Chap. 6 Mktg. 2


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Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building

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Chap. 6 Mktg. 2

  1. 1. Is the most effective marketing communicationmedium because it allows salespeople to tailor theirpresentations to each customer. They use theirknowledge of the customer’s buying process andfinely tuned communication skills to learn abouttheir customers and select effective sales strategies.
  2. 2. • Standard Memorized Presentation: also called canned presentation, is a completely memorized sales talk• Outlined Presentation: is a prearranged presentation that usually includes a standard introduction, standard answers to common objections raised by customers and a standard method for getting the customer to place an order.• Customized Presentation: is a written and/or oral presentation based on a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs.
  3. 3. • Adaptive Selling When they react to different sales situations by changing their sales behaviors• Non-adaptive selling Is using the standard memorized presentation.• Adaptable increases buyer trust and commitment and results in higher sales performance.
  4. 4. A key ingredient in effective selling.Salespeople need to know about the productsthey are selling, the company they work for,and the customers they will be selling to.Knowledge enables the customers needs, andpractice adaptive selling
  5. 5. • Product and Company Knowledge Salesperson need to have a lot of information about their product, services and company.• Knowledge about sales situations and customers Equal important with product and company knowledge is detailed information about the different types of sales situations and customers salespeople may encounter.
  6. 6. How To Create Knowledge One source of knowledge would be top salespeople in the company you work for. Some firms will collect and share this information with you.Performance Feedback (Did you achieve the goals you set for this call?)Diagnostic Feedback ( Let’s talk about why you didn’t achieve your goals)
  7. 7. Retrieving Knowledge From the knowledge ManagementSystem salespeople store much their acquired knowledge in theirmemory, and as such, retrieval is merely accessing information inthat memory. These documents include product brochures, competitiveinformation. Graphical sales presentation and answer to frequentlyasked questions.
  8. 8. • Social System Matrix - Is a popular training program that companies use to help salespeople adapt their communication styles
  9. 9. • Assertiveness Degree to which people have opinions about the issues and publicly make their position clear to others.• Responsiveness Is based on how emotional people tend to get in social situation.
  10. 10. Drivers Are high on assertiveness and low responsiveness. “ Let’s get it done now, and get it done my way ”. Expressive Are high on assertiveness and high on responsiveness.
  11. 11. Amiable Are low on assertiveness and high on responsiveness.Analytical Are low on assertiveness and low responsiveness. They like facts principles and logic
  12. 12. Effort people make to increase the productivity of a relationship by adjusting to the needs of the other party.
  13. 13. The importance of KNOWLEDGE, organized into categories, in determining selling effectiveness through adaptive selling. SALES TRAINING based on the social style matrix teaches the four customer categories or types driver, expressive, amiable and analytical.
  14. 14. • Adjust to the audience: Adjust your style when selling to diverse cultures even within your own country. •Assist salespeople: In understanding their customers and developing effective sales strategies.
  15. 15. •Training methods: Such as the social matrix andexperts systems are simply a first step indeveloping knowledge for practicingadaptive selling. •Expert system: Is a computer program that mimics a human expert.