Urban Development in Kabul: An essay

Afghanistan National Development Strategy is a plan to achieve development and progr...
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Urban development in kabul naim khalid


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Urban development in kabul naim khalid

  1. 1. Urban Development in Kabul: An essay Afghanistan National Development Strategy is a plan to achieve development and progress on development goals in Afghanistan, established in fifteen years (MDG) and will be used as a document of poverty reduction strategy in Afghanistan.According to the ANDS Urban Sector is considered as a subsidiary sector under the name of Urban Development in the third section namely Infrastructure and Natural Resources. This sector includes Electricity, Water, Roads, Transport, Mines and Natural Resources. Based on the ANDS, Ministry of Urban Development Affairs is responsible of planning and leadership of urban policy, supporting municipalities, urban development and the provision of urban master plans. Kabul has a population of over 4 million people and has grown exceptionally at fast pace, reaching a rate of demographic growth around 17 percent per year over several years. The city has grown mostly through construction of informal settlements, which now shelter about 80 percent of Kabul population and represent a private investment in fixed capital of over 1.3 billion which does not include land value. There are several activities conducted in urban development in Kabul such as construction of new blocks in maccroyan, completion of Kabul zoo renovation. Development of water supply system is another improvement. The publication of the urban development journal and there is a good extension of TV broadcasting throughout the Kabul. In addition, construction of road and development of the canalization system was also another improvement. One of the important activities within Kabul was the development of new cities in which a good example can be the New Kabul City design that I think is a great success for all the Kabulies and the country. It is said if the current trend of urbanization paces in Kabul, the future will be hazardous to all people living in this city. People may not have access to adequate potable water and sanitation system. They will experience further energy crises and increasing traffic jam and polluted environment. The population will increase so fast and there will be big challenge for the government to find job for all those coming to Kabul. This low employment can result in serious food insecurity in the city and may increase the mortality rate between children and mothers. By: Sayed Mohammad Naim KHALID Feb 2014