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Comprehensive Energy Management Strategy


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Industrial Energy Efficiency and Energy Management 2012

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Comprehensive Energy Management Strategy

  1. 1. 2012 EE Global Forum Industrial EE and Energy Mgmt March 27, 2012
  2. 2. Comprehensive Energy ManagementStrategy ● Energy demands are now complicated b sustainability li t d by t i bilit concerns ● Efficiency, reliability, procurement, sustainability initiatives coordinated and addressed together dd dt th ● Cohesive, ongoing strategy that includes implementation and accountability 2
  3. 3. Energy & Sustainability Consulting● Energy & Carbon Map Development● Strategy Support● EU Emissions Trading Scheme Support● RADAR: Global Sustainability Market Intelligence●E Energy Action Pl (b site) A ti Plan (by it )● Data Center – Advanced Energy Management Services 3
  4. 4. Case study - Global Pharmaceutical Tech CompanyEnergy & Sustainability Consulting● Situation: ● Global pharmaceutical tech company wanted to cut energy costs in its facilities across 4 continents ● Needed an efficient way to involve a number of global facility-level personnel in the process● Solution: ● Consumption Workshop, proprietary exercise to uncover strategies for reducing energy costs and usage ●FForum for plant personnel to collaborate with corporate leaders about key f l t lt ll b t ith t l d b tk projects and strategies ● Employees from 16 facilities, including sites in France, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Kingdom Puerto Rico and the U S participated in the workshop U.S., workshop.● Results: ● Identified $2.6 million in energy savings during the Consumption Workshop, most of which could be realized with little or no capital investment investment. ● Savings represented 9% of the company’s total annual energy spend ● Collaboration among the facility teams for the first time 4
  5. 5. Energy Procurement Services● Energy Sourcing● Renewable Asset Management● Rate & Tariff Analysis● Demand Response● Energy Risk Management● Carbon Management & Support● dashboarDView online dashboarDView, reporting platform 5
  6. 6. Case Study - Global Manufacturing Company EMPSEnergy Procurement Service● Situation: ● Decentralized global manufacturer with 44 sites in 18 countries with each site handling energy management efforts independently● Solution: ● Identified countries in the portfolio that offered greatest opportunities ● Reviewed risk management and tariff and sourcing options ● Large site in Singapore was about to enter into a new contract that would lock in electricity price that Summit team anticipated would go lower ● Recommended waiting to lock to take advantage of expected downward market movements that would save the company money● Results: ● The company centralized its approach ● Corporate energy leader could make more informed hedging decisions across all 44 facilities. ● Si Singapore site lowered its l it l d it long-term electricity costs, t l t i it t eliminating potential volatility, saving 10% 6
  7. 7. Power Reliability & Metering● Metering Design & Commissioning● Third-party Systems Integration● Emergency Power Supply Systems● Generator Control● Remote Energy Monitoring● Automatic Transfer Systems● 7
  8. 8. Case Study - Automotive CompanyMetering and Control● Installed Enterprise Energy Management System (EEM) ● Smart energy monitoring resulted in: ●Cost savings ●Faster access to reporting ●Conservation initiatives● Ongoing Measurement & Verification ● Measurement and Verification continues the lifecycle focus and leads Ford through revisiting their energy strategy 8
  9. 9. Infrastructure & Efficiency Upgrades● Infrastructure Upgrades● Onsite Energy Generation● Rebates & Incentives● Mechanical Retrofits 9
  10. 10. Metering and control and optimizationCase Study - Veolia, Indianapolis LLCInfrastructure & Efficiency Upgrades● Production process scheduling ● Install WAGES monitoring & control to forecast filter loadings and i iti t b k l di d initiate backwashes t avoid peak h to id k utility demand periods● Pumping system optimization ● Provide demand sub-metering and hydraulic sub metering modeling intelligence to optimize system for any given flow and pressure condition● Install adjustable speed drives ● C t l i ffi i t di h Control inefficient discharge valve control t maintain l t l to i t i system pressures and flows at desired levels Results● Diesel driven pumping $764,630 annually ● Install WAGES monitoring & control to monitor 3.2 3 2 year payback critical parameters, remotely start/stop pumps during 6,818 kW peak electrical periods to reduce utility charges 12,458,300 kWh● On-site generation -3,690 dT ● Fully monitor and automatically operate on-site diesel generators for peak efficiency 10
  11. 11. Measurement & Reporting● Performance Assurance● Energy & Carbon Reporting● Operations & Maintenance Support● Preventative Maintenance 11
  12. 12. Measurement and performanceCase Study - Global Glass ManufacturerMeasurement & Reporting● Situation: ● One of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, producing 30 billion glass containers a year ● Needed help tackling its sustainability challenge● Solution: ● With access to the company’s corporate-wide energy information via dashboarDView, analyzed data to create GHG emissions baseline ● Developed GHG inventory by defining boundary conditions, outlining scope definitions upon verifiable d t and auditable processes d fi iti ifi bl data d dit bl● Results: ● Using dashboarDView, the glass manufacturer could track and report on greenhouse gas emissions at b th th site and enterprise l h i i t both the it d t i levels. l ● The company began to leverage emissions data from multiple streams and scopes, benchmark performance against baseline data, and maintain a database of sustainability project initiatives ● Gained an understanding of historical emissions data, used information for corporate sustainability benchmarks and initiatives 12
  13. 13. THANK YOU! 13