Know What To Do With Your Old iPhone 4


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The point where we can no longer ward off the silly confrontation with ourselves has also arrived. And it starts with the interrogative: What will now happen to my iPhone 4?

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  • Before selling your old iPhone, you must know this warning: iPhone “Restore” does not delete personal data! – From CNET

    But don't worry, you can erase everything on your iPhone completely. here is a video for that.
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Know What To Do With Your Old iPhone 4

  1. 1. Know What To Do With Your Old iPhone 4Pick one thats BEST for You! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The wait is finally over: iPhone 4S is now out!And with the coming of the much-touted iPhone 5 (Turns out, we got an iPhone 4S, instead),the point where we can no longer ward off the silly confrontation with ourselves has alsoarrived. And it starts with the interrogative: What will now happen to my iPhone 4?To contradict the growing mixture of anxiety and hyperbole among us, especially whenever weare faced with another technological hurdle (I call it a hurdle: Who is sane enough to think thatshelling out hundreds of dollars for a new gadget should be a perennial trend?), Our iPhone 4will still be good enough for another 2-3 years. Indeed, it can still deliver a satisfactoryperformance within that span of time. But the reality is, satisfactory isnt something we cansettle for and be delighted about. To quote the famous Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw:" As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death." You see, to liveintensely has turned into a basic necessity for all of us. Denying the existence of a better, morefunctional gadget wont cut the episodes of envy and discontentment we all feel towards ourown obsolete devices. And why not call it obsolete? With the incredible speed it takes fortechnological trends to shift, it is not impossible that whatever gizmo is creating waves todaywill be a barely noticeable ripple tomorrow.Thus, it is true that in the advent of the iPhone 4S, older gen iPhones are now clearly brandedas things of the past. The iPhone 4S frenzy will certainly steal the limelight and cause everyiPhone user to keep their butts moving. And this will submit eager iPhone 4S aspirants to thinkof and devise clever ways to get their shaking hands on the latest addition to the iPhoneproduct line. Which gets us to thinking: What would you do for an iPhone 4S? Or should I say,what wouldnt you do for an iPhone 4S? The answers to this question border on the sensible tothe preposterous. Over the web, you can find some practical ways in which to dispose of youriPhone 4. By disposal, I dont mean walking to the nearest trash bin, and dunking your iPhone 4in, thats ridiculous (Unless, you are a philanthropist and would like to show your generosity inbizarre ways)! Before you even know it, you are a direct contributor to the legendary statisticson the piling up of massive e-wastes. Nonetheless, escaping the painful nudge to yourconscience is a fairly easy thing to do.
  2. 2. That is, if you know what kinds of methods you can employ without compromising your health,the environment, and of course, your hungry wallet. Here are ten useful things that you can doto save your older gen iPhone from being an instrument to future and graver environmentaland health problems. With these practical alternatives, you are now ready to walk to thenearest Apple Store without a guilt-trip!1. Use it as an emergency phone.This doesnt have to be too Star Trek-ky. You can charge it andput the phone in a glove box. Keep in mind that the glove box should be located somewherethat is accessible but doesnt necessarily mean too visible for everyone to see. If you ever havean accident or emergency, you can use it anytime. This will definitely work because allcellphones are allowed to dial 911. It doesnt need to have an active service plan.The flipside: The iPhone is a testimony of style and substance. Why would I keep it in a glovebox?2. Give it to your child as his new toy. Believe it or not, even the dumbest things can make aninnocent child happy. Give the old or broken iPhone to them. Remove the SIM card and let yourchild play with it. If you are a parent, you would certainly deem it priceless when your cute littlekiddo starts playing and pretending that he is talking to Barney over the iPhone.The flipside: Handing the iPhone to a little child interferes with his natural pattern of cognitiveand physical development. What he needs at that stage are stimulating concrete materials andnot some opaque technology. I bet you dont want the iPhone rendering your childacademically indolent or socially inept. Surely, educational psychologists wouldnt be soimpressed.3. Use it as a magic trick prop. This tip is branded short term. With a single old or brokeniPhone, you can now showcase your prowess in thaumaturgy, You can definitely do a numberof breaking or disappearing acts, where you can make your phone vanish before everybodysprying eyes. And if you have two identical cellphones, why dont you do a switcheroo trickwhere you will smash the phone, show the people the broken parts, and swap the parts backfor the real phone. Okay, Im no expert in the wiles and ways of magic tricks like DavidCopperfield or Criss Angel, but you can always give it a try even if the audiences suspiciouslooks pierce into your very soul. Nonetheless, this remains to be a nice trick to play in anamateur magicians repertoire.The flipside: If it came out as a flop, you learned one moral lesson, at the least: We cant all bemagicians- even for just one act. And iPhones dont make good sacrificial lambs.4. Swap it in for a better gadget. Swapping means you have a lower-end electronic devicewhich you can trade in exchange for a better one like the iPhone 4S. Of course, you still have toreel out your pockets for some cash to defray the actual cost of the iPhone 4S. So this makes foran even-out deal.
