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Team ScalawagsFirst Iteration Usability Findings | MidFi Prototype20 Feb 2012Classification   Tester      Modality     Fin...
Classification   Tester   Modality   Finding                                         Recommendation                       ...
Classification   Tester   Modality   Finding                                      Recommendation                          ...
Classification    Tester    Modality    Finding                                     Recommendation                        ...
Classification Tester      Modality   Finding                                     Recommendation                          ...
Classification Tester    Modality   Finding                                      Recommendation                           ...
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Mobile Usability Findings


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Mobile Usability Findings

  1. 1. Team ScalawagsFirst Iteration Usability Findings | MidFi Prototype20 Feb 2012Classification Tester Modality Finding RecommendationSerious issue Dave Apple Of the check-in process: User felt there Simplify the check-in process – one click and iPhone were too many steps – assumed he was you’re done – instead of emulating the four done as soon as he clicked “check in” and square check-in process as currently depicted didn’t recognize the check in screen as a in the interface. requisite to checking in. “Do we need add’l games nearby – I feel like I’m done – before I’m done – need to make that more swift – don’t need to do that twice. I think the popup worked – coming to the page to check a link to check in doesn’t feel happy.“Serious issue Dave Apple Check in push notification problematic on 1) wire directions/google maps into iPhone two fronts: prototype to test flow 1) wants directions to game but not 2) relocate Check In to My Games screen wired into prototype (revise My Games screen per user 2) doesn’t see checkin as being a parallel feedback, to follow) task to directions; would make more sense to have this available once player arrives at game location 1
  2. 2. Classification Tester Modality Finding Recommendation “That’s weird to me – I get the concept – parallel to check in – I would probably go look for a place to check in to the game – I expected a list of game history”Serious issue Dave Apple User did not immediately recognize Update event locations to google map pins; iPhone “group” icons as clickable map locator number pins and list corresponding events pins; suggested google map pins would be below the map (will require scrolling) instantly recognizableSerious issue Dave Apple Of social sign in: “I never login with any of Restore “create an account from scratch” iPhone those – I don’t like things going on my affordance to allow folks the option of signing facebook page (would like a regular login in without using social network account so I can avoid other )“ Provide more information about how facebook details will be used – some reservation that “things” will be “going on my wall” – reassure user that the system won’t post anything to their facebook wall without their permission 1) before they sign in and 2) after they opt in to an eventBug Dave Apple Axure overlays frequently off-register; Attempt to correct iPhone makes prototype hard to readBug Dave Apple Refinement filters didn’t change screen Update prototype to be more responsive iPhone display per user’s expectations (filtering 2
  3. 3. Classification Tester Modality Finding Recommendation search results)Minor issue / Dave Apple Clicks “more players” button (not wired); Wire “more players” screen into prototype;good idea iPhone Wants to see who else is playing to see web browser notes regarding the evaluate whether he would opt in to this importance of avatars and ratings system. game; discussed the importance of understanding something more about who he was playing with – age not important, but skill level and sportsmanship is – sportsmanship is a rating that is conferred on the player by others Wants more “details about the people – want to see if they look sketchy or not – see if they’ve played a lot – what would be cool is a rating system – if someone is a jerk you want to warn folks so that they don’t play with this guy -- Another thing I’d want to see is expert level – ratings system – sportsmanship, skill level, want to be able to anticipate what he’s getting into – age doesn’t matter.”Minor issue Dave Apple Issues with “GameOn History”: “feels like Incorporate user feedback into a redesign of iPhone stuff that’s already happened” My Games: 3
  4. 4. Classification Tester Modality Finding Recommendation “I don’t think game history would be very Should show me: “games that I accepted; I important; shouldn’t be a primary action; joined in; and then I have to go back and shouldn’t take a lot of space; maybe to check in when I get there – if I leave and come find folks later that I’ve played with back I need a place to go check in it become before see what they’re up to.” ‘games I have not checked into yet’”Minor issue Dave Apple Of “refine” label: “more like a filter Clarify language iPhone function but I get what that means”SecondIteration Usability Findings | MidFi Prototype26 Feb 2012Game On | Mobile interfaceClassification Tester Modality Finding RecommendationSevere Erica Mobile User felt task was completed after Provide a link to the homepage in dialog shown “Join Game” confirmation. screen, don’t rely on just the close button to Attempted to share via social media but get the user back to the homepage couldn’t and did not know where to go from there on the interface.Serious issue Jennifer Mobile User indicated that there was now go Add a go back button to the search screen. 4
  5. 5. Classification Tester Modality Finding Recommendation back button on the search screenSerious issue Katie Mobile User implied that they wanted to input At the “Enable location finder” prompt, their own location without their location allow a short ‘city’ field for those users who being forcefully tracked. wish to not have their location tracked but rather manually input the location they wish to search on.Medium Erica Mobile Facebook username and password fields Make modifiable. not modifiableMedium Erica Mobile Wording “Tap to learn more” in results Change wording to “Tap a pin to learn more” page popup – User attempted to tap or “Tap event on the map” ?? window for details before realizing the pinsLow/Medium Erica Mobile In the search results page Erica mentions, “Selecting a game type wasn’t very obvious…”Minor issue Jennifer Mobile User clicked on “No games/activities Reword the “No games/activities schedule” scheduled” and thought it would take to be something more informative to that them to a search screen. includes “No games/activities schedule, search for a new game”Minor issue Jennifer Mobile User didn’t understand the icons Remove the icons and place the word that’s between the male and female on the they imply instead. 5
  6. 6. Classification Tester Modality Finding Recommendation search screen.Minor issue Jennifer Mobile User clicked on the ‘count me in’ button Provide a ‘take me home button’ to the and prompted to share the event, didn’t prompt screen. intuitively realize there was a cross/close button to close the prompt.Minor Issue Jennifer Mobile User didn’t understand what the word Scale down the vocabulary used in the ‘hapatic’ meant application to basic levels.Minor issue Katie Mobile User asked if there was a way to keep Provide “remember me” functionality to the them signed in without having to always application, set to default. sign in over and over.Minor issue Katie Mobile User questioned what kind of data the Add a short description to what the application would track if it requires the information the application tracks and what location. it’s used for.Minor issue Katie Mobile User questioned what the green icon Provide a description of the green icon when was next to individual pictures on the clicked on. GameOn event screen 6