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Web Usability Findings

  1. 1. Team ScalawagsGameOn | Web InterfaceInitial Iteration Usability Findings | MidFi Prototype20 Feb 2012Classification Participant Modality Finding RecommendationCritical issue Adam Web “Current location” is problematic – Clarify how location is derived, e.g. via yoked unclear to the desktop/web browser user phone? Via address input? how this information is derivedGood idea/ Adam Web User has reservations about logging in Restore “create an account from scratch”serious issue with Facebook; would prefer to create affordance; may not be necessary to build account from scratch out full flow for prototyping purposes; simply represent the optionSerious issue Adam Web “Search for GameOn Events” – unsure Modify language to clarify affordance – user “what that means”; sounds “company proposed “search for activities” – suggests specific” “activities” is more multi-purpose than “games”Serious issue Adam Web “I’m not sure I really understand why you Recommended search by chunked time have a radio button for hours and intervals; “broader time boundaries” – minutes”(to search for time) quarter hour marks; use a dropdown to do this, not radio button affordance User wondered: “When? Does that mean how far away you are?” Clarify that “time” indicates “start time” for activity – not travel time to activity 1
  2. 2. Classification Participant Modality Finding Recommendation Also recommended “embedding error time” if I know that I’m chronically late (although I’d argue that if you know you’re chronically late you’ll probably pad that time outside the interface)Serious issue Adam Web “’activity level’ sounds like energy Update label to “skill level”; this will also expenditure”; Recommended “skill level” conform to the mobile experience as preferred labelSerious issue Adam Web Search results: Could not determine Replace group icons with traditional google which results on the left mapped to map marker icons; ensure map markers are which map locations numbered and correspond with numbered results along the left hand side; implement similar result in mobile interface (per similar finding in mobile testing)Serious issue Adam Web Detail page: could not immediately Demote Elizabeth (the organizer) to mix with determine why Elizabeth was called out the other players; call out event details apart over other players; caused some from players and make more prominent confusion; led to the assumption that event details were associated with the individual player, ElizabethBug Adam Web Attempted to click icons to access Make map icons clickable event/activity details; icons were not clickableBug Adam Web When searching: “I clicked find – it’s Prototype doesn’t reflect that search inputs found things – but this is basically the have changed outputs -- update 2
  3. 3. Classification Participant Modality Finding Recommendation same information that I put in before”Minor issue Adam Web Unclear what “start a new game” means; Modify language to clarify affordance was able to parse that it means initiate a game after some struggleMinor issue Adam Web Details page: Clarify age and players needed within the User was able to easily ascertain the time interface; conform with mobile experience and skill level of the event; demonstrated confusion regarding the number of participants and the age range of those people playing; “If I have a minimum number needed – want to indicate how many people we need and how many more are needed.”Minor issue Adam Web “age range – that’s important? Probably Leave age filter but set “all ages” as the not – hotness level is probably more beneficent default important” Both of our testers treated age with indifference but remarked that this was because of their own age; suggested that singles might be more interested in this attributes; they were more interested in skill levelGood idea Adam Web User expects web interface to support planning as the primary task: let me find 3
  4. 4. Classification Participant Modality Finding Recommendation a game nearby or somewhere far away that I plan to travel to; let me save those games and return to them later either through the web browser or mobile phone “use the web based app for planning and the mobile app for recalling plans, getting the details, ad hoc planning”Good idea Adam Web Re Search: “What might be interesting is Prototype refinement sliders in web – data on the left hand side from initial interface to allow user to easily expand and pass through information – have sliders contract results per available attributes (e.g. on the left to allow search results to be location, time, age, activities) refine the results – In terms of time – also allow for refinements in search results – I can play with some sliders to see what’s available”Good idea Adam Web Suggests that “my games” should be the initial screen in the yoked mobile experienceGood idea Adam Web When asked “what should happen next?” Prototype it? user expects: Confirmation email with details regarding the event/activity and link to map location Expects My Games to be updated 4
  5. 5. Classification Participant Modality Finding Recommendation with event details so that he can return to it as a dashboard of activities (on web or mobile device)Good idea Adam Web Scanned images and remarked: “nobody Enforce the use of avatars on sign up; when looks like an ax murderer” social sign-in is used lift user avatar and install by default; if account created by Both of our testers invested time in scratch encourage an image upload or allow inspecting user avatars to determine them to take a picture in stream and post whether any players “looked sketchy”; this appears to be an important factor for Depict ratings system on personal profile deciding whether or not to opt in to the page; pursue affordance for rating players activity; our mobile tester requested a post game ratings system to assist player evaluationGood idea Adam Web When asked: “what if you can’t play a Prototype it? game you’ve already joined?” Expects to be able to go to My Games and “ditch the game” Expects system to fire an update (email or TXT) to event organizer to let them know Expects system to update event details so that activity requires one additional playerGood idea Adam Web When asked: “What if the system Prototype it? recommended events to you? Would you trust those recommendations?” 5
  6. 6. Classification Participant Modality Finding Recommendation Yes, interested, but expects recommendations to be kept discrete from self-selected activities Expects system to explain why event was recommended (cf Amazon recommendations) 6
  7. 7. Second Iteration Usability Findings | MidFi Prototype26 Feb 2012Classification Participant Modality Finding RecommendationSerious issue Ross Web The login page has fields for entering Provide a "Log in" button under user name and user name and password, but lacks password fields on the home page. the button to press after entering the above.Serious issue Andrea, Web User clicked on facebook link but Have a pop up login for social media. Denisha never entered credentials. User was expecting a pop up login for facebook upon clicking icon.Serious issue Ross Web The current sign-in process is not Since our happy path assumes that a user streamlined. If it is assumed that the already has a GameOn account, streamline the user already has an account, no need sign-in process where a user can choose the to import information from Facebook account to use for sign-in, but does Facebook. If it is assumed that the not need to import information from Facebook. user does not currently have an account, they should have more control over the sign-in process and a profile creation page must be a part of that.Serious issue Andrea Web Clicking on home page link in top If a user had registered for games, take them to navigation cleared out the test the appropriate home page screen.Medium issue Ross Web Thinks that most people would want Include an allowance of up to 7 days in the an option to plan their events more "Starting in" section of the search. in advance. Up to 7 days would be good. 7
  8. 8. Classification Participant Modality Finding RecommendationMedium issue Ross Web On Game Details page, "min. players Change the wording. For example: needed/still need" wording was not Players registered: 10 easy to understand without effort. Additional players min: 2 Additional players max: 10Medium issue Ross Web User thought that age is important Consider using age ranges so the user does not because he would want to play with have to disclose an exact age. people who are similar to him. But raised a concern for when some people may not be comfortable disclosing their age.Minor issue Ross Web User is confused by the "games" vs Develop consistent language throughout the "activities" terminology. When web site for games and activities. Should it be explained that GameOn is for search "games and activities"? May be too wordy. for games and more (for example, a running buddy), thought that "games" should be switched everywhere for "activities". Then said "But where is the game in GameOn"?Minor issue Ross Web In "Games Found", "time" wording is Change "Time" to "Start time" or "Starts at". confusing.Minor issue Ross Web In "Games Found", user was not Change "Skill" to "Average skill level" (but may immediately clear if "Skill" refers to be too wordy?). the organizer or the game itself. 8
  9. 9. Classification Participant Modality Finding RecommendationMinor issue Ross Web A user was not sure at a first glance Use of color conventions in the hi-fi prototype how to get game details from Games may be all that is needed. Found screen. In the end, the user clicked on the game title which is the intended action.Minor issue Ross, Web When game details are accessed If a user already joined a specific game, that Andrea from "my games" on the home page, games page should contain a sign reflecting "join game", save game" and "back this fact. In addition, "join game", "save game" to search results" options do not and "back to search results" should be reflect the fact that a user already removed. Consider adding a link "back to joined the game. home".Minor issue Ross Web On Game Details page, user does not This issue is beyond the scope of our know what a star or a blue glow prototyping. Ideally, different icons on user mean around pictures. Assumes a pictures would have specific meaning through star means he likes this player and features such as user rating, favorite users and wants to play with him again. similar.Minor issue Ross Web User expected "My Games" in top Develop consistent terminology for "My navigation to mean history of games Games", "Game History" etc. For example, in he played in as well as games he homepage box use "Current Games", "Saved registered for. However, "My Games", link to history. In navigation header, Games" header on home page box is use "My Games" to encompass all of the above. for games a user is currently registered for - inconsistency.Minor issue Andrea Web User was not sure if My Games and Define the difference of Saved games and My Saved Game were the same or Games. They do seem similar in function based different. on their titles.Minor issue Andrea, Web User clicked join game and did not Add a “game details” button next to “Join Denisha select details link. Game” 9
  10. 10. Classification Participant Modality Finding RecommendationMinor issue Ross Web In top navigation, "Organize Game" If enough similar feedback from other users is should come before "My Games". received, switch around these two navigation Thinks he would use Organize items in the top navigation panel. feature more often.Minor Issue David Web Not clear what start new game Change to start new search meansMinor Issue David Web Not sure what activity means Change to search for Games to playBug Andrea, Web Data disappeared upon entering in Denisha data in data fields. 10