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Social crm

  1. 1. Social Business Social Business May 31 2016
  2. 2. I. Conflict II. Social Business III. The Experience Economy IV. Case Studies
  3. 3. • Social CRM is a business strategy rather than technology, tools or platforms • Social CRM is all about engagement – drawing customers into the organization. • Social CRM enhances rather than replaces “traditional” CRM • It’s by defintion customer centric - the ultimate goal of Social CRM is building trust and the brand Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.. Social CRM
  4. 4. Partners Stockholders Clients Employees How can the social business enhance customer value? Social Business strategies help us understand the motivations, experience and objectives of the internal and external clients of the organization The Key Question
  5. 5. To help us understand the motivations, experience and objectives of the internal and external clients of the organization  ROI  Real time data  ... Stockholders  Competition  “made in” “made by”  ... The State  Lower entry barriers  Acquisitions, OPA... Partners  Loyalty  Real costs  ... Clients The Enterprise  Mobility  Empowerment  ... Employees The objectives of an IS
  6. 6. The objective of Customer Relationship Management is to enable companies to build deeper, more profitable, long term relationships by reaching customers with the right message at the right time by providing superior customer service Customer Relationship Management
  7. 7. Focus Improve Knowledge Leverage Measure CRM Processes Explicit Transactions Efficiency Social CRM Relationships Implicit Interactions Effectiveness Social Networks Networks Emerging Community Innovation Quantified Self Individual Self- Knowledge “Dasein” Self realization Transformation Places Layered Ideas Agility The Answer
  8. 8. • How would you define "social business"? • Which functions of the company are impacted by social business? • The article argues that technology does not change the value of social interactions. With what "currency" do we measure social input? • Which four categories of technology are associated with social business? Give an example of each. • How would a "social chief financial officer" contribute to our understanding of finance?C’est quoi le social CRM ? The Business of Social Business
  9. 9. • Customers are not listening to what you have to say • Customers know more about your business than you do • Customers create their own experience • Customer interactions are complex and unpredictable • Customer communities are where the knowledge is. Esteban Kolsky
  10. 10. Esteban Kolsky Customer life cycles
  11. 11. Esteban Kolsky •Understand the concept of an Experience Continuum •Deploy the internal, external, and hybrid communities to close the loop. •Design end-to-end processes while ensuring that there are feedback •Analyze the feedback collected, create actionable insights, implement the necessary changes.
  12. 12. • The three most important factors that influence consumer behavior are : • personal experience (98%) • company’s reputation or brand (92%) • recommendations from friends and family (88%) • 41% of customers believe that companies should use social media tools to solicit feedback (Cone Business in Social Media Study, 2008) • 43% of consumers say that companies should use social networks to address customers problems • Only 7% of organizations understand the CRM value of social media, according to the Brand Science Institute, European Perspective, August 2010 Jacob Morgan Outside In
  13. 13. The Conversation Prism v2.0 • You are at the center of the prism • The first layer of circles displays the activity of learning and organizing engagement strategies… • The second ring maps specific authorities within an organization to provide a competent and helpful response. • The third ring represents the continual rotation of listening, responding, and learning online and in the real world. The Conversation Prism
  14. 14. • It’s not a question of channels but of capturing conversations • Gartner sees SCRM is a $1B extension of the CRM market • Jive and Lithium are seen as market leaders • Oracle CRM and Salesforce are niche players • The importance of hosted communities • The future of social analytics Market Leaders
  15. 15. • Planning – “Listen to Learn” • Presence – “Stake Our Claim” • Engagement – “Dialog Deepens Relationships” • Formalized – “Organize for Scale” • Strategic – “Becoming a Social Business” • Converged – “Business is Social” “The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Media Transformation.” Social Business Transformation
  16. 16. • KLM has sought to differentiate itself by offering a superior customer experience • Strategy of “Circle of Contacts” to make its customer relationships as intimate as possible • Facebook + Twitter = KLM Surprises and Fly2Miami • Staff of 16, 230 000+ fans, wide press coverage KLM
  17. 17. • Finnish maker of fine cutting tools • Customer communities of crafting enthusiasts have transformed the way this 300-year-old company does business. • Brings customers into the product development process • Fiskars also leverages these groups of advocates to market to small retailers • Virtual + Real events – 6000 members FIskateers
  18. 18. • The Guardian- founded in Manchester over 150 years ago • Threat of the Internet – consistently lost money over the last decade • The Internet itself serves as a metaphor in helping consumers make better decisions • “The real measure of our success is what the industry can create. Not what we can cut.” Open Platform Case Study The Gardian
  19. 19. ©2006 LHST sarl • Peer to peer banking • Zopa categorizes borrower credit grades; lenders then make offers, borrowers agree to aggegrate rate.. • Zopa distributes the money, completies the legal paperwork, performing identity/credit checks, and enforces collections. • Zopa mitigates risk for lenders, optimizes market offer for borrowers • Zopa’s repayment rate is currently 99.35 per cent Zopa
  20. 20. • Moving from design to the store front in less than three weeks • Benneton, H&M, Topshop, Wet Seal, Zara • Collaborative design, social CRM, electronic store fronts • Fast fashion retailer Wet Seal used their technology platform to help their customers create 50 000 garment designs over the past two years Boutique
  21. 21. • Why are users are failing to complete proposed activity? • Monitor conversion rate using unique visitors and click-through rates. • Landing pages provide the biggest challenge to digital challenges. • Reduce number of steps to facilitate engagement. • Reduce the number of fields that require user input. • Check for leaks: visitors might not be dropping completely but using other routes. Cian O' Sullivan Funnel Analysis
  22. 22. • What aspects of your app are influencing the mindset of your users? • Monitor the « stickiness » of your message through number of visits, time spent per visit, citations and redirects. • What customer challenges/opportunities are you addressing? • What skills and knowledge are you targeting? • How does your application fit into the story that your customers are trying to tell? Social Stickiness
  23. 23. • Why your user base does what it does? • Tracking time and location to map out the spaces where "what's going on" happens. • Context is a means of measuring the extent to which a vision (product, service, idea) can be shared • Social spaces are constructed from a vision, “actors”, repeatable events, and outcomes. Mapping Context
  24. 24. • How does your data elucidate user behavior? • Social graphs are the global mapping of your customer base and how they're related • Capture and monitor identity, quality and structure of relationships with others • Emergent behaviors – what new business opportunities might be explored? Alex Iskold Emergent behaviors
  25. 25. Preparation for tomorrow’s discussion • Read the article « The Business of Social Business » • Map out your case study (story) ( albusiness) • Populate your own flipboard . Send the link of your magazine to • Follow the Videoscribe tutorials