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MTV Youth Marketing Forum - The Power of One


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My notes from the MTV Youth Marketing Forum held in Mumbai. 28th April 2012.

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MTV Youth Marketing Forum - The Power of One

  1. 1. A Scattershot Marketing Blog Presentation THE POWER OF ONE MTV Youth Marketing Forum 28th April 2012 Mumbai By Scattershot @iamscattershot An exclusive online presentation Cover Image Courtesy: Israel Houghton All trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION28th April 2012: MTV organized a Youth The study reflects these young peoplesMarketing Forum in Mumbai which saw perspective of life, technology, causes andparticipants from various firms, media streams, values. The various topics discussed at the forumbloggers etc which wanted to feel the pulse of were power of social media, youth power intoday’s youth. Interesting topics and insights action, interactive workshop on case studies ofwere discussed at the MTV Youth Marketing brands across the globe on how they have co-Forum 2012. This year the Power of One was created with youth and translated campaigns intodiscussed at the forum along with various trend movements, perspective on marketing andexperts and esteemed panel of speakers creating music for the younger audience, initiatives that has the potential to become aThe research methodology included a mix of revolution. The day also included prominentquantitative questionnaires, qualitative group brand bosses from Tata Docomo, Nike India,discussion, ethnography analyses, peer group Viacom18 Motion Pictures and more whodiscussions conducted amongst 5000+ youth discussed how brands need to engage in abetween the age group of 15 to 24 years across dialogue with the audience in this world where31 cities in India and represents the attitude of one is the majority.trendsetting young generation. Website:
  3. 3. SPEAKER LINEUP1 Aditya Swamy – MTV2 Andy Ridley – Earth Hour3 Henri Holm – Rovio4 Chetan Bhagat - Author5 Simon Smith - Interbrand6 Angela Barkan – Sony Music7 Panel Discussion
  4. 4. ADITYA SWAMY EVP & Business Head - MTV India •Power to change the world:Aditya Swamy opened up the forum with key A whopping 98% of the youthhighlights from the survey. He emphasized that MTV spoke to, believed thatthe youth today are different from what we they have the power or theenvision them to be. Here are five key pointers ability to bring about change infrom his talk. the world around them. •Homogenous: Being connected 24X7, the youth •Power from Social Media: Almost a half of sub-consciously belongs to them vociferously complain online if they don’t one homogeneous universe get a good service from brands. They feel that transcends nationality, empowered as the media and brands showercommunity differences. The homogeneity is religion, special attention to them through campaignsfuelled by social and digital equality in the and communication. And, more than 50% ofyoung world. They love to friend one and all. them claim that they derive their power from theThe homogeneity is a result of equal availability social media network.of opportunities on the internet and uniformexposure levels across classes through thedigital revolution.
  5. 5. ADITYA SWAMY EVP & Business Head - MTV India•Power to Participate: MTV’s research •Role Models? : Gone are the days whenconcludes that the youth has a heart and they popular icons or celebrities help them in for social and environmental issues that Today’s youth is independent in thought andaffect them directly. Nearly 42% of the youth identity. 45% of them state they look up to theirinsist that they will actively participate in a parents as role models. And, 25% blatantlycause/movement that affects them. There is a answers they don’t have a role model. The youthheightened enthusiasm amongst youth < 21 today do not have a singular icon name. Theyyears and women. follow many public figures, but, emulate none. A mere 10% look up to public figures as a role model.
  6. 6. ANDY RIDLEY Executive Director and Co-Founder – Earth HourThe Idea: In 2004, inspired by the idea of a •Celebrity Endorsements:campaign to engage everyday people and Complete integration acrossbusinesses in the climate change, Andy initiated facebook and twitter for Mirandaa think tank between Leo Burnett and Fairfax Kerr and other celebs in differentMedia, forming a partnership to deliver a lights parts of the world. (out campaign, which would later become known Yoga Classes by Miranda Kerr)as Earth Hour.How did they do it? The Result: World’s Biggest Voluntary Action:• Exploring New Social Media: Using new social By 27 March 2010 the open-source nature of thenetworks such as Yammer. Yammer is used for Earth Hour message had swept the globe, withprivate communication within organizations or hundreds of millions of people in over 4,500between organizational members and pre- cities and towns across 128 countries anddesignated groups. Making it easy for Earth territories on every continent contributing to theHour to reach their target group which was the worlds greatest ever voluntary action.corporate offices. Malaysias landmark the Petronas Twin Towers in downtown Kuala Google Canada’s Lumpur, Malaysia, having their lights page going dark for turned off (from top to lower ground) Earth Hour, 2008 to mark Earth Hour
  7. 7. HENRI HOLM SVP- Rovio EntertainmentAngry Birds: Dubbed as the largest mobile app •Crowdsourcing: Rovio lends an open ear tosuccess the world has seen so far, curating and feedback from its audience. Out of thenurturing Angry Birds is no play. numerous fan mails they received, an Angry Birds Level was designed by a 5 year old Ethan. Moral: Listen to your consumers.The Success Secret•Distribution Channels: Angry birds has carefullychosen its distribution channels. Apart from theiOS and Android platforms Angry birds waslaunched for the desktops via a Chrome appversion in 2011. As time passes by Angry Birds •Innovation: Even after 3 years of its release itwants to be available on any screen the still continues to be the most popular game forconsumer is exposed to. Smartphones, Tablets, smartphones. The reason: Innovation. UpdatesComputers, Consoles, Theaters and SmartTV and new editions are released after careful•O>O>O: Rovio believes that the consumer research. The recent version – Space wasexperience for the game is complete only when released after many months of research withit moves from Online to offline and then back to NASA.Online. •Brand Partnerships: Three star criteria for tying up with brands. Reduces clutter in tie-ups. Fan Value + Mutual Partner Benefit + Angry Birds brand fit
  8. 8. CHETAN BHAGAT Bestselling AuthorThe New York Times called Bhagat "the biggest Bhagat’s take on Youth and their opinionsselling English language novelist in Indiashistory". In 2010 TIME named him one of the 1. Make stuff relevant100 most influential people in the world. 2. Most youth want to be seen as ‘cool’People have opinions 3. Want to converse in ‘English’•Power in the hands of the consumer: Ira 4. Want to have a ‘girlfriend’Pandey seems to be Bhagats biggest critic. Shehas uploaded many a youtube videos and 5. Want to be knowntweeted critiquing him. Bhagat stated that the 6. Desire to be richchoice to like/dislike anything was alreadypresent but social media had lent more ‘voice’ to 7. Desire to make it ‘big’ in lifepeople. When used effectively it’s a excellentconduit for the spread of ideas.
  9. 9. SIMON SMITH Digital Director, InterbrandSimon Smith shared some insights into why •How far would you go?: The Milgrampeople behave in a certain fashion when pushed experiment which measured the willingness ofinto peer pressure. He talked about how study participants to obey an authority figureindividuality is lost when a person is thrown into who instructed them to perform acts thata crowd. conflicted with their personal conscience. Latest study shows that individuals are more ready toPower of go the distance when forced as of today than•Love: Love is a powerful motivator. It empowers they were 40 years back.individuals to sometime do what they want and The experimenter (E) orders the teacher (T), thesometimes do what they don’t want. subject of the experiment, to give what the latter believes are painful electric shocks to a learner•Acceptance: Individuals can do stupid things (L), who is actually an actor and confederate. The subject believes that for each wrongjust to confirm and be a part of a larger group. answer, the learner was receiving actual electricHe demonstrated Asch Conformity Experiments shocks, though in reality there were no such punishments. Being separated from the subject,where individuals caved into wrong answers the confederate set up a tape recorderand sometimes even doubted their own integrated with the electro-shock generator, which played pre-recorded sounds for eachjudgement to be a part of the group. shock level. •Swarm Mentality: Successful people wear suits. Why? Because all across the world that’s whats the norm. When a minority opinion becomes a majority opinion, individuals feel forced to succumb to it. Eg. ME Riots in 2011, London Riots
  10. 10. ANGELA BARKAN Senior Director of Marketing and Publicity at Sony Music Entertainment Angela is a music industry veteran and spoke •Converse Rubber Tracks - about youth and their choices in music. She Rubber Tracks serves as a outlined the major trends in music and how catalyst for originality by giving audience consumes it. new and emerging bands the opportunity to record their •Audience: Music audience is primarily songs in a high-quality studio ‘Millenials’ (12-30 years old) across the globe. setting– for free. Majority music consumption is driven by these •Use ‘Fresh’ Avenues: Millenials get bored very young adults.These are on-the-go audience and easily. Hence it is important to engage them via new have strong likes and dislikes. Very active on and exciting avenues. social media – 86% will ‘like’ or tweet about a brand*. 2.Cull. Tv •Why will they buy your brand: Millenials would be attracted to a brand only if it aligns to their 4.Talenthouse interests. For eg. •Patagonia – Buy a song benefit the 1.How to make your brand Popular? environment Make your fans part of the act Give Reason to ‘share’ Make it easy to access anywhere* Research based on US data
  11. 11. PANEL DISCUSSION Avinash Pant Sumeet Pahwa Bejoy Nambiar Ayushmann Nikhil Chinappa Vikram MalhotraMarketing Director, GM Marketing, Director, Actor, RJ/VJ, Actor, RJ/VJ, COO, Viacom 18 Nike India Anchor, Anchor, India TATA Docomo ShaitanKey Discussion Points •Word of Mouth: The audience these days is pretty vocal about their likes and dislikes. If you have a•How brands/products can stay connected to the good product and if the audience likes it, theyyouth? Be relevant. The young audience doesn’t most likely will recommend it to their peers.want clutter and being relevant is the only choicebrands have. That’s what explains the success of •New Trends:Themes on movies/ advertisementsShaitan, Vicky Donor which though arent which are aired today would have been ‘shocking’mainstream movies did well at the B.O. few years back. Youth is becoming more acceptable to change.•Youth is not an animal: The young audience isnot an animal which needs to be reined in. It’s ahomogenous set of people who retain theirindividuality inspite of being in a crowd. There is aneed for a change in outlook towards looking atthe youth.
  12. 12. ABOUTAbout Scattershot PagesScattershot Marketing blog provides the latestcontent on insights, trends, views on branding in and abroad. @iamscattershot