Craze for new blackberry


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You might be aware of the recent BlackBerry craze around the world. How did it get so popular? There was a time when BlackBerrys were thought of as a businessman's phone.

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Craze for new blackberry

  1. 1. Sell Your Blackberry for a New One! You might be aware of the recent BlackBerry craze around the world. How did it get so popular? There was a time when BlackBerrys were thought of as a businessmans phone. Once the phone was properly integrated to your personal email account, you could receive important emails anywhere around the world. This made the BlackBerry smartphones a popular device. Now, BlackBerrys can be found in the hands of not only businessmen, but young adults and teenagers aswell. A host of BlackBerry models with numerous features have popped up. They come withmusic players, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and other features unique only to the BlackBerrysmartphones.If youre wondering about the sudden craze of these phones, they probably began when Researchin Motion (RIM) started creating BlackBerrys that were targeted to the average people. Thismeant that people like teenagers who had the money, or parents who wanted a sleek lookingphone for themselves suddenly got a phone loaded with plenty of features. Not to mention thatsome of these BlackBerrys were cheap, and so began the BlackBerry craze.You may have noticed that the newer BlackBerrys have a trackpad instead of a trackball. Forthose who are unfamiliar with this, the trackball is the navigation device of older BlackBerrymodels, while the trackpad is featured on the newer ones.The trackball uses the same concept like an old computer mouse - before the optical mousebecame popular. You move the ball around to move the cursor around your phone.Likewise, the trackpad is similar to the optical mouse. Unlike the trackball, the trackpad doesnthave any moving parts, meaning it can last longer. This improvement found in the newerBlackBerry phones also resulted in their sudden popularity. They simply became more reliable.And if you havent heard, or seen it, plenty of celebrities use BlackBerrys to help them managetheir daily lives. And theyre all not businessmen anymore. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian andHeidi Montag use BlackBerrys. Distinguished actors such as Orlando Bloom and Adrien Brodyalso use them. If that werent enough, even the Barack Obama uses a BlackBerry, and he cantget his hands off it. Hes got plenty of pictures holding his Blackberry.So should you sell your BlackBerry and get a new one? You definitely should! Even if your oldBlackBerry does the job for you, buying a new one will allow you to gain access to their newestapps. You could also get the latest software updates from your website. These will allow you tokeep your BlackBerry running smooth for a long time.Better hardware such as an updated OS, newer battery, better screen resolution and other featuresshould convince you to sell your BlackBerry and get a new one.
  2. 2. There are plenty of moderately priced BlackBerrys out there for you to try. Popular modelsinclude the Curve and Bold series. They have plenty of standard smartphone features, such asemail capabilities. Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity are also included, depending on the model. Youcould also browse the net right on your phone and get the information you need.If youre into social networking, BlackBerry also has apps that cater to that. Twitter, Facebookand even Yahoo! Messenger are standard features. But the standout in the social networkingcategory is the BlackBerry Messenger. This application is unique only to BlackBerry smartphoneowners. For example, you enter the BlackBerry PIN of your friend to your phone. Onceaccepted, you can start sending unlimited messages to each other, anywhere. These features arecertainly useful to socially active people.So if youre looking to sell your BlackBerry but want to get maximum value for it, you can They buy BlackBerrys from people, be it old or even broken. Instead ofselling it to a friend for a cheap price, you could try selling it to them and get the best price. Onceyou get your money, you can go out and by the latest BlackBerry that you really want!Original source: