Hostel life for Students


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Hostel life for Students

  1. 1. SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY Md. Zahid Hossain LLBH 2214 Land Laws of BangladeshMd. Zahid Hossain [Year] SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. Hostel Life:Student life goes happy. Life is best in the studies. A good school with bestfriend’s living happy. Hostel is best to eat in and good accommodation to stayin. Those days were fine for remember. Hostel life is very happy and free. Inhostel life not only good but also bad is there, remember, so be care. Don’tselect to go wrong route with your friends.Hostel life is very interesting to the students for read well. She learns to speakfluently with others. She acquires good manners and learns how to behave insociety. As a hosteller is free from family worries, he can concentrate on herstudies. She can also take part in social and extra-curricular activities. Shelearns a number of things from her senior students living in the same hostel.Despite these disadvantages, hostel life provides ample scope to students todevelop on the right lines and grow up as good citizens in due course of time,provided the authorities can manage and control their activities constructively.Some schools and colleges are hostels maintains as good. Many advantages arein hostel. A student leads an undisturbed life and his plenty of free time at hisdisposal for serious studies. The hostel has provision for a common dinningwhere healthy meals served. All students are co-operating ones to ones as closefriends. Hostels have provision for gymnasium where the hosteller can takemorning exercise and building their bodies.In a nutshell, the hostel not only cares for the health of the students but alsotheir studies. There is a reading room and library attached to the hostel to enablethe students to study books, news papers and computer internet. As a hosteller isnot under the care of his family, he develops a sense of independence and self-reliance. She is not under the supervisory attention which a mother always triesto give to the child. She gets the normal attention of the hostel superintendentwho looks into his genuine difficulties and removes them about, at the sametime, gives him freedom enough to make his own choice, put forth his demandsand meet his own day-to-day requirements. She is in an educational atmosphere where his intellect gets disciplined and hismind cultivated in an intellectual direction. She has a good chance to playdifferent games and therefore, he builds his body and health. She forms thehabit of co-operation with friends, and learns the art of cultivate working andbehavior. But there are many disadvantages of hostel life. If a hosteller falls in abad company she has chances of going astray. If does not get proper moneyfrom her parents, she has the tendency to develop evil habits and to divert hiscategories under the influence of bad company. If she looks at a rich co- [2]
  3. 3. hosteller spending extra money and enjoying himself, she develops aninferiority complex which spoils her character and personality.What is Better, Home Life and Hostel Life?Actually home life and hostel life is entirely different from each other. And bothhave their own pros in cons. I highly recommend living in hostel for at least anyear. This brings confidence in children. They are able to stand up for theirrights and also learn how to cope with problems and difficulties on their own.They also learn to manage their expenses and routine and studies on their own.However, there is no comparison whatsoever of Home life. Moms pamperingand food are unmatchable in the entire world.What Is Hostel Life for the Students?It is said that east or west home is the best. The comforts and facilities which weenjoy at home, we cannot have them anywhere else. However, hostel life is alsofull of charms and pleasures. A hostel is an integral part of college. The boysbelonging to distant areas live in a hostel to complete their college education.The boys are young and of the same age. The student belong to different status,castes, faiths and areas and they are strangers to one -another but they soondevelop friendship and brotherhood among themselves.The difference between rich boys and poor boys is no longer seen in the hostel.In a hostel, they are equal. They all live in similar rooms; take their food fromsame mess they sit together in the common room to chat with one another. Theyplay different games together. Sometimes Debates, discussions and dramaticprogrammes are arranged in the hostel.All these happy activities of the hostel not only keep the student physically fitbut also provide them a chance to display their hidden qualities of head andheart. College hostel has also a mess. The student is independent to choose themembers of their mess. They members are responsible for the smooth runningof the mess. They also elect their monitors and a pleasant atmosphere in thehostel.Other countries purpose for students hostel life:Well the hostel life in Pakistan is very different from the other countries. Mostof the students who live in the villages and underdeveloped cities of Pakistan [3]
  4. 4. come to the big and developed cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad andLahore for seeking education for their future. These students do not rely onrelative or do not have relatives in these countries so they need to stay in thehostel for pursuing their education in those countries. So there are manystudents every year that stays in hostel during their education time period. Thehostel life of the students is very different from the domestic life.So the students have to incur lot of expenditures in order to meet their hostelexpenses. They have to pay much amount in order to arrange food for them inthe hostel. They do not do their work by themselves they use the laundry servicein order to get clean and neat dresses. Students who live in hostel are verycareless because they live away from their home. They are unable to managethemselves in the hostel life. So most of the hostel does not provide goodservices to the