Linking People and Strategy: Value Implementation poster 2012


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Linking People and Strategy: Value Implementation poster 2012

  1. 1. Execution Value Tree What is your engagement ratio? Value Implementation - A manager led approach for linking people and strategy. Today, Why... What... How... accelerate, while traditional ways of operating are generating an ever increasing amount of unproductive “Fake Work”. People load their wagons so heavy they are unable to move forward. What’s interesting is most of the load is actually “Fake Work”. To remain competitive. Focus on human capital value drivers. Connect people with strategy. Fake Work is work not directly contributing to the top priorities Process of an organization. Today’s Fake Work research shows: - Processes that include global, 24/7 collaboration • 73% of workers don’t think their company’s goals are translated + anywhere, anytime, with anybody. - Business Implement Strategy Optimize Organization - Accelerate Workforce Implementing strategy through people is 1,836 times more effective than the typical - • 81% of workers do not feel a strong level of commitment to Objective Structure Information approach! their company’s top priorities. Structures that accomadate web-communters, work styles, and - - Technology Global Information Technology • 87% of workers are not sat team hires using social media, mobile supporting agile 24/7 communication, An atom is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. Like the devices, instant messaging and other web analytics, social intelligence, ROI neutron, a business strategy has no “charge”. The positive charge, or Critical social tools for executing 24/7. and other new technologies such as proton, comes from People. Successful strategy implementation Eliminate Increase Social Business Get Return on Strategy instant messaging (e.g. twitter), Success Factor requires the strategy to be positively charged by People. Fake Work Maturity Involvement (e.g. YouTube) and live streaming. Just as electrons are required to hold neutrons and protons In simp - pany may have a unique way of selling and delivering products to customers, in the end, success comes down to the + together, Structure, Processes and IT are required to hold Strategy and People together. same two factors: your cost structure and your revenue streams. Key Identify workforce trends Identify talent trends People Performance Value Drivers & Trying to implement a Strategy by changing Structures, Processes and IT without the positive charge from People will result in a Indicators Strategic Initiatives Assess organization maturity and Compare current and The Execution Hyper Cycle negative outcome. workforce readiness against trends future access to talent Decision Making Human Resources Protons (People) and electrons (Structure, Process and Technology) Decision Making processes for instant People with virtual collaboration skills Strategic Identify and validate Diagnose performance Assess workforce needs 24/7 decisions with a clear view of T1/T2 decision makers for supported by instant 24/7 global weighs 1,836 times more than an electron. Similarly, People have more “weight” than structure, process or IT when implementing a stakeholder needs gaps/opportunities internal/external decisions. recruitment, reputation capital, poaching, instant two-way communi- Strategy. based on Business and assess performance cation and Learning 3.0. Value Drivers Rewards While Structures, Processes and Technology are 1,836 times easier to change than People, once you get the People moving, it is 1,836 Assess talent development personalized social recognition broadcasting times harder to stop them! that builds reputation capital of employees, partners and brand and training strategies associations—globally 24/7. Identify and understand the Update core process to include global, Expand access to talent Time causes of Fake Work 24/7 collaboration anywhere, anytime, with anybody Initiate Standardized Optimized Collaborate Socialized Design Pathway to Adapt structure to accommodate web-commuters, Expand the depth and transparency of talent A Value Framework to Plan, Create, and Realize Value Action work styles and team hires using social media, development Tactical mobile devices, instant messaging 1 Understand Align executives to the strategy and other social tools for executing 24/7 Expand training events Business Value Drivers and Then, at some point, changes in strategy out pace changes in execution. Tasks people are doing become disconnected from the tasks needed for executing based on an agreed scoreboard with interactive, Stakeholder Needs 3 4 the new strategy…Fake Work is born and begins to grow. Enable employees and partners with instant internally co-led See Identify Agree on Business Value Traditional business models initiate growth. As we grow, we standardize and optimize our business model and organization. Then at some point, we hit a Build Strategic Literacy SM 24/7 global access to collaboration learning processes The Business Strategy Execution Value Drivers Execution Approach Planning maturity level where we are too big, too complex, with many business units. As the connection between tasks and strategy weakens, collaboration becomes and certify key executives on the strategy reputation capital, poaching, instant two-way Up-skill managers 2 Analyze Current The question is "how to jump the curve"? While leading companies today are focused on innovating on how to optimize their costs structure and increase communication and learning 3.0 in career and Results their revenue streams, this will not be enough to compete beyond 2015. Implement governance performance coaching By 2020 people, organizations and markets will collaborate through the social web: accountability framework for prioritizing work and personalized social broadcasting that builds Up-skill managers 5 7 Execute Value Evaluate Existing assigning resources reputation capital of employees, partners in group collaboration Drivers Resources Globalization Demographics Social Web and brand associations--globally 24/7 and managing virtually 9 BY 2020: global access to markets and talent will reshape business working side-by-side in organizations BY 2020: social media will connect employ- ees, customers, and partners Translate strategy and Do Line Manager Led Value Business-Led Creation cascade through the Implement IT infrastructure that supports Up-skill employees Implementation Implementation organization global 24/7 communication, web analytics, in social media literacy 8 social intelligence, ROI and other new technologies and expand their social 6 Select Key Design Execution Solutions Organization Social Business Maturity such as instant messaging (twitter), footprint Line Managers Process and live streaming Develop global 24/7 agile decision making processes 11 12 for making instant decisions for internal Get 10 Build Momentum Share Successes and Compare Results with Stakeholders Value Realization Information and external top-tier decision makers Business Results in 90 Days Make Adjustments Needs Technology Monitor, measure Monitor, measure and manage organization Manage talent pipeline Operational and manage stakeholder social business maturity and competitiveness satisfaction (customer, Measure learning impact Why is it important to accelerate employee, etc.) and (not training) our company’s maturity now? Because the workforce and methods for the elimination of Fake Work YOU are the ValueAdd Human mobilizing people are rapidly shifting. Strategy Execution is a manager-led approach for linking people and strategy. + Structure Resources Two-thirds of corporate CEOs say they need to make fundamental changes to their businesses in the next two years. Their strategic According the Financial Times, the headquarters of the Execution Value Tree People Global 500 have shifted dramatically. For managers, this means implementing an ever increasing number of strategic initiatives such as: technological advances, regulatory ex·e·cu·tion /eksi’kyooSH n/ noun: Since 2005, the USA is down 17% while china is up 438%. India and Brazil are up 100% and 80% respec- The driving force behind sustained business performance. Planning, creating and realizing value is one of the most common challenges confronted by tively. companies today, regardless of factors such as size, revenue, industry, region or business model. With this approach, your organization can expect these results in 90 days: Decision Making Rewards The next plateau of competitive advantage for compa- - The Execution Value Tree is a powerful tool designed to accelerate the connection between execution and sustained business results. Working 1. Executive agreement on a concrete pathway to action tiveness and being able to communicate strategy to CURRENT FUTURE people, so they can be empowered to execute. The with Value Drivers ensures focus on the things that matter most. The approach we follow to plan, create and realize value is described above. 2. A modern organization design for realizing the value expressed in your strategy. center piece will be collaboration though social agility. 3. A practical approach for implementing your strategy through your people. Partners About the Authors execution! For most of the European fortune 500 companies and entrepre- neurs, Henrik von Scheel is a synonym for a visionary, game bottom-line profit! Learning 3.0! 80 Justin Tomlinson has a proven track record in devel- changer, and a challenger striving to defy outmoded business In The Workplace 2020, Jeane Meister and Karie Innovation! 905 oping innovative implementation approaches for models and design tomorrow’s businesses. Develop employees! Willyerd identify these shifts: Competency accelerating the execution of global strategies in com- panies such as Roche, IBM, Boehringer Ingelheim and As a new breed of European Leader, able to transform compa- Attract talent! And skills! days • Global access to markets and talent will reshape TELUS. nies’ business models with his unique blend of proven business track record, trend-spotting and new paradigm of strategic thinking, he believes that the ability to adopt new business top-line growth! Globalization! business. BRIC countries will be the dominant As a social workplace trendsetter and author of The People Quadrant, Justin advises boards and senior Workplace management on how to better leverage their human for innovation. • Five generations will be working side-by-side in capital in achieving their business objectives using 3.0Social responsibility! As 80% of strategic initiatives underesti- Today business models are changing at a rate never seen before mate the reality of execution, most fail organizations. Imagine what will happen when learning strategies and new “social” technologies. and countless innovative business models are emerging. He is Trends 2020! Motivation! Social media! to build the necessary momentum power shifts from the fax machine generation to the google, facebook and iphone application He is a growth catalyst for fast tracking consulting always one step ahead on the understanding, design, and implementation of new business models or analyzing and reno- Company profile! generation! vating old ones. With his thinking, he has transformed the strategy! 3.0 Workplace. Culture! their full contribution to achieving the eCommerce, BPM and Social Media Intelligence arenas. Demographics! Knowledge economy! •Social media will connect employees, customers Contact Information: and partners for immediate communication. E-mail: Professionally, he serves on the Board of Advisors at Google Inc, “Email is so yesterday!” Phone: USA +1 801 369 4996, EU +41 78 654 7614 Ethority, Collax, and Capital Investment Partners. Talent! Contact Information: Digital collaboration! Agile! email: Phone: +45 60 72 84 01