Know Before You Go, Traveler Information for Smart Cities


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  • Deleted graphic developed by Jurgen Pederson.
  • Know Before You Go, Traveler Information for Smart Cities

    1. 1. Schneider Electric 1- Smart CitiesKnow Before You Go:Traveler Information for Smart CitiesMichael FreitasVP, Smart Infrastructure – North RegionTweet Live!#SchneiderXE
    2. 2. Schneider Electric 2- Smart CitiesAgenda●Smart City Context●MD 511 Overview●MD 511 Website●MD 511 IVR●My MD 511●Future of 511
    3. 3. Schneider Electric 3- Smart CitiesOur World… Challenges↑ Demographics of growth in emerging economies↑ Population movement to cities↑ Heavy goods transport↑ Green-house gas emission sensitivity↓ Lack of sufficient financial resources↓ Economic situation of western countriesCO2 & Green House Gas Emissions28% is due to transportation, being 84% roadtransport. 68% is caused to private vehicles.Population GrowthLimited InfrastructuresTransportation Infrastructures are not able to grow asfast as traffic and merchandise transportationdemands
    4. 4. Schneider Electric 4- Smart CitiesSmart WaterSmart PublicServicesSmart MobilitySmart EnergySmart Buildings &HomesSmart Grid Automation& Flexible DistributionTraffic ManagementRenewables Integration& Micro GridEV ChargingInfrastructure &Supervision ServicesSmart MeteringManagement& Demand ResponseReal-Time Smart GridSoftware SuiteStreet LightingmanagementTolling & CongestionCharging• Power, Security, Building, IT, & Process ManagementSystems integrated Architecture• Integrated City Management Platform for Mobility• Security Systems & Management• Energy & Environment Management Information System• Weather IntelligenceSmart IntegrationOur Comprehensive Smart City OfferIntegrated Mobility• Public TransitPublic Safety• Video Surveillance• EmergencymanagementHigh-performanceBuildings*• Energy Efficiency &Security solutions•Energy ServicesConnection to theSmart GridEfficient Homes• Home EnergymanagementGas DistributionManagementDigital City Services• eGovernment• Education• Healthcare• TourismStormwatermanagement andUrban FloodingPower, Control &Security SystemsintegrationDistributionManagement & LeakDetection• TravelerInformation
    5. 5. Schneider Electric 5- Smart CitiesTraveler Information Overview●Traveler Information Has Two Related But Separate Purposes Inform Drivers So They Can Make Informed Decisions Manage Demand●Pre-trip – Based On Website, IVR Or Alert Information Users May AlterRoute, Change Mode Or Even Delay Trip To Avoid Congestion AndDelays●En-route – Voice Interactive Telephone Provides Notice Of MajorIssues, Route-specific Information Or Customized Route Status●Benefits Reduced Congestion Fuel Savings Reduced Emissions Increased Productivity Improved Quality Of Life
    6. 6. Schneider Electric 6- Smart CitiesTraveler Information Channels
    7. 7. Schneider Electric 7- Smart CitiesMaryland “511”●Web Page: www.md511.0rg●Mobile Web Page:●Remote Phone No.: (855) GO MD511 (466-3511)
    8. 8. Schneider Electric 8- Smart Cities● Voice Commands with touch-tone backup● Flexible menu structure● Regionalized● Emergency/special messagecapabilities● Transfers to other infosources● Mirrors IVR content● Map-based interface● Companion site formattedfor mobile devices● Incidents, construction,special events● Speed and travel time● Weather events andforecasts● Traffic Cameras● User defined preferencesfor IVR and Web information● Automatic recognition on IVR● Traffic and Travel TimeAlerts via My Maryland 511Direct511 Key FeaturesIVR (511)Data InterfacesWebsitePersonalization
    9. 9. Schneider Electric 10- Smart CitiesData Sources● Commercial Source for Speed and Travel Time Collected from commercial vehicle fleets and GPS● Maryland Accident and Construction/Maintenance Datafrom State Highway Administration● Virginia and District of Columbia Data from RegionalIntegrated Traffic Information System● Weather Alerts and Forecasts from National WeatherServiceSystem Is Only Limited By Data Available
    10. 10. Schneider Electric 11- Smart CitiesPublic Web●Provides Travel & Traffic Information To ThePublic Traffic Map – DMS Messages, CCTV, Incidents, Construction, SpecialEvent, Speed, & Weather Traffic Events – Provides Detailed Event List Links to Other Travel Information Weather Conditions Alerts My Maryland 511 – Provides Customized Traffic Information
    11. 11. Schneider Electric 12- Smart CitiesQuickaccess toinfo for topactivetrafficeventsAlerts formajorissuesMD 511 Website Home Page
    12. 12. Schneider Electric 13- Smart CitiesMD 511 Interactive MapTraffic Events,Congestion Indicators,Real-time video
    13. 13. Schneider Electric 18- Smart CitiesIVR Features●Natural Concatenated Speech●User Can Interrupt or Stop●Special Messages (Floodgates) Can Be InsertedAnywhere in Menu●Easily Modified Menu Structure
    14. 14. Schneider Electric 19- Smart CitiesDriving Times & Slowdown PlaybackExample●Starting Point: Gaithersburg●Ending Point: Germantown●Status: Slow Link (22 mph) Between Exit 9 & 11●“The driving time is 11 minutes. For this routetake 270. There is one event. There is aslowdown on Interstate 270 northbound inGaithersburg between Exit 9-Interstate 370 andExit 11-Route 24. Traffic is moving between 20and 25 miles per hour.”
    15. 15. Schneider Electric 22- Smart CitiesMy Maryland 511 User CustomizedInformation
    16. 16. Schneider Electric 23- Smart CitiesMy Maryland 511 Text Message Alerts●● MSG:Trip: Work To Home Drv time frm Rockville to Am Leg Mem Br is 15 min. Drv timeat speed limit is 10 min.●●● MSG:Trip: Work To Home INITIAL incident on I-495 Inner Loop near Exit 51 VA 650 inWoodburn.●●● MSG:Trip: Work To Home incident on I-495 In near Exit 51 VA 650 in WoodburnCLEARED
    17. 17. Schneider Electric 24- Smart Cities● my511alert● 05/09/2013 07:31 AM●● Trip: Home To WorkAs of 7:29AM, there is an incident on I-495 inner loop near Exit 50 US 50 in Woodburn.Remember to use 511 safely - Maryland law prohibits hand-held mobile phone use andtexting while driving. Thank you for driving safely!my511alert● 05/09/2013 07:36 AM●● Trip: Home To WorkAs of 7:33AM, incident on I-495 inner loop near Exit 50 US 50 in Woodburn CLEAREDRemember to use 511 safely - Maryland law prohibits hand-held mobile phone use andtexting while driving. Thank you for driving safely!My Maryland 511 Email Alerts
    18. 18. Schneider Electric 25- Smart CitiesApplication to Integrated CorridorManagement And Smart Cities●Traveler Information Critical to Integrated Corridor Management●Systems Need to Provide Information on Options Status of Alternate Routes and Travel Times Availability of Transit and Transit Parking Rise Share Options●Ultimate Goal Is To Proactively Manage Demand Tailored Information To Individual Drivers Can Be Used To Balance LoadsAcross Networks
    19. 19. Thank You