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Social learningsingapore

  1. 1. Social Learning in Management Education Prof. Lee SCHLENKER EMLYON Business School ICEB 2013 Singapore ©2013 L. Schlenker
  2. 2. How can higher education leverage Big Data to improve management education? •We review the literature on learning technologies to identify the key questions of study. The Arguments •In focusing on the missing links pedagogy, context and conversation, we explore what mobility can potentially offer. •We conclude with a vision of “social learning" that underpins our current in management education. ©2013 L. Schlenker
  3. 3. Learning Technologies Studies of learning technologies have focused more on the technology than on the data itself. Research Themes The major challenge here is understanding how information technologies influence what and how we learn. Learning technologies mirror the broader foundations of dominant social cultural systems Exactly which processes and resources learning technologies are designed to support? Can information technologies stitch together formal and informal learning to create personal learning experiences ? ©2013 L. Schlenker
  4. 4. Social Learning ©2013 L. Schlenker
  5. 5. Pedagogy Social Learning ©2013 L. Schlenker
  6. 6. Pedagogy Business isn't as much formalizing strategy and models as it is about practice and agility Social Learning 9 Does improving management education refer to simply changing the technology, or shaping how participants focus on the context in which work gets done? Cultural-historical activity theory - language and technology, mediate the social aspects of learning It's the richness of the context that counts: students learn from one another through observation, imitation, and modeling ©2013 L. Schlenker
  7. 7. Social Learning Context ©2013 L. Schlenker
  8. 8. Social Learning Context ©2013 L. Schlenker
  9. 9. Context All activity is performed in both geographical and social context Social Learning 9 Learning not only occurs in a context, it also creates context through continual interaction Context is a filter through which students can make sense of the data Create a workspace, foster social networks, or create an app that directs conversation ©2013 L. Schlenker
  10. 10. Social Learning Conversation ©2013 L. Schlenker
  11. 11. Social Learning Conversation ©2013 L. Schlenker
  12. 12. Conversation Learning has more to do with how we capture context than how we design technology Social Learning Our context is increasingly mobile, regardless of the technology at hand Education can be thought of as a directed, continual conversation Social learning offers a complementary avenue to understand context through conversation. ©2013 L. Schlenker
  13. 13. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  14. 14. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  15. 15. Essential knowledge at the touch of your fingertips THE AMATE™ PLATFORM 9 Nine chapters designed specifically for digital readers Videos, graphs, texts and hyperlinks Advanced functions for social highlighting, notes and search ©2013 L. Schlenker
  16. 16. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  17. 17. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  18. 18. Personalise each book by adding or highlighting contents THE AMATE™ PLATFORM Keep notes, work through exercises Benchmark your performance with your professional peers Share your results with coaches, colleagues and friends ©2013 L. Schlenker
  19. 19. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  20. 20. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  21. 21. What’s your score? THE AMATE™ PLATFORM Progressively build your personal e-portfolio Evaluate where you have been, you are, you want to go Compare and contrast your benchmarks over time ©2013 L. Schlenker
  22. 22. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  23. 23. THE AMATE™ PLATFORM ©2013 L. Schlenker
  24. 24. Share THE AMATE™ PLATFORM Share your passions with your team/professional community Choose between texting, posting and calling Video conferencing with your coach and workgroups Accessible directly from inside your book ©2013 L. Schlenker
  25. 25. CURRENT PROJECTS HRM 2.0 – Marie-Pierre Fleury THE AMATE™ PLATFORM Mobilize your Business – Dr. Lee Schlenker Social CRM – Frédéric Sitbon Service Logistics – Microsoft EOC ©2013 L. Schlenker
  26. 26. CONTACT Social Learning in Management Education Prof. Lee SCHLENKER EMLYON Business School ICEB 2013 Singapore ©2013 L. Schlenker