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Innovative high availability solutions


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These unique features make maintenance predictive rather than reactive, and this can drastically reduce maintenance costs within a highly available process application.
Embracing this new kind of PLC offer will certainly help prevent your processes from slipping into the darkness of unplanned downtime…
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Innovative high availability solutions

  1. 1. Innovative High Availability Solutions
  2. 2. The Concept of Availability • For each electronic device, there is: • An MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) – Statistical value representing the failure rate of the component • A lifetime – Composed of 3 phases: early mortality / useful life / wear out • Probability of failure and availability ratio • Calculation based on MTBF during the useful life only – Consequences: Probability of failure calculation no longer true when device ages Lifetime “bathtub” curve Page 2 Time
  3. 3. • Dynamic Theoretical Lifetime • Real time calculated vs static calculation based on MTBF • Patented algorithm based on current load, usage, temperature, etc… • Value Proposal: OPEX Reduction • Smart device that can tell when maintenance is needed • Enable predictive maintenance instead or reactive maintenance Page 3 Hi there! It’s maintenance time! Smartest Power Supply
  4. 4. Standard Solution 2 power supplies sharing workload Result: Same ageing, with a risk that the second power supply won’t be able to take 100% of the load for a long time if the first one fails Page 4 Modicon M580 Solution 1 power supply active at a time Result: Ensuring second power supply takes over the full load for a longer time when the first one fails 0 100 Load(%) Time PS1 PS2 0 100 Load(%) Time PS1 PS2 ACT SEC Load Sharing Technology
  5. 5. More information: