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Ch#1: motion in straight line

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  1. 1. Al-Farabi College Name: ………………… General Physics 101 PHYS Assignment II Instructor: Dr. Said Moh’d Azar 1. The position of a pinewood derby car was observed at various times; the results are summarized in the following table. Find the average velocity of the car for (a) the first second, (b) the last 3 s, and (c) the entire period of observation. 2. A particle starts from rest and accelerates as shown in figure below. Determine (a) the particle’s speed at t = 10.0 s and at t = 20.0 s, and (b) the distance traveled in the first 20.0 s. 3. A truck covers 40.0 m in 8.50 s while smoothly slowing down to a final speed of 2.80 m/s. (a) Find its original speed. (b) Find its acceleration.
  2. 2. 4. A 745i BMW car can brake to a stop in a distance of 121 ft. from a speed of 60.0 mi/h. To brake to a stop from a speed of 80.0 mi/h requires a stopping distance of 211 ft. What is the average braking acceleration for (a) 60 mi/h to rest, (b) 80 mi/h to rest, (c) 80 mi/h to 60 mi/h? Express the answers in mi/h/s and in m/s2. 5. A ball is thrown directly downward, with an initial speed of 8.00 m/s, from a height of 30.0 m. After what time interval does the ball strike the ground? 6. A freely falling object requires 1.50 s to travel the last 30.0 m before it hits the ground. From what height above the ground did it fall?
  3. 3. 7. An automobile moving along a straight track changes its velocity from 40 m/s to 80 m/s in a distance of 200 m. What is the (constant) acceleration of the vehicle during this time? 8. An object moving on the x axis with a constant acceleration increases its x coordinate by 80 m in a time of 5.0 s and has a velocity of +20 m/s at the end of this time. Determine the acceleration of the object during this motion. 9. A ball thrown vertically from ground level is caught 3.0 s later by a person on a balcony which is 14 m above the ground. Determine the initial speed of the ball. 10. A particle confined to motion along the x axis moves with constant acceleration from x = 2.0 m to x = 8.0 m during a 2.5-s time interval. The velocity of the particle at x = 8.0 m is 2.8 m/s. What is the acceleration during this time interval?