  3. 3. The flipside: You can have the phone and some extra cash. But to make swapping happen, thechoice is entirely the other persons. And who would want to swap their iPhone 4S at this time?5. Hand it down to your younger sister. We all have that kind of instinct; to be really bigbrother or big sister to our younger siblings. In their eyes, we embody a protective armor forthem and we always want what is best for their lot. Well, here is your chance.The flipside: If your younger sibling turns out to be an ingrate, and treats your pre-loved iPhoneirresponsibly, learn that instinct is a primal trait and is void of intellectual foundation.Therefore, you cant make pure instinct as basis for decision making.6. Donate it to some charitable institution. Wow! Here is when your altruistic spirit is kickingin. Look for an organization which can use your iPhone for some charitable purposes. To makethe search easier, you can look it up over the internet. You will be surprised by how much theseorganizations need your help. And if you do, I am sure you will be blessed a hundredfold.The flipside: Well, there is nothing really into it. But hey! Your kindness will resonate even tothe people you dont know. But if you are the type of person who gets the fair share of things,this is not the option to choose; unless you want to run for public office.7. Turn it into a dedicated e-book reader. If you are a proud bookworm (Its ironic how aperson can feel proud despite borrowing an epithet from a crawling agent of decomposition),you can convert your iPhone into an e-book reader using some apps available on iTunes. In fact,you can even download e-book apps for a jail broken iPhone.The flipside: E-book reading is a difficult transition to make, especially for die-hard fans of theprinted ones. A noticeable hitch is the lack of personal tactile experience of flipping the pages.From flipping, you change to a series of finger gliding motions onto the smooth iPhone screen.And if you are a voracious reader, reading your 100th e-book increases your gadgets carbonfootprint.8. Use it as a scanner for documents. Sometimes, copying documents can be hell on our handsand time. But not when you decide to use your old iPhone as a scanner for blur-free photos.Dont rely on your shaky hands, though: build an improvised and steady structure that will holdthe iPhone at a specific distance from the bottom where the document can be scanned.The flipside: If carpentry isnt your domain, forget about it. It would only take you more timeand effort- in which case, you should have copied it manually or photocopied it, instead. Whatthe heck?! The iPhone 4 is engineered to pack multiple functions in just a single portabledevice: Why would you exclusively use it as a scanner?9. Program your iPhone as either a webcam or a remote control. Okay! We know that theiPhone 4 is an extremely functional, multi-purpose gadget. And with a little fiddling, you canreconfigure it as a remote control for the tiring walks from the couch to the TV set to change
  4. 4. channels, and a webcam perfect for some video streaming and video sharing. Remember thatthis process requires a video-sharing service.The flipside: Again, it defeats its own purpose. It becomes its own contradiction if you use itexclusively as a webcam or a remote control. Though I am not an expert in the principles ofeconomy, I can bet remote controls and webcams are way cheaper than an iPhone.10. Sell your iPhones to to get fast cash! This will make you warblein utter joy. You can now sell your old iPhone 4 online and make easy money with it. Log on and experience the benefits you can get in a superb onlineselling service that is accurate, fast, and convenient. is a part of agroup of websites under the headship of Desktop and Laptop Repair LLC (famously known asCashforlaptops). This reputable company takes pride in its environmental stance of buyingused or old electronic gadgets like the iPhone for refurbishment and upgrade. In addition tothat, they offer you top cash for your used gadget and deliver an incredibly fast service fromdoing the online transaction to receiving your payment in a check or via PayPal.Cashforsmartphones also advocates a greener approach to technology by recycling electronicdevices which would otherwise occupy space in the local landfill areas.The flipside: Weighing things objectively, this alternative is the best to opt for. I mean, whereelse can you get such busloads of benefits without the worries of time, effort, and money? Nowyou can use the money as an offset for an iPhone 4S purchase. And you can sell your iPhone 4and other older gen iPhones anytime you want! But if you insist on its downside, I can say theservice is truly mind-blowing! Then again, you can always be admitted to a mental asylum(*chuckles*). Experience the thrill of the newest iPhone 4S: Sell your iPhones!Top Smartphone News from CashForSmartphonesSource: