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Scarlet Design Int 2016


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Fran O’Hara, with a core team and expert consultants, delivers facilitation, training, design, strategic planning, hand drawn videos and events. Our expertise lies in real leadership and innovation. We create inclusive, effective and engaging communication tools.

Published in: Design
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Scarlet Design Int 2016

  1. 1. Community events: design, delivery and materials Intergenerational, young and older people, equality Clinical leadership for the NHS in Wales Clinical Leadership Development Scoping Workshop3rd December 2013, Swalec Stadium, Cardiff Post event data analysis and report production ©SCARLET DESIGN INT. LTD 2014 ? 63 Agored Cymru is a key provider of Vocational Qualifications and Quality Assured Lifelong Learning across Wales. LEARNER-CENTRED PROGRAMMES Improving lives & communities in Wales is at the heart of what we do. FLEXIBLE ASSESSMENT METHODS AGORED CYMRU UNDERSTANDS AND SUPPORTS THE WELSH EDUCATION SYSTEM. Welsh Distinct Optional Unit in our Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training qualification: a replacement to PTTLS and CTTLS. Using a range of digital & practical methods to suit learners’ needs. CLEAR PROGRESSION OPPORTUNITIES learners achieved the Access to HE Diploma developing skills to progress to HE [2013-14]. SUPPORTIN G BILINGUALISM to attach credit to online Welsh Language learning. AWARDING ORGANISATION 220+ AGORED CYMRU QUALIFICATIONS are recognised & transferrable across the UK EMPLOYER & SE CTORFOCUSSED More new vocational qualifications in the pipeline... Visit our website 1366 NEW AWARD ‘Using Welsh in the Workplace’ 1st Cymru CPD: We can develop new quality assured units within 6 WEEKS 250+ ACTIVE RECOGNISED CENTRES IN WALES 750,000+ CREDITS AWARDEDANNUALLY 763 LEVEL 3, CERTIFICATE IN YOUTH WORK ACHIEVED THROUGH THE WELSH LANGUAGE 582Access HE learner registrations were from COMMUNITY FIRST areas (2013-14). OUR ESSENTIAL SKILLS FOR WORK & LIFE QUALIFICATIONS help learners to develop the skills they need IN work, and TO GET work. PROUD SECOND PLACE 2014 AWARD EQUALITY& DIVERSITY ESSENTIAL SKILLS WELSH LANGUAGE EMPLOYABILITY HEALTH SOCIAL CARE EMERGING INDUSTRIES NATIONALLY RECOGNISED EXPERTS Qualifications mapped to Welsh Government Priorities. E.G.14-19 Learning Pathways. We are subject specialists.LIFELONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES SKILLS GATEWAY & YOUTH ENGAGEMENT,PARTICIPATION & PROGRESSION. 300+ OUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT QUALIFICATIONS meet the needs of key Welsh Government strategies: • CHILD POVERTY • EMOTIONAL HEALTH & WELLBEING • SKILLS EMPLOYABILITY & ENTERPRISE SKILLS UNITS OFFERED LEARNING DELIVERY FRAMEWORK FROM LEVEL 2 TO 6 2 3 4 5 6 773 CPD Qualified Essential Skills Practitioners QU ALIFICATIONS INCLUSIVE LOW RISK RATING from the QUALITY ASSURANCE AGENCY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (QAA) as an ACCESS VALIDATING AGENCY (AVA) Only awarding organisation in the UK with YPP QUALIFICATIONS that support the UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD and young people’s rights. 75,000+ ESSENTIAL SKILLS CREDITS AWARDED IN 2012-13. 36,850+ CREDITS AWARDED NHS WALES. QUALITY ASSURANCE CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENT OF VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS YOUR COUNTY YOUR WAY ‘Helping people to live the Life they choose’ Infographics and strategic vision and plan maps Visual facilitation skills training course, e-learning Graphic facilitation of groups and conferences Consultation outcomes recording & communication Visual mapping and theme identification Filtering and capturing conference group responses’ World Café group discussion giant table sheets scribing Toolkits & guides - inclusive with higher accessibility Training courses & custom tools using visual methods Live graphic recording of speeches and presentations Co-Production & ‘Working With NotTo’ events/training Capturing feedback and information For more information please contact Fran O’Hara: m 07780 675352 e w @fran_ohara @ScarletDesignGr w @WorkingWithNot2 A strategic design, visual facilitation and training consultancy, specialising in creating communication tools, visual storytelling, co-production and engagement. Hand-drawn ‘RSA’ animate style videos
