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I Claim Walk Thru


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iClaim Medical Billing and Practice Management Walk thru Presentation

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I Claim Walk Thru

  1. 1. • WALK-­‐THRU  
  2. 2. The Dashboard allows access to most commonly used features at a glance.
  3. 3. You can register a new patient from the shortcut on theDashboard or from the Patients Menu.
  4. 4. Only the yellow highlighted fields are required to register a new patient.
  5. 5. A Roster of all patients can be accessed from thePatient Menu.
  6. 6. All patients are automatically assigned a Chart Number.You can view patient demographics by clicking the Chart Number of any patient.
  7. 7. Patient charts show history of all patient charges and appointments. Photos of patients can beuploaded to verify the identity of the patient and avoid insurance fraud.
  8. 8. The advanced Scheduler is available fromthe Schedule Menu.
  9. 9. Each practice location and individual providers have their own schedules availablefrom any web-connected phone, iPad or computer.
  10. 10. You can enter charges from the Billing Menu.
  11. 11. All Diagnostic codes can be searched by number orkey words. System is ICD-10 ready.
  12. 12. You can verify insurance eligibility for anypatient from the Real-Time Menu.
  13. 13. Insurance information is accessed in real-time from the insurance company’sdatabase.
  14. 14. A variety of reports are available in real-time from the Reports Menu.
  15. 15. Dozens of standard reports can be viewed, printed and exported to Excel spreadsheets.
  16. 16. Hundreds of custom reports can be created as needed. Custom reports can be saved and automatically emailed to your Reports inbox when you log in.
  17. 17. Patient statements can be printed and mailed by iClaim, or you can print and mail them yourself.
  18. 18. Ask about a LIVE online demo of