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The Data Center Evolution and Pre-Fab Data Centers


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When it comes to designing, building, and operating mission critical data centers, simple is better. Prefabricated data center building blocks comprised of Power, Cooling and/or IT White Space can be connected to provide a semi or fully prefabricated data center solution. Prefabricated data center solutions provide multiple advantages to include predictable performance, faster deployment and, flexibility and scalability versus traditional build data centers. This presentation will show you how a pre-fabricated modular data center architecture can dramatically simplify your design and build process and lower your total cost of operation.

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The Data Center Evolution and Pre-Fab Data Centers

  1. 1. Prefabricated Data Center Solutions: The Coming Age... Mark Hurley- Vice President, Solution Architect Schneider Electric IT Business DatacenterDynamics – Santa Clara – June 2014 Schneider Electric 1
  2. 2. Data Center Pressures & Expectations Reduce Capital Costs Reduce Operating Costs Manage / Right Size Risk Improve Speed to Market Your ability to compete and differentiate successfully starts with the design and build of your data center… Schneider Electric 2
  3. 3. The Answer…Dramatically SIMPLIFY Prefabricated Architecture Integrated DCIM Software Reference Resigns Prefabricated Data Center Simplified Design/Build Simplification reduces cost, speed to market, and complexity Schneider Electric 3
  4. 4. Prefabricated data center solutions have evolved over time… Power Equipment Centers Power Zone Centers Power and Cooling Centers Electrical Distribution Centers Packaged Chillers 1950 EcoBreeze InfrastruXure 2006 2003 2011 2012 Prefab Assemblies 2009 Power & Chilled Water Proof of Concepts InfrastruXure Express Higher Volume ETO Modules Non- ISO Containers Prefab Building Blocks 2014 Schneider Electric 4
  5. 5. The industry has many players and approaches to Prefabricated Data Centers… Schneider Electric 5
  6. 6. Promises from the industry Lower Cost Faster and Easier Standardized Why hasn’t this worked? Schneider Electric 6
  7. 7. Customers are not convinced of the benefits: ● Initial product introductions were just proof-of-concepts ● Early prefabricated ISO container solutions were too restrictive ● Initial prefabricated cost advantage claims were exaggerated ● Unique data center requirements are not aligned with the standardized offer from many vendors When the industry provides the right pieces at the right cost then prefabrication will get momentum. Schneider Electric 7
  8. 8. 5 criteria to success for prefabricated data centers… Multiple building block types and capacities Engineered reference designs Global capabilities Vendor support – Assess, Plan, Design, Build, Operate Integrated DCIM software into building blocks Schneider Electric 8
  9. 9. The range of applications demands different types of modules and form factors Cooling IT Space Power Power Module - Exterior Power Module - Interior Power Skid Single Bay / Dual Bay Multi Bay Smart Shelter Packaged Chiller and Hydronics Hydronics Module EcoBreeze Evap Cooler Schneider Electric 9
  10. 10. Reference designs simplify the design process …and should be freely available Downloadable from a web site ● Library of engineered data center reference designs ● System level specifications ● PUE, Price, Density, Layout ● Complete schematics and BOMs ● Fully and Semi-Prefabricated data center designs Schneider Electric 10
  11. 11. Reference designs improve speed to market …and should be freely available Downloadable from a web site • Use as a base plan to design and build your data center Starting Point • Preview, compare, and even combine different designs Compare • Gain a better understanding of costs, performance, size, and players Analyze Customize • Apply preferences and constraints Refine • Conceptualize and refine end result Schneider Electric 11
  12. 12. Example: Semi-Prefabricated Data Center Reference Design #34 – 2 MW Tier III (2) 1000 kW Hydronics Modules (6) 500 kW Chillers (2) IT Halls (4) 1200 kW Power Skids Schneider Electric 12
  13. 13. Example: Fully Prefabricated Data Center Reference Design #23 – 500 kW Tier II (2) 250 kW Power Modules (2) 240 kW, 22 rack IT Modules (3) 250 kW Chillers (1) 500 kW Hydronics Module Schneider Electric 13
  14. 14. Global capabilities Manufacturing, Engineering Design, Support North America Asia Pacific EMEA China Manufacturing Site Global R&D Team Regional Design Center Demo Center Schneider Electric 14
  15. 15. Customer supply needs have evolved from providing components to providing solutions SUBSYSTEMS COMPONENTS Schneider Electric 15 Foundational BUSINESS OVERVIEW Rev 4a SOLUTIONS Solutions Innovative combination of technology, products and services providing an integrated response Subsystems IT Room, Facility Power, Facility Cooling, Security, DCIM Components
  16. 16. Prefab solutions require assistance Assessment Services • for existing or planned facilities or sites to understand viability of using prefabrication Planning Services • to demonstrate where prefabrication could benefit performance, cost or timing Design and Build Services • Reference design starting points • Data centers with all prefabricated modules • Hybrid data center with mix of prefabricated modules and traditional • Project management including installation management, site coordination, and construction coordination Schneider Electric 16
  17. 17. All prefab should be smart ‘out of box’ Fully instrumented and programmed in each building block Schneider Electric 17
  18. 18. Summary Schneider Electric 18
  19. 19. Prefabricated Data Centers provide many advantages . . . Predictable Performance • The density, availability and efficiency you expected • The cost you were promised • Less “hands” involved, less changes to design Faster Deployment • Shorten planning cycle and reduce complexity • Simplify design and build process • Delivery in 12-16 weeks or less (upon sign-off and receipt of final drawings) . . . vs. traditional data centers Flexibility and Scalability • Defer capital expenses and minimize over sizing. • Adjust quickly changes in demand, up or down. • Deploy in various configurations of density and availability Schneider Electric 19
  20. 20. Prefabrication, Reference Designs and integrated DCIM software simplify the data center life cycle… Reference Designs simplify and shorten the Plan and Design phases of a data center design/build cycle Design and Build cycles are simplified with Prefabricated modular building blocks Operations are simplified with fully instrumented Prefabricated modular data centers Schneider Electric 20
  21. 21. Prefabricated subsystems facilitate modular and scalable build-outs, preserve capital and improve energy efficiency… Modular and Scalable Data Center Future Expansion IT Pods IT Power Cooling Pre-fabricated Modular Architecture Power Cooling IT Pods Schneider Electric 21
  22. 22. Prefabricated data centers will come of age when… 1. When suppliers offer tools and services to support decision making for prefabrication vs. traditional build 2. When building blocks of various ratings, technologies, and form factors are available at competitive price points 3. When suppliers are able to deliver an entire solution: assess, plan, design, build and operate a prefabricated data center Schneider Electric 22
  23. 23. Make the most of your energy™ Questions? Schneider Electric 23
  24. 24. Schneider Electric is a Prefabricated Data Center Solution Provider – visit us on the web: ● Prefabricated Product Pages ● Solution Pages on ● Prefabricated Trade-Off Tool (coming soon) ● White Paper #163 Containerized Power & Cooling Modules for Data Centers ● White Paper #165 Types of Prefabricated Data Centers (coming soon) ● Reference Design Video ooid=QxN2lmNzrJnhvX-zGHECmZ71HGLW2Wjw Schneider Electric 24