students. So this is all about the hostel life of the students.Advantages and Disadvantages in Hostel Life?The advantages as everyone else pointed out is theist gives you courage anddetermination to go ahead in life. Studies will be with full concentration andstudents living in hostel will have almost 90% + attendance. Coming to the darkside the disadvantages are you feel so home sick that you can’t focus onanything else than planning to run away from hostel, anytime your mom or dadcalls your voice chokes due to grief and feel like giving them a hug but won’t bepossible for some students living in separate rooms at their homes haveproblems sharing their rooms in hostel. Getting adjusted to your roommatesmight be a problem sometimes.A hostel is a place where usually travelers and students live and which issupervised by an administration. You can call it as an inn as well. So living inthose hostels is called the hostel life. You want to know about its advantagesand disadvantages. In fact, as you know very well that everything has somegood points and some negatives in it. The same situation is with the life of ahostel. Especially it has positive points for the students. Now first of all wediscuss the positive points.The advantages of living in hostels are very prominent. A person who is livingin a hostel he can study with full concentration. She does not need to performthe necessary house hold tasks daily. She usually does not prepare food for him.She will also learn to trust on himself because he has to do all of his personalwork by himself. And that makes a person confident and courageous.There are always some disadvantages of hostel life. A person who is living in ahostel he is not close to his family. And at times he would miss her family. If hegets ill, he would really miss his loved ones to be there for him. There is alwaysa feeling of loneliness to the person living in a hostel [4]
  5. 5. Hotel life is the most pleasurable period of a students life. The students who donot get a chance to live in a hostel miss a valuable and memorable piece ofexperience. Hostel life produces in the students a sense of confidence and self-help. Here the student is not under the close check of his parents. She has to setthe daily routine of life himself. Hostel life teaches the value of punctuality tothe students. Hostel life trains the youth for practical life there is a hostelsuperintendent but her control is nominal. If the boarders do not violate hostelrules, his presence is not even felt. It gives a special opportunity to the studentsto study properly. There is no disturbance and one can devote as much time tohis studies as one likes.Hostel life has its disadvantages too. The hostel students, sometimes, misusetheir freedom and independence which spoils their promising career. Somebegin to love films and fashions. Some waste their money in gambling anddrinking. Some hostels are overcrowded and do not provide healthy andcomfortable living. The crowded rooms do not allow the students to pay properattention to their studies. Our political parties also misuse the studentsespecially the boarders.Conclusion:Due to rapid globalization, concept of long distant studies is found everywherearound the world. Developed means of communication, easy access to world’sinstitution, and highly sophisticated advertisements have increased the trend ofstudying in far-away places from home towns. Mostly institutions are situated inurban areas. When no colleges or schools are available in villages, the studentstry to approach those institutions and choose to live in hostels. There is anothertrend prevails in cities, where students prefer to go to abroad for higherinstitutions and thus the case is same for both of them. Their purpose is toacquire education from best institutions as per their financial support.Hostel life offer many amusements which are not experienced in home life. Firstis the full independence from parents’ questioning like; where are you going?When will you come? Don’t go anywhere without permission? We don’t havemoney for your wandering habits, etc. It offers a special company, throughwhich students are attached with each other as they are family members.Almost all hostels provide accommodation to two or three students in a room.Those roommates live, eat, study, and spend free time altogether. They shareeverything to each other because it is inevitable while living in a same room. Inhostels students being out of sight from their parents, spend money lavishly.There is no check on their expenditures. They go out for lunch or dinners as pertheir mood, they visit cinemas, restaurants, sports club frequently. [5]
  6. 6. This is not the end of hostel life. It provides a good and studious environmentfor those, who want to study with full determination. A complete silent roommotivates the student to study with full concentration. They have much time toexplore the boundaries of education and to enjoy hostel life as well. It alldepends upon the time management, planning and determination.Often, students get indulge in bad activities which are socially and morallyunaccepted. For the time being they enjoy the pleasure of youth and freedomfrom restrictions. But they never know the harshness of realities of life.Apparently all vices seem attractive, like boys develop the habit of smoking inthis free environment, drinking is also attached with it, and even they entrap inopposite sex for fun.All these unproductive activities are considered as the pleasure of hostel life;however these are the evils in young generation. Students at hostel learn to liveindependent, may become responsible, may learn to develop the art of publicrelations, may the patience and tolerance be the part of their personalities etc.these are the positivity’s of hostel life. But people are ignoring it and are caughtin cosmetic charms of free life. Students get a chance of personalitydevelopment. Their abilities may be shine more; management and presentationskills are also developed. The hostel life demands commitment anddetermination towards goal-achievement and offers its pleasures to them aswell, but in true sense. [6]