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Support slides for the introduction to Personal Branding at the EMLYON

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  • A brand is that peculiar combination of attributes that delivers a set of benefits (through a product or service) that meets the needs of a consumer. 
  • Mt116 intro

    1. 1. E-réputation Personal Branding MT116EMLYON Business School ©2011 LHST
    2. 2. Agenda & Objectives Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    3. 3. Administration Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    4. 4. The Brand Called Me • We dont own our brands, they live in the minds of those that perceive us. • Intels The Museum of Me • Where does this data come from? • How does the mind The Museum of Me remember? • What exactly is a brand? Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    5. 5. Course Objectives We will explore three questions: • How are we evaluated in the information economy? • How are our ideas and perceptions of work constructed and communicated? • How can we harness this knowledge to develop our own unique selling position? Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    6. 6. A holistic approach Personal Branding = Personal Packaging + Personal Development Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    7. 7. Course Support Session Theme Facilitator 9-Jan-12 Introduction L. SCHLENKER 23-Jan-12 Personal Branding L. SCHLENKER 30-Jan-12 Social Media R. ROUSSAIN 13-Feb-12 Case Studies F. BRAHIMI 20-Feb-12 Digital Footprints R. ROUSSAIN 27-Feb-12 Storytelling J. MALAURENT 5-Mar-12 Narrative Management L. SCHLENKER 12-Mar-12 Web Curation F. BARBIN 19-Mar-12 SEO and Web Rings J. MALAURENT 26-Mar-12 Student Presentations L. SCHLENKER Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    8. 8. Course Evaluation Students will be evaluated on the pertinence and ergonomics: • Of the contributions to the our branded community • On the quality and reach of their social media strategy, • And on the coherence and originality of their of personal branding project. Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    9. 9. Course Deliverables Chacun aura la charge de faire évoluer un des thèmes du module - 30% Votre étude de cas mettra en œuvre une stratégie personnelle de-réputation – 40 % Enfin, chaque élève va préparer et présenter un vidéocast afin dexposer les leçons retenues – 30 % Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    10. 10. Class Discussion • What is a brand? • How is value measured today? • How can this apply to an individual? • How is your education The Brand Called You influencing your brand? Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    11. 11. The Information Economy Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    12. 12. Branding • A brand is a specific promise of value • A brand is also an image created in the minds of people • A brand is also process used to evoke the perceptions connected with a product or service.“A personal brand is like a piece of classical music on the • When you see a brand like page it may be finished, but it’s not fully realized until it reaches the ears of its audience” Hermès, Michelin or Carrefour, Peter Montoya you associate it with a set of expectations Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    13. 13. The Interconnected Economy • Economic transformation: The transformation from a manufacturing-based economy to a services-based economy now underway throughout the developed world will accelerate. • One World of Business. Political and economic dynamics are forging a single global market, a global workforce, global customers, partners, and suppliers. • Always On, Always Connected. The challenges of the “always on, always connected” world will be converting information into insights; managing time and staying focused on high priority tasks • NetGen Meets Baby Boom. Workers who will be delivering the innovations and productivity growth of tomorrow, this technology not only won’t come as a surprise, it will be a positive expectation. • Competing for Talent in a Shrinking Workforce: An aging, shrinking workforce in most of the developed world over the next 50 years, maximizing the productivity of the workers that are available is critical. Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    14. 14. How do we connect? Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    15. 15. Challenges? • Globalization : the increasingly circulation of information across borders. • Technical progression: the transformation of communication « atoms to bits » • Economic integration: vertical and horizontal integration to profit from economies of scale • Social innovation: human attempts to create new forms of expression • Multitasking : individual efforts to use multiple communication platforms Admin Economy Technology Talent Henry Jenkins ©2011 LHST
    16. 16. Defining Personal Branding • The opposite of the next big thing… • A definition : “Achieving personal and professional goals by differentiating yourself and articulating your unique value through a consistent message.” • Is “Branding” simply what we used to call “personal reputation”? • It’s how we use technology that’s evolved Allison Tibbs,, 7/7/09 Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    17. 17. Information Technology Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    18. 18. Information Technology Information technology is a mirror that proposes a mirror of both you and the organization in which you work • Process centric systems • Web 2.0…. • Social networking applications • Mobile applications • The semantic web Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    19. 19. Process centric systems • Focus on the organization • Improve formal processes • Knowledge is explicit • Leverage transactions • Measure efficiency ©2011 LHST
    20. 20. Social Networking Applications • Focus on social networks • Improve the quality of relationships • Knowledge is emerging • Leverage interactions • Measure innovation ©2011 LHST
    21. 21. Mobile Applications • Focus on context • Improve reactivity • Knowledge is embedded • Leverage proximity • Measure dissonance ©2011 LHST
    22. 22. Semantic Web What story are you trying to tell? Focus Improve Knowledge Leverage Measure Organization Processes Explicit Transactions Efficiency Networks Relationships Emerging Interactions Innovation Context Reactivity Embedded Proximity Dissonance Search Relevancy Connected Proximity CTR ©2011 LHST
    23. 23. Focusing on Talent Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    24. 24. Multiple images of You Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    25. 25. You can’t teach business skills Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    26. 26. What skills do you need? • Baseline competencies – Technical skills – Process knowledge – Collaboration skills – Interpersonal savvy • Critical Differentiators – Integrity/trust – Industry knowledge – Organizational savvy – Solution selling Stefano Principato Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
    27. 27. Individual Assignment Heritage Goals Education Priorities Regardez-moi & Networks Cela suffit Principles Extra- Curricular Performance Activities Certifications Los Ellis Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST