Delivery Maxx Overview 2011


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DeliveryMaxx utilizes Social Media to have your customers advertise for your dealership. Increase Sales,Referrals, CSI Scores, Service Revenue, & Employee Retention with our very packable program.

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Delivery Maxx Overview 2011

  1. 1. We Understand What Your Dealership Needs! DeliveryMaxx was created by CAR GUYs. Help your Sales, Service, and Variable Operations Department. We use all aspects of Social Media & Traditional Forms of Advertisement to reach 100% of your Customers & Potential Clients. Sales Repeat Business Our program is EASY, Consistent, Personal, Improved CSI Scores Unique, and VERY Packable keeping your Referrals cost low! Increased Service Employee Retention The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over againand expecting the different results- Change how you do business
  2. 2. Sell the Vehicle & Capture the Moment. We do the Rest…
  3. 3. Actual Facebook Page ofCustomer Showing off theirnew Vehicle…Look Close, and see theyare also Advertising forthe Dealership!!!
  4. 4. YourDealership isvisible tothousands!!!
  5. 5. Email & Social MediaSocial Media Helps you build a strong customer networkAvg. Dealership Sales = 200Avg. Customer Has 150 Friends onFacebook200 x 150 Friends = That’s 30,000People. Free Advertisement30,000 x 1% Interested = 300 NewOpportunities To Do Business300 New Opportunities x 33% ClosingRatio = 99 Additional Units Sold99 x $2000 PRU = $198,000 AdditionalGrossAccess to millions of Facebook users.There are more then 500 Million activeusers on Facebook.People spend over 700 billion minutesper month on Facebook.Allow your customers to freely advertisefor you.
  6. 6. Personalized Video EmailsDeliveryMaxx is proud to introduce face 2 face, internetpersonalized video messaging, designed to deliverpersonalized videos to your customer’s for a truly uniqueexperience !face 2 face technology makes it easy to create custom-tailored videos that dynamically address each individualviewer.• GREET your customers BY NAME!• SIMPLE Production - we do it all!• Delivered straight to your customers’ email inboxes - with personalized URLs!• We use YOUR logo, photos of YOUR dealership Talk to all of your customers in “REAL Time” & service department and a professional voiceoverrecording with YOUR dealership’s name! with ONE production sitting
  7. 7. Our software has the Analytics you wantOur System Let’s You see if YOUR Message Works!!!
  8. 8. Facebook Link w/Delivery Image is Attached• Send personalized emails• Blast out custom dealershippromotions• Link to Social Media web sites forgreater exposure• Create custom blasts that aretimely, for birthdays, holidays andspecial occasions• Emails increase your number oftouch-points with customersService Managers Email100% of the Time
  9. 9. Customers Image is on all of our products…You choose what they will Receive• Our Images of Success proprietary software will allow you to stay in front your customer 365 days a year!• Customize your packages to meet your needs• Improve your CSI Scores immediately communicating with your customers• Advertise your Dealership with the 2 year calendar, personal cards, special glossy picture, and VIP brochure• Ability to connect your customer to Social Media links• Increase service & keep sales in your dealership with a personalized VIP Program• Everyone likes to be treated as a valued customer. Increase referrals and start“Winning Customers for Life!”
  10. 10. Bring Your Customer back to Service w/a VIP Service Brochure 3-5 Days after the purchase of their vehicleCustomize your Offerings
  11. 11. The Images Of Success DVDVery Soon You Could Be . . .Advertising Big In Your Showroom!Now, when you upgrade to the DeliveryMaxx Gold Packagewe include the "Images Of Success" DVD. This DVD isdesigned to play in your showroom and display picturesof all of your happy customers. And, for a nominal fee,We can now add 10 second advertisements sprinkledthroughout the duration of the continuous looped play.Just think, you could promote your services 20 or 30times each hour and increase the bottom line revenuefor your dealership.• Increase in-store sales• Add another “touch point” to reach your customers• Drive customers to your Service Department & Body Shop• Promote Additional Services or After Market Products• Offer incentives for referrals• Promote discounts for loyal customersSee for Yourself!
  12. 12. Add Your Advertisements between Customer Deliveries to Keep Sales in the Dealership!
  13. 13. The DeliveryMaxx Login Site We have made it simple to enter your customer information and upload photos of the “Happy Delivery”Step 1: Log in from the Step 2: Once you log in, you arrive log in page. the Dealer Section home page. ClickEnter your User Name & Password Upload Delivery Pics.Step 3: Select the photo number to upload Step 4: Click the Process & Upload Photos button, your finished
  14. 14. Sales Incentive & Retention ProgramIntroducing, ClubMaxx!An incredible Sales Incentive Program designedto promote and sustain growth in the salesdepartments and motivate sales associatesto higher achievmentsUpon a dealership signing up for the DeliveryMaxxCustomer Retention Program, we initiate anindividual salesman membership program, wherebyeach sales associate at your dealership can elect tojoin the ClubMaxx Sales Incentive program and earnfabulous rewards at NO COST to themselves or the dealership.The salesman is assigned a proprietary membership number that is used to log onto the ClubMaxx website and track points awarded for each car sold and for obtaining the “Going The Extra Mile” awardplaque awarded monthly by the dealership. These accumulated points can later be redeemed forseveral gifts at different point levels. This program costs the sales associate nothing and is a perfectmotivator to ensure that each sales associate is performing at maximum level.The ClubMaxx program will create loyalty and enhance the culture of the dealership. We also stronglybelieve that creating a loyalty program for the individual salesman will incentivize them to work hard toincrease their sales and uploaded customer delivery photos, therefore increasing the revenuegenerated for the dealership.
  15. 15. It’s EASY & Free to all of your Sales People Your Sales People have to : 1. Sell Cars 2. Take the Delivery Picture 3. Remain with your DealershipThat’s right! If your Sales People leave yourDealership, they cannot redeem their points!
  16. 16. SELL YOUR Vehicles on the Internet Faster for more GROSS!
  17. 17. DeliveryMaxx Inventory PhotographyEach Dealership gets to choose 2backgrounds out of Thousands. One for a Afterlight colored vehicle and one for a darkcolored vehicle. Then We Do The Rest!!!Before Want to take your own photos? No problem! Just use our software “DMAXX PRO” to get the pictures to us and We Will Handle It From There!!!
  18. 18. After Being Digitally Enhanced Both are installed Backgrounds Whether you want your Dealership in the background or your cities skyline… We can make the Magic happen within hours! This will give you a consistent look on the Internet 100% of the time.We can also take pictures without the background for less than the Industry Standard Pricing
  19. 19. You have choices to standout from your competition
  20. 20. Before After After Have your buyers take Mental Ownership of their vehicle
  21. 21. Selling the DREAM
  22. 22. Before Our processes take hours…NOT DAYS AfterWe post YOUR VEHICLES tothe Internet EVERY HOURallowing you to sell yourinventory faster
  23. 23. Custom Sticker ProgramOur Inventory Photography Division can provide and print Monroneyand As-Is stickers on location at the time of photography. Our designdepartment can provide your dealership with distinctive designs tocreate that custom look. Just call to place an order for your dealership!
  24. 24. Give Us A Call 24/7! DeliveryMaxx PO Box 1748 Rockwall, Texas 75087 Phone 214.775.0633 Toll Free - 888.936.6299 Fax - 214.775.0633 Josh Deaton CEO 214-775-0633 x 701 jdeaton@deliverymaxx.comFollow DeliveryMaxx on: James Schaefer COO 214-775-0633 x 702 Adam Nason Customer Relationship Director 214-775-0633 x 705 Bill Stitzel CMO 214-775-0633 x 703