Motorola Solutions Mobile Computer Wireless Configuration Tutorial


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ScanSource POS & Barcode Tech Services has put together this handy guide detailing setting up 802.11 wireless on Motorola mobile computers.

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Motorola Solutions Mobile Computer Wireless Configuration Tutorial

  1. 1. Welcome to the Motorola MobileComputer Wireless Configuration Tutorial Courtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  2. 2. Motorola Wireless Configuration Where do I begin? For CE start here Your Signal Strength Icon can also look like one of these depending on status For WM/WEH start here Return to Saving ProfilesFor ES400 & MC65 start here
  3. 3. Motorola Wireless Configuration You have now launched the Wireless or Fusion Launcher Step 1 : Enable the radio if needed Radio is already Enabled Tap to Enable RadioCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  4. 4. Tap Find WLANs to start scanning for available networks Tap and hold the network and select Create Profile OR If you are not within range of a networkselect Manage Profiles to create a profile “offline” Tap and hold a blank space to get this menu and select Add
  5. 5. Motorola Wireless Configuration Creating you WLAN profile can now begin. You may change the Profile Name if desired but ESSID will need to stay as displayed. For simplicity we recommend leaving the profile name the same as the ESSID but it is not required Tap Next when finishedCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  6. 6. Motorola Wireless Configuration County selection may depend on your access point. For more information on selecting countries click here For our example we will select “Allow Any Country” Tap Next when finishedCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  7. 7. Motorola Wireless Configuration There are several security methods supported by Motorola mobile computers. For our example we are using WPA2 Personal with no authentication and a passphrase instead of a hexadecimal key. If you are using older security like WEP, select “Legacy (Pre-WPA)” Tap Next when finishedCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  8. 8. Motorola Wireless Configuration Your next screen for To enter the pass-phrase for our example, security setup will look like select Pass-Phrase. For ease of key entry, this. uncheck “For added security mask characters” Tap Next when finishedCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  9. 9. Motorola Wireless Configuration Enter your pre- shared key or pass- phrase Note that minimum length is 8 characters Tap Next when finishedCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  10. 10. Motorola Wireless Configuration Assigning an IP Address If you are assigning IP addresses manually UNCHECK Tap Next to get the IP entry “Obtain Device IP..” to get the screen screen below If you are using a DHCP server to assign IP information leave this screen as is and tap NextCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  11. 11. Motorola Wireless Configuration The last two configuration screens we suggest leaving at default. If you would like more information about these options please see documentation for your mobile computer Tap Next on the first and then Save on the second to finish configuration.Courtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  12. 12. Motorola Wireless Configuration Once you have finished your configuration you will be taken to the Manage Profiles screen. You can tap and hold on the profile you created to Connect or Edit your profile or Delete unwanted profilesCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  13. 13. Motorola Wireless Configuration Saving your profile to persist battery loss and cold boot Go back to the Launcher (remind me how I got there) menu Select Options/Export/Export Options Leave the location at Application . You can change the file name if desiredCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  14. 14. Motorola Wireless ConfigurationCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  15. 15. If “Allow Any Country” is selected and 802.11d is checked (802.11d is checked by default) the mobile device will not scan for the AP ESSID until the AP provides the regulatory country info in its probe response. The ESSID is then exchanged and the association process will happen. If there is a specific country selected, 802.11d must then be unchecked as now the mobile client is setting its own regulatory country which it deliveres to the AP on probe request. Where can I change the 802.11d Setting?Courtesy of ScanSource Technical Services Take me back to setup tutorial
  16. 16. What are the signs I might need to change my 802.11d settings? Manage Profiles shows connection to the AP but you still aren’t on the networkCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  17. 17. Access Wireless Status from the now familiar main Launcher window (you may need to scroll down on the right side of the window to see this option ) From Wireless Status you can see: •Association info •Signal Level •Mobile Computer MAC address •Associated AP MAC address •Assigned DHCP address •Wireless (Fusion) firmware information •Event LogsCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  18. 18. Access Wireless Diagnostics from the now familiar main Launcher window (you may need to scroll down on the right side of the window to see this option ) From Wireless Diagnostics you can: •Use standard networking diagnostics tools like ping tests & trace routesCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services
  19. 19. Motorola Wireless Configuration My device supports 802.11a but I can’t connect to my 5GHz network what is wrong? 5ghz (802.11a) band is not enabled by default. To enable 802.11a from the Launcher: Tap 5 GHz to check and tap SaveCourtesy of ScanSource Technical Services