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Quest for Employees: Know Your Boss!


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Published in: Business, Technology

Quest for Employees: Know Your Boss!

  1. Quest for Employees:<br />Face Your Boss’s Face!<br />
  2. Your Boss is a<br />Nosey Parker<br />if you…<br />Have developed your own pigeon language to cut him off the discussions<br />Do your routine work always looking back<br />Learn Morse alphabet and take sign language courses<br />
  3. Your Boss is a<br />Mr. Know-It-All<br />if you…<br />Don’t read news anymore<br />Fear to ask simple questions to get eternal explanations<br />Are afraid of detention after work hours<br />
  4. Your Boss is a<br />Bully<br />if you…<br />Have a feeling that every day you play a victim in bullfighting<br />Surf the Internet for designer ear-plugs<br />Ordered a saliva-proof umbrella<br />
  5. Your Boss is a<br />Double-Dealer<br />if you…<br />Feel you become a hater of mankind<br />Are sure you can win «The Greatest Conspirator»contest easily<br />Sincerely think that the only shelter from the Boss is the rest room<br />
  6. Your Boss is a<br />Nit-Picker<br />if you…<br />Constantly fear to catch obsession syndrome<br />Permanently advocate for creative mess on your table<br />Regularly wish to report the Boss’s tortoise eyeglass frame to Greenpeace<br />
  7. Your boss is an IDIOT<br />if you…<br />
  8. You just know it.<br />
  9.<br />