  2. 2. Infographic style videos, using graphic imagery and type to present messages. Hand-drawn videos, can be used to communicate new, difficult, complex, dense or overly familiar information and stories - with a mix of hand-drawn and digital imagery.A visual toolkit is created from the end sequence images. Used at conferences, training, online, in public spaces, and for 1-1 discussions. VIDEOS Working cross-sector, with citizens and organisations DESIGN From pop-up banners to PowerPoint presentations and post event reports and interactive books... working with clients to create the right communication tools. VISUAL FACILITATION Producing visual tools and templates to create conversations, world cafés, generate and capture data. VISION,VALUES & ENGAGEMENT MAPS & IMAGERY Graphic posters used to explain and inform. YOUR COMMUNITY REGENERATION TEAM We provide a range of services, activities and funding. If you would like to get involved we can support you. Map:©ScarletDesignInt.Ltd.2015 Barry Rhydyfelin Glynneath Newtown ‘Making a Difference’ Days A chance for staff, tenants and community members to get together and make a difference on a local project or place. 1 These take place up to 4 times a year. A day of socialising, pop–up stalls, workshops, lunch, asking questions and getting answers. Staff from Newydd and other organisations will give you answers on all sorts of things from maintenance and gardening to anti-social behaviour, healthy eating, money advice and more! Newydd wants to engage with our communities and to work with you to increase your well-being and achieve what matters to you. Get involved and you can: • Make a difference to all our tenants’ lives • Meet new people • Learn new skills • Gain qualifications • Help us to improve services • Plan and deliver projects to improve your community and where you live. Free refreshments and transport are always available if you need them. COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Why get involved? • We believe in delivering the best possible services to you. We want to involve you to make sure that our services respect your views, as well as the views of your community. We want to hear your views on our services Join in our conversations online To find out more information about what’s happening please visit our facebook page or talk to us on twitter @Newyddhousing and visit our website: Equality Impact Assessment Group Making sure our services are fair and easy for tenants to access. 8 Reading and Policy Panel Making sure information is easily understandable for all tenants. 7 Tenant Scrutiny Helping to investigate and improve services for tenants. 6 Tenant Board Members Tenant board members meet quarterly and help to make decisions about Newydd’s future. 9 Volunteering & Work Placements Volunteer at a community hub, support a community project, attend a ‘making a difference day’, help out at our Barry Community Garden and Allotment or come on a work placement. The choice is endless! 10 12 ways our tenants can get involved with Newydd12 ways our tenants can get involved with Newydd Become a Newydd Share Member Share members effectively own Newydd, and make important decisions about Newydd’s future. 5 Visit one of our four Community Hubs You can talk directly to staff and access housing and maintenance services. 3 2 11 12 Talk to our hapi team Improve your health & wellbeing with our hapi project team in Rhydyfelin’ 4 NEWYDD INVOLVEMENT FESTIVALS Vision maps that can be turned into videos. PROTFCTIONPROTFCTION RFSPONSFRFSPONSF WE ARE SOUTH WALES FIRE AND RESCUEWE ARE SOUTH WALES FIRE AND RESCUE We are SWFRS, what matters to you, matters to us.Have your say on our future by completing our survey We are SWFRS, what matters to you, matters to us.Have your say on our future by completing our survey · ##WEARESWFRS##WEARESWFRS ROPE RESCUE ROAD TRAFFIC COLLISION ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AIRCRAFT SHIP INCIDENTS URBAN SEARCH AND RESCUE BOAT RESCUE ANIMAL RESCUE CONFINED SPACE DOMESTIC COMMERCIAL FIRE FIRE SAFETY ENFORCEMENT FIRE INVESTIGATION ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNS HOME FIRE CHECKS COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SCHOOL/YOUTH ENGAGEMENT CHEMICAL DETECTION PRFVFNTIONPRFVFNTION ROAD SAFETY AND THIS IS WHAT WE DO NOW... HOME FIRE SAFETY Printed and interactive online materials, inclusive and engaging design to communicate with diverse audiences. INFORMATION POSTERS INFOGRAPHICS Infographics: key messages communicated using graphic symbols and pictures, with multiple applications and uses. #askaboutclots A CLO T IS A BLOCKAGE IN A BLOOD VESSEL. 1,250PEOPLE IN WALESARE AT RISK OF DEATH ANNUALLYFROM BLOOD CLOTS DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS A PULMONARY EMBOLISM It can travel to other places in the body. There are differentnames for CLOTS... Some ongoing medical conditionsincrease the risk of developing a clot. of people aged 80+ develop OLDER PEOPLE People who have CANCER ILLNESS and POOR HEALTH increases the risk of a clot 25% SERIOUS SURGERYcan get clots. PREGNANT WOMEN have a higher risk of developing a clot. PREGNANT WOMEN people who have Ask your DOCTOR, NURSE or HEALTH PROFESSIONAL about CLOTS. OVERWEIGHTpeople have a 200% higher chancethan other peopleof developing a clot. A little or very overweight people. ANYONE CAN GET A CLOT! Clots can be AVOIDED!Ask to be assessed for YOUR RISK CLOTS EVERYONE SHOULDASK ABOUT CLOTS Than on an AEROPLANE! H You have a HIGHER CHANCE of getting a clot in HOSPITAL of clots happen in HOSPITAL or in the 90 DAYSfollowing admission. H 66% CLOTS Posters with the main story messages distilled into image panels. VISUAL MINUTES We graphic record live visual minutes maps at conferences, events, meeting, staff training days, strategic planning meetings and world café conversations. During events we create a maps gallery, which provide social media capital for people to tweet and share. Post-event digitised maps are used on websites, reports, presentations and pop-ups, and often printed large scale and displayed on walls. Range of 8 maps showing a vision for services. A SOLUTION WHICH OFFERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO... CONFERENCE RETROSPECTIVE CIPR 2014 GOLD AWARD WINNER: BEST INTERNAL PUBLICATION
  3. 3. Fran O’Hara, with a core team and expert consultants, delivers facilitation, training, design, strategic planning and events. Our expertise lies in real leadership and innovation.We create inclusive, effective and engaging communication tools. 1. Development of, and facilitation at, events and conferences: - visual minutes, in real time - event graphic recording - facilitation of conference ‘big conversations’ workshop delivery - strategic planning sessions - staff awaydays development events - community events and programmes - large-scale vision/ideas walls - bilingual facilitation - hand-drawn ‘RSA style’ videos - participant feedback/graffiti walls - data capture, evaluation, theme identification, report production - creating photo/video/digital stories - Social media plan and delivery 2. Fran O’Hara our creative director is a trained post-compulsory teacher, and regularly trains individuals and organisations in: - visual facilitation - creating clear and engaging communications/accessibility - co-production and co-production commissioning and training - project planning and strategic development - community engagement/consultation - equality and diversity - visual story telling - corporate messaging - brand communication / definition / repositioning /changing perception 3. Graphic design, communications, social media and print: - guides and manuals - toolkits and workbooks - reports, data presentation - infographics and diagrams - brochures and flyer - logos and corporate identity - brand development - consumer products - social media planning delivery About Fran O’Hara: Prior to setting up Scarlet Design in 1997, MD Fran O’Hara worked as Design Manager for the Walt Disney Company, for 3 years in Hong Kong and 1 year in LA, part of the team setting up Disney’s first global brand. Completing a post-graduate certificate in post-compulsory education (PGCE PCET) in July 2010, Fran is currently undertaking an MA in Leadership Coaching. She is an accredited visual facilitator, ‘Easy Read’ and RNIB ‘Accessible Information’ practitioner. In June 2013 Fran set up the ‘Working With Not To’ Co-Production project with Pam Luckock. We work across Wales to grow co-production from ‘grassroots up’.Through the co-design and delivery of regular co-production ‘meet-ups’ in Wales, training, facilitation and speaking. We provide a full event service, from the planning the event, sourcing speakers and workshops and materials design - to hosting the event programme online, tickets, invites, production of database, delivery of event, including social media, and post event feedback and reports.