and IECEx ratings)SCADAPack 4203 – Key Features
  12. 12. Schneider Electric 12- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013SCADAPack50 Coming in September 2013SCADAPack50: Baseline offer• Binary data files over GSM through SMS messages• Battery-powered, 5+ years• IP68 packaging4 analog Inputs:- Sensor interface- 0-100mV, 0-1V- 0-20mA, 4-20mA4 digital Inputs:- Discreet input monitoring- Pulse counting (meters)1 RS485 Modbus port:- Modbus instruments or RTUFlexible input optionsDirect support inStruxureWareSCADA ExpertClearSCADAOPC gateway foruse with any hostplatform or SCADA.GSM ModemSP50GSM2G or 3G
  13. 13. Schneider Electric 13- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Ready-to-installRod Pump ControllerHelp me to eliminate…• Rod parting• Fluid pound• Gas lock… and Optimize• Production• Energy usage• Tank Management
  14. 14. Schneider Electric 14- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013We’ve got your solution!Complete and ready to go…• Variable speed motor drive with RPC application• Torque only, timed, surface card & downhole• Web-based configuration interface• Ethernet Modbus communications• Load cell and proximity sensor• Ready-to-install NEMA cabinet
  15. 15. Schneider Electric 15- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013How does this benefit YOU?Flexibility – an integrated solution that reduces cost of deploymentComplete Offer – one stop shopping!• Field sensors• Well head monitoring & Control• Field communication infrastructure• Oilfield power / electrification systems• Downhole pump control / variable speed drives / pump protection relays• Well site security• SCADA Host systems
  16. 16. Schneider Electric 16- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Trio Offer – Product SelectionLicensedUHFIndustrialSpreadSpectrumSerial InterfaceEthernet & Serial InterfacesJ-SeriesM-SeriesK-SeriesE-Series• Licensed and license-free long reach Data Radios• Offering multiple connectivity and design options• Implementing smart radio technologies for optimalnetwork performance
  17. 17. Schneider Electric 17- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Trio Offer – Key Points• Licensed and license- free bands• Ethernet & serial connectivity• Point-to-Point and Multi-Point networks• Simultaneous multiple applications/protocols on oneradio system• Network wide diagnostics from anywhere in the systemincluding any remote radio• ClearSCADA integration of remote diagnostics• Remote over-the-air configuration of any radio from anylocation
  18. 18. Schneider Electric 18- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013MultiStreamTMRemote Radio SitesSecondary ApplicationSiteRemote Radio withSecondary ApplicationMODBUSHostCreates virtual serial channels on sameradio network by routing packets toensure protocols are not mixed onsame system.DNPHostLicensed TrioLicense-free Trio
  19. 19. Schneider Electric 19- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013SmartPathTMMaster orAccessPointAlternativePreferred• Enhances radio link reliability by providing mesh typeconnectivity between sites.• Offers higher bandwidth and lower latency than traditionalmesh network implementations as network only reconfigureswhen path problem occursLicense-free Trio
  20. 20. Schneider Electric 20- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013
  21. 21. Schneider Electric 21- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Integrated SCADA Platform
  22. 22. Schneider Electric 22- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013• Create templates for duplicate assets and devicesto ensures standardization, to support rapiddevelopment and lower TCOTemplates
  23. 23. Schneider Electric 23- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013Reliability (through redundancy)DualWANsPrimary /Standby PairDual LANAlternativeChannelsViewXHMIViewXHMIDisaster Recovery SiteTripleServerPrimary Control CenterPrivileged & Confidential 23
  24. 24. Schneider Electric 24- Industry- Russell Hall – June 17, 2013ANY QUESTIONS?Thank You For Attending!