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It's Gotta be Easier... Simplifying the Theme Building Process- WordCamp Boston 2012


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Presented by Al Caldarone & Stephanie Schechter • Project Management/Freelance Track

Ok, so you’ve found the perfect career as a freelancer, building WordPress themes. It’s creative, exciting, and could make you some serious money while offering you the flexibility to be your own boss. It also can be frustrating, overwhelming, and has a learning curve that never goes away.

Developers and Designers have their own passions and skill sets but then they go on their own and after a couple of projects full of self-inflicted frustration they soon realize there must be an easier way and it may be time to collaborate. Collaboration between designers and developers is not only a great way to relieve some of the burden, but also helps to improve creativity, enhance quality, and increase productivity by combining different perspectives.

This presentation will help you reach your goals of quickly building more innovative WordPress sites by discussing collaboration as well as other time saving techniques that can help in your development process.

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It's Gotta be Easier... Simplifying the Theme Building Process- WordCamp Boston 2012

  1. 1. It’s Gotta Be Easier...Simplifying the Theme Building ProcessAl Caldarone Stephanie SchechterTHE DEVELOPER THE DESIGNER
  2. 2. Working with designers is liberatingWorking with a developer means I get to bemore creative
  3. 3. Focus on your specialtyTake on more projects Break through limitationsBetter quality results
  4. 4. DESIGNERS Give clear overview Be humbleKnow coding concepts
  5. 5. Learn site planning at
  6. 6. DEVELOPERS Keep it realDon’t over promise Research
  7. 7. Ethan Marcotte’s book,Responsive Web Design
  8. 8. DESIGNERS Be specific Don’t assumeKeep it organized
  9. 9. for desktop for mobile
  10. 10. DEVELOPERS Start small Build Style Expand
  11. 11. DesignersGet regular updatesGets final approvalDevelopersClean-up your code Test everything
  12. 12. for simulated device and browser testing
  13. 13. Q&A Caldarone Stephanie @SchechterDesign