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Transforming data into sustained energy performance


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Learn how you can achieve sustained energy performance by addressing the 4 key hurdles most clients have. Understand how to unlock the power of data from your facilities so help you achieve your business goals

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Transforming data into sustained energy performance

  1. 1. 1Transforming Data Into SustainedEnergy PerformanceJesse MaestasDirector of Business Development, Energy PerformanceServicesRon TaglieriVP, Solutions and ConsultingTweet Live!#SchneiderXE
  2. 2. Agenda● Introductions● “Real World - Client Hurdles”● Big Energy Data As an Enabler● Trends & Implications● What is Energy Performance Services?● Client Success stories● Keys to Overcoming Client Hurdles● What Can you do?● Q& A
  3. 3. 3ObjectivesUpon Completion of this course, you will be able to:●Identify 4 key hurdles clients face in achievingsustained performance●Identify 4 trends related to Big Energy Data●Keys to Sustained Energy Performance
  4. 4. 4REAL WORLDA Day In Your LifeResourceI don’t have time or resourcesto review energy dataExpertiseI have data and software butI don’t know how to act on theinformationStrategyI don’t know where to startor how to prioritize actionsPerformance AssuranceMy energy savings deteriorateover time
  5. 5. 55 IBig Energy DataAs an ENABLERBig EnergyDataResources ExpertisePerformanceAssuranceStrategy
  6. 6. 6Big Energy DataTrends●3 V’s● Volume, Velocity, Veracity●Always connected, anytime, anywhere● Software as a Managed Service●Energy Resource and Expertise● Ageing workforce coupled with growing demand●Transforming Energy Data into an Asset● Achieve efficiency, productivity and $ savings
  7. 7. 73 V’s of Energy DataVolume of Data ……a Data Tsunami● 1000 X + increase in Volume of data from smart meters alone● 27 Million smart meters in US since 2008 1Velocity of Data● Smart Meter reading frequency Increased from● Monthly to every 15 minutes● Enabling Smart Grid, DR, Microgrid efforts2● Penetration of smart meters expected to be 100% by 2020Veracity of Data3● 75% of companies reported data quality issues● 50% of Business intelligence (BI) projects will face limitedacceptance or failure● It can cost you – inaccurate billing; missed real time DRopportunities; opportunities to reschedule etc.2 Report on Big Data, IBM; National Energy Action Plan 1 Verdantix 3 Gartner Group,, GigOm -2013
  8. 8. 8Always Connected . .Anytime…Anywhere• Smart energy devices usage and adoption driven by• Reduced Cost of Processing power• Processor Chip performance doubling every 18 months• Data Storage costs have reduced 800 fold over the last 10 yearsfueling cloud based technology1 Moore’s Law and Navigant Research, 2012 ; 2 New Journal of Physics, 2009
  9. 9. 9Energy Resource and Expertise●Market will need 2X to 4 X energy engineers by 2020● Add ~1m jobs depending on market growth●Identifying and hiring qualified energy engineers is challenging● >60% of firms experienced some to great difficulty hiring●Aging workforce● ~1/3 of energy engineers >50 years old●Few engineers enter the field with energy experience● Demand met by hiring electrical or mechanical engineersEnergy Efficiency Services Sector:Workforce Size, Expectations for Growth,and Training Needs, LBNL, 2012
  10. 10. 10Transform Energy Data Into an Asset80 % of clients said their data holds strategic value1.50% of clients are moving from tactical to strategicenergy management by leveraging data as aBIG LEVER1 Based on a survey of 304 companies in 2013, GigaOm
  11. 11. 11Implications of Trends●Capable software: Do you have Software…that can acquire andprocess/analyze data and supports your Velocity, Volume and Veracityneeds?● Unlock Hidden Value: Bring in new levels of automation andoptimization leveraging cloud based technology and lower storagecosts●Resource and Expertise Dilemma : Do you have a strategic energyplan in place? How do you leverage data to achieve your goals?1Energy Efficiency Services Sector:Workforce Size, Expectations for Growth,and Training Needs, LBNL, 2012
  12. 12. 12Our Vision“Leading clients by transforming energy data into sustained energy performance “Our Mission●Leverage● Dedicated Client Energy Advisor●Enable● Connected Energy Data● Facility Automation● Market Intelligence●Achieve your goals● Actionable recommendations●Deliver Results● Continuous Energy PerformanceWhat is Energy Performance Services?Answers to your hurdles
  13. 13. 13Client Delivery ModelEnterprise portalEnergy Performance Services= Managed ServiceAcquire,Assess,AnalyzeAdvise
  14. 14. 14Energy Performance ServicesClientEnergyAdvisor+Energy Performance Center
  15. 15. 15Client Stories●Dallas Museum of Art●Southern Methodist University●R&D Facility
  16. 16. 16Problem: Energy Guzzler
  17. 17. 17"The program has exceeded our expectations on performance...we have reduced cost by 45%. Everyone is pleased with thelighting and comfort in the work space.- Jesse Dillard, Energy Manager, City of Dallas2012 EBIE Award WinnerAward recognizes the building with the highest percentage of energy savings. Itis awarded on the basis of two years of energy data, one before and one afterimprovements.Dallas Museum of Art
  18. 18. 18Dallas Art MuseumA typical day…..Client Challenge:Identify root cause of alarm andrecommend and implement correctiveaction• Ongoing monitoring and periodic review of buildingperformance of Museum allows identification of root cause• EPC identified and isolated issue two exhaust fansthat were located in underground garage• Apparently maintenance personal had recentlyrepaired fans and had left it in over ride position.• Override button had cause fan to be showing it isOFF even through feedback from BAS showed it isbeing ONOur Solution: Results:• Reduced Opportunity cost of$1512 by leaving fans in onposition 27/7 , 365 days a year.
  19. 19. 19Higher EducationSMU UniversityCustomer Challenge:Sustained energy savings• Implemented energy performance services whichinvolve ongoingmonitoring, measuring, verification, diagnosis andimplementing actions• Provided a dedicated energy advisor that ensuresperformance on a daily basis• Change sequence of operations by running the mostefficient chiller and use two older chillers as back up• Numerous actions involving changing setpoints, schedules, replacing mechanic equipmentwere also implementedOur Solution: Results:• Monitored system: Entire SMUMain Campus•$1,1168,904 for each year ofcontract
  20. 20. 20Typical RecommendationsWeekend shutdown toreduce energyconsumptionWork practicemodification to reducepeak demand
  21. 21. 21Higher EducationR&D FacilityCustomer Challenge:Desire persistent energy efficiency andlower life cycle maintenance costs•Implemented ongoing fault detection diagnosis usingStruxureware and provided ongoing analysis and prioritizedactions which resulted in following• Leaking cooling coil valves and reheat coil valvesreplaced saving $138,000 in utility costs• Malfunctioned cooling coil valves replacedsaving $29,000• One preheating coil valve causing simultaneousheating and cooling saved $137,000Our Solution: Results:• Monitored system: Centraland Zone ventilation systems• Setup Cost: $23,000•Annual cost $35,000• Annual Cost Savings:$286,000
  22. 22. 22AutomotiveCustomer Challenge:Sustain energy cost savings•Implemented real time monitoring and ongoing analysisand identified and prioritized energy actions which resultedin following• Peak demand reduction & improved weekendand non production shut downs• Savings in natural gas purchase throughelimination of unauthorized usage and excessstorage charges• Minimize energy risk through use of betterforecasting, what if analysis and identify andisolating reliability risksOur Solution: Results:• Monitored system: 38manufacturing facilities in NA• Annual Cost Savings:double digit energy costsavings in 1st year
  23. 23. 23Keys to Sustained Energy PerformanceOvercoming the hurdlesStrategic Energy ManagementLeadership by Dedicated Energy PersonnelSoftware for Big Energy DataOngoing Monitoring(Source EIA, Energy Data Book, 2012)1234
  24. 24. 24What Can you do?●Understand what data you have and how you are leveraging it●Capability assessment of your business around● Strategic Vs Tactical Energy Management● Dedicated Energy Personnel Leadership● Robust Software● Ongoing monitoring●To Learn more engage with us at the Marketplace Services area