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Icelw Schlenker


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Leveraging Social Learning in Management Education. Support of the ICELW conference on June 12, 2014

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Icelw Schlenker

  1. 1. Enriching Management Education Through Social Learning Prof. Lee SCHLENKER EMLYON / ESC Pau ICEWL 2014 June 12, 2014
  2. 2. How can social learning bring the value proposition of Management Education into focus ? We review the research on learning technologies to identify the key questions underlying leveraging user generated content We suggest that context is a filter through which students can make sense of the data We then describe how our vision social learning is implemented using examples in management and corporate education Paper Structure
  3. 3. Managing user-generated content provides an opportunity to redefine the meaning of learning Little Data captures what we do as individuals and more importantly, what we know about ourselves Patterns emerge in these "complex contexts” where best practices "can’t be ferreted out" Social learning is attempt to reflect on the conditions in which learning takes place Research Hypotheses
  4. 4. ©2013 L. SCHLENKER Results Actions Knowledge Context Data Process Interprets Decisions Measures Obtain Define Require Drive The ladder of initiatives™
  5. 5. • We are wired differently – N. Carr and Maryanne Wolf • Knowledge is in the network – Karen Stephenson • Continuous Productivity – Steven Sinofsky • Our problems are complex – David Snowdon
  6. 6. Social learning is about providing bridges between formal education and the challenges of specific organizations and markets In these learning spaces, the bridges are social, interactive, dynamic and mobile Students and instructors have the ability not only to take and consult their own notes, but those of their colleagues in real time These sources of Little Data are collected over time, both within in each book, and between books on similar themes THE AMATE™ Professional Development Platform
  7. 7. Service + Devices Develop an interactive Onboarding guide Give EOC managers a place at the table Strategy is in the network Service Logistics™ MICROSOFT EOC
  8. 8. Social Commerce, Open Innovation, Omni-Channel Distribution, Mobile Strategy… Read, Evaluate, Search and Discuss Offline reading, real-time updates, write inside the book Before, during and after face to face training MUSE™ DIGITAL TRANSORMATION
  9. 9. Anywhere, anytime course workbook Synopses, exercises, curated bibliography, comments Collaborative writing around the DesignYourSchool project 21st Century marginalia MANAMENT INNOVATION MBA FRANCE-INDIA
  10. 10. Web :, E-mail : ; Skype : leeschlenker Twitter : @Team_Amate Enriching Social Learning in Management Education Prof. Lee SCHLENKER EMLYON / ESC Pau ICEWL 2014 June 12, 2014