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Energy efficiency for mid-size buildings


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Small- to mid-size buildings all over the world face a number of challenges to achieve their energy efficiency goals. Benefits of systems that solve these issues include simplified automation, open systems, and are easily and economically retrofit. The benefits are lower installation costs, 15-30% energy savings, and improved comfort for an overall return on investment.

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Energy efficiency for mid-size buildings

  1. 1. Schneider Electric 1- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Energy Efficiency for Mid-Size BuildingsSmartStruxure™ Lite solution - Get Control. Get Efficient. Get Value.Mike SabinashDirector, North American Sales – Small Building SystemsTweet Live!#SchneiderXE
  2. 2. Schneider Electric 2- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Market trends forsmall & medium-sized buildingsEnergy pricesEnergy EfficiencyRegulationsIncome &asset valueEnergy ratio forHVAC & lightingsite operatingexpenses forenergyRecurrent HVACMaintenanceUp to Up to
  3. 3. Schneider Electric 3- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013A huge under-served marketPremium &Large Buildings>100,000 sq.ft. / 10,000 m2Small & Mediumsize Buildings<100,000 sq.ft. / 10,000 m2CurrentsolutionsiBMSStand-aloneSimpleautomationThermostatiBMSMid-levelsystemProgrammableThermostatEvolutionNo. ofbuildingsSurface2% 35%No. ofbuildingsSurface98% 65%Market facts
  4. 4. Schneider Electric 4- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013SmartStruxure™ Lite value proposition●Get control● Ideal for retrofits and new buildings● Integrate HVAC, lighting & metering● Wired and wireless control andnetworking options● Open, scalable and programmable●Get efficient● Simplified engineering● No license fee● Pre-configured devices and objects●Get value● Reduce installation time and cost● Create new servicing opportunitiesLightingmanagementEnergymanagementSupervisionHVACmanagementExpand yourbusiness into thesmall buildingsmarketRetail Restaurants SchoolsOffices Hotels/Motels
  5. 5. Schneider Electric 5- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013EnOcean & ZigBee Wireless Technology● Simple point-to-point telegrams● Applications● HVAC, lighting, access, metering...● Power● No batteries, no wires,● Energy harvesting● Control only● Room-level control & sensing● EnOcean Alliance● 300 members, 750 interoperableproducts, in 200K buildingsEnOceanis energyharvesting● Network infrastructure● Applications● HVAC, lighting, access, metering...● Power● Power supply or battery● Green ZigBee (coming soon…)● Control & networking uses● Room, zone and floor level● Wireless mesh network● ZigBee Alliance● 400 membersWireless mesh• Self-forming• Self-healing>
  6. 6. Optimized Installation Cost+ 0$+ 0$+ 0$Wired Conduit SmartStruxure TM forSmall Buildingsadd 2$/ft. add 6$/ft. add 0$/ft.100 ftto gateway100 ftto network30 ftto devices+ 180$+ 600$+ 600$+ 60$+ 200$+ 200$Labor &materials25$/hAverage salaryfor electricianin the USA*Statistics on Electrical mean hourly wage from the Department of Labor of the US Government• Learn button• Auto-detect• Or scriptSelf-formingnetworkSchneider Electric – Exchange 2012
  7. 7. Schneider Electric 7- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Wireless doesn’t mean ―no wires‖…It means fewer wires.●Faster deployments● Less time on the job● Less inconvenience for occupants● Eliminate facility downtime or limit it to aminimum● Retrofit during opening hours●Lower costs● Reduce labor costs● Reduce material costs (copper)● Be unbeatable where conduit is required● Reduce repair, paint and renovation costs●Reassure customers about dust, asbestosor other hazardsWiring is fineWe have the inputsand outputs you need,we’re fine with wiring.Wireless is goodIt can be morecost-effective andconvenient for thecustomer.Just do what’s bestFor the customer,for his facility, for hisreturn on investment.
  8. 8. Schneider Electric 8- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013●StruxureWare™ Building Expert● A mini-iBMS hosted directly by MPM devices.There are no license fees—it’s included out ofthe box and remotely accessible via the web.●Managers (MPM)● Although you can network many MPMs, one isall you need to gain remote control of abuilding. It performs controller, gateway andweb server duties in one box.●Smart controllers & sensors● Schneider Electric and third-party devices tocontrol and monitor HVAC, lighting andmetering applications.>SmartStruxure™ Lite: Product Family
  9. 9. Schneider Electric 9- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013● Looks like a thermostat● Senses occupancy (optional)● Adjusts setpoint● Controls fan speed● Works like a controller, with modelsfor each type of HVAC equipment● Terminal equipment●Chilled beams, radiant heaters●Under-floor heating●Pressure dependent VAV● Fan coil units● Staged equipment●Rooftop units and heat pumpsBasically, most of the types ofequipment you would see inSMB’sThe Room controllerThe SE7000 series• Simple HMI on each unit• Application controlon board• 6 inputs / 8 outputs●Big benefits at the right price● Lower installed cost● Energy efficiency● Occupant comfortUnderthe cover
  10. 10. Schneider Electric 10- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013The Room Controller: A Big LeapForward!●Modern Technology, Looks &Aesthetics● Suitable for both commercial andhigh end hospitality markets● Application specific controller● Leading edge configurable HMIuser interface / experience● Non intrusive on board PIRmotion sensor●Networking● Wired and wireless networking,stand-alone or integrated● BACnet MS-TP & ZigBee Pro●The right approach● Ingenuity● SimplicityComing Soon!● Ease of use● Reliability
  11. 11. Schneider Electric 11- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013The Room Controller: Product highlights●Customizable branding● Screensaver with logo to promoteyour brand to your guests● Casings to match decor●Out of the box● Multi-language (EN, SP, FR, ZH, etc.)● Optional secondary colors●Easy-to-use touch screen● One touch changes●C° / F°●Languages●Multiple User ExperienceWood Aluminum MarbleDesigns adapted to your settingsDesign optionsWhiteOptionalsecondary colorsCustom branding onscreensavermyHotel
  12. 12. Schneider Electric 12- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Room controllers in a building near you●Solution recommended for● Localized control for one site● HVAC, occupancy & scheduling● Projects where customers do notrequire PC or remote access●Use electrical / mechanical /service labor for easy install andcommissioning●Existing installations in:● Primary/Elementary schools● University residences/dorms● Retail● Hospitality● Multi-use office buildings
  13. 13. Schneider Electric 13- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013SmartStruxure™ Lite: ManagersMPM-UNMulti-purposemanagerMPM-VAVAV managerMPM-GWWirelessmanagerFeatures● 6 inputs / 6 outputs● Modbus connectors(optional)Common features● On-board gateway to BACnet IP, oBIX, EWS ● On-board web server hosting Building Expert● 400MHz processor ● 64MB of RAM ● 2GB of Flash● Fully programmable ● Real-time clock ● Real-time response to scripting● Connectivity: BACnet, EnOcean (128 I/O), ZigBee (30 peripherals), CANbus, IP/EthernetFeatures● 6 inputs / 6 outputs● Pressure sensor● Damper actuator (optional)Features● No wired inputs/outputs● Wireless inputs/outputs only● Clean, aesthetic look fordeployment anywhere
  14. 14. IP/EthernetWiredI/OManagementNetworkingControlWeb iBMS(Analytics, Smart Grid, OpenADR, etc…)IPEcoStruxureWebServiceCloudSupervision (Local- Mobile)System InteroperabilityInput: UniversalOutput: Analog, RelaySchneider Electric – Exchange 2012SmartStruxure™ Lite: Open / Scalable
  15. 15. All in OneWeb iBMSSupervisionSE7000 & 3rd party + SchedulerSchneider Electric – Exchange 2012Dashboards & MapsPre-configure objects…Graphical programming, Scripting , SchedulerProgrammingSE7000SmartStruxure™ Lite: Embedded Tools
  16. 16. All in OneWeb iBMSSupervisionSchneider Electric – Exchange 2012Customized Dashboards, Floor Layouts and EquipmentSmartStruxure™ Lite: Dashboards
  17. 17. Schneider Electric – Exchange 2012View trendsMonitor systems and sensors- Temperature- Lighting- Humidity- Occupancy- CO2- And more...Monitor consumption- Electricity- Gas- Water- And more...Track energy savingsCompare ratiosSmartStruxure™ Lite: Custom Dashboard
  18. 18. Schneider Electric 18– Exchange 2012SmartStruxure™ Lite: Coffee Shop
  19. 19. Schneider Electric 19- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Multi-purposemanagerRoomcontrollerPublic area Storage and officesOutdoor lighting & signageRooftop unitsEquipment room & ceilingWirelessmanagerWired and wireless lighting controlEnOceanrelayEnOceantemperaturesensorLAN connection for localand remote managementBuilding ExpertModbusSE or Verispower meter orsplit core CTVia panelZigBeeEnOceanWirelessSmartStruxure™ Lite: Store
  20. 20. Schneider Electric 20- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Wireless manager(one unit can manage many zones)If there are no old stats orexisting wiring isn’t usable,place SEC-TE inside unitSwap oldstat withSE7000Network to other zonesLight relaywith dimmingLight sensorand light switchLANBuilding ExpertUnit ventilatoror fan coilZigBeeEnOceanWirelessSmartStruxure™ Lite: Small School
  21. 21. 21Schneider Electric - Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Out-buildings & school trailersSchools run out of space and use out-buildings to fill gap● Integrating these buildings into an automation system is difficult & costly● SmartStruxure™ Lite can integrate them easily and at a low cost● Manage multiple buildings from Building Expert or use larger systemsUp to 900 feet line of sightStruxureWare™Buidling ExpertEcoStruxureWebServiceinternetinternet
  22. 22. Schneider Electric 22- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Metering and Sub-meteringFor electrical, gas & water metering● Multi-purpose managers can integrateModbus, EnOcean and ZigBeemetering and pulse-counting devices● Building Expert has objects to facilitatethe integration of select SchneiderElectric and Veris products.Currently, these products are:● ION6200● PM750● Veris E5 series● Veris H803 series● Objects coming later this year:● iEM3250/5● PM3250/5● Data can be:● Viewed in Building Expert● Integrated into larger iBMS● Exported over FTPBuildingExpertMPM-UNMeteringSchneider Electric andVeris meters with objectsin Building Expert tofacilitate their integration.OtherModbusmeters.You can networkto reach meteringpoints separatedby long distancesPulse countingand smart plugsTerminalcontrollers canbe used for fastpulse countingMPM-UN can integratevarious devices usingModbus, EnOcean andZigBee protocols
  23. 23. Schneider Electric 23- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Basic and advanced lightingOffice single load, commonareas and outdoor lightingWired and/or wirelesslighting control● For wired and wirelesscontrol, use the MPM-UN● For wireless control only,use the MPM-GWBuilding Expert andEnOcean● Objects to facilitate theintegration of light switchesand relays already exist.● New objects are coming upfor the following sensors:motion, light (lux), doorcontact and window contactBuildingExpertMPM-UNBasic lighting Daylight harvestingConnection toModbus lightingpanel or wiredcontactsRelaySwitchOccupancysensorLightsensorDimmingrelayRelays formotorizedblinds & smartwindowsMPM-GW
  24. 24. Schneider Electric 24- Small Building Systems – SmartStruxure Lite – 2013Lowest total cost of ownership● No license fee Building Expert mini-iBMS● Controller, gateway and server in one boxQuick ROIOffer what your competitors can’t: a buildingautomation system tailor-made for small andmedium buildings – at the right price!Advantages BenefitsSimplified engineering & scalable● Open system for HVAC, lighting & metering● Pre-configured objects and applicationsFuture-proof investmentEasy to install today, easy to scale tomorrow.Ready to meet new regulations andbenchmarks.Flexible wireless options● Combine wired & wireless according tocustomer needs to offer the best solution.Fast installation, no downtimeRetrofits can be performed at reduced laborand material costs, without disturbingoccupants or facility operations.SmartStruxure™ Lite: Summary
  25. 25. 25Schneider Electric – SmartStruxure™ Lite solution – for RetailMake the most of